• Affirmations

    25 Great Affirmations For Success

    daily affirmations for success

    Today we will be learning 25 affirmations for success. Yes affirmations work, but you must do them with feeling. It’s the ONLY way you will get it impressed upon your subconscious mind. Affirmations can change your life if you know how to use them. Everything in life is due to our thoughts. Everything is a shadow or a reflection of our inner world. That can be hard to believe, but think of this. You would not have any results in your life if you were just in a coma. You would be doing nothing. In order to do you first must be. Be great in your mind. Think powerful thoughts,…

  • Mind Power

    What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process? Does It Work?

    So what is the spiritual awakening process? Well simply put, it allows you to basically feel at one with yourself while also being on another mental plain all together. Its basically learning to live from the inside out, instead of the outside in. Every spiritual seeker can attest to the fact that we are living in the awakening era. Most people will probably agree to this fact even though their conception of awakening may be very different. This is because most people confuse awakening with enlightenment. Even though the two concepts are almost similar, they are not the same. Enlightenment is a result of a series of awakenings. What Is…

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    Is The Ego A Bad Thing? Yes And No!

    Is The Ego A Bad Thing

    Today we will be learning about “Is The Ego A Bad Thing?”. The answer is yes and no. In the world today, everyone has an ego. Some have a big ego while others have a small ego. Ego can be described as a big self-esteem. As I’m writing this piece, I can already feel my ego telling me things that I should never obey or listen to. The ego simply makes you ignore the sense of rationality. Some people fail to differentiate between ego and confidence. Ego is a killer while confidence is healthy and massively uplifting. How many hearts have been broken in the name of ego? Many, right?…

  • Relationships

    Top 10 Characteristics Of A Good Man

    characteristics of a good man

    The first step to greatness, is to become the man ( in your mind too), that you were always destined to become. To achieve greatness, you must be able to realize who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what is it that you have, that you can offer to the world. Being perfect is not the idea, improving imperfection is progress, and that’s what we want to focus on, progress. Below are the top 10 characteristics of a good man. Take everything one step at time, don’t over think it. Keep it simple. Top 10 Characteristics Of A Good Man: 1) Is A Gentleman: A good guy, should necessarily,…

  • Mind Power

    Powerful Tips On How To Attract Money With Hypnosis

    Today we will be learning about how to attract money with hypnosis. Every single day people wake up and go to work so that they can make money to help them cater for their basic needs and do much more. Imagine if you had the kind of job to get you all the money you need or better yet, imagine if you had the ability to actually attract money instead of working so hard to get it. (very possible) You have probably heard of the law of attraction, which is the belief that we have the ability to attract whatever we focus on. Therefore, if we focus on positive thoughts,…

  • Mind Power

    8 Powerful Tips On How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

    How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

    Let’s delve in and talk about how to reprogram the subconscious mind. If you master this ONE thing in life, you can literally have ANYTHING YOU WANT that is within reason. Though most people think their conscious mind keeps them in control of their life, it is really the subconscious mind that is the boss. As we delve deeper into this topic, you will learn 8 tips on how to reprogram the subconscious mind, to bring you success, happiness, and confidence. To give you a tangible example, imagine you are an adult who has been told your entire life you were stupid. From the moment you were old enough to…

  • Product Reviews

    What Is Manifestation Magic About? An Honest Review!

    what is manifestation magic about?

    Manifestation Magic At A Glance: Product Name: Manifestation Magic Creator: Alexander J. Wilson Website: www.manifestationmagic.net Investment: Only $47 Format: Audio Theme: Increase your energy vibrations to achieve your goals Rate: 98/100 So What Is Manifestation Magic About? Let’s delve in and get started. Many times in life we try to get everything right but nothing seems to work as we want it to. Your health may be in perfect condition but all other things feel completely off. You go around handling one stressful situation after another and still nothing seems to change. The Manifestation Magic program does not give you a guarantee that you will have immediate solutions to your…

  • Success

    Is Too Much Money A Bad Thing: 10 Reasons Why It’s Not

    Is Too Much Money a Bad Thing

    Do you want to have money and become rich? Who wouldn’t like to be wealthy indeed? Every day you work hard to seek money. Money is wealth and financial freedom. You might plan to achieve your goal before retirement by sending your children to a college or purchasing a house. But ultimately, what you genuinely want is money. Money is something emotional. It brings joy and happiness in your life. Sometimes you let your emotions guide your decisions, and it causes poor choices. However, you use the money to buy things that will appease your feelings. I am giving you ten reasons why money is essential in our lives and…

  • Mind Power

    7 Tips On How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Money

    how to use the law of attraction for money

    Today we will be learning about “How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Money”. The law of attraction of life states that a person attracts what they focus on. In this sense, if someone focuses on negative thoughts, they manifest negativity in their life. Similarly, if they focus on positive thoughts, they will experience an abundance of positivity. This law of attraction can be used in creating wealth in a person’s life. Below are 7 simple ways through which you can use this law to make more money: 7 Tips On How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Money: Change Your Mindset: As mentioned, the law of attraction…

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