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Top 8 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

In this article you will be learning about the top 8 positive affirmations for anxiety. Anxiety affirmations are one of the most powerful ways to solve your anxiety problems. All you have to do is repeat the affirmations again and again to achieve their soothing and calming effects.

Anxiety is a disorder that is classified under psychiatry and it simply means having fear for something or being very anxious about it, but you cannot really figure out what you fear. Stress is a common anxiety trigger.

Some people are very vulnerable to anxiety attacks while others are not, even if you are vulnerable it’s very easy to overcome it. Let’s have a look at the top approved affirmations;

8 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety:

1). I Am Calm, Cool, And Collected:

It acts as a key source of self-improvement and it comes in hand when you want to have a feeling of self- control. A feeling of being in a problem multiplies the anxiety and it will continue building up. Thus, everything will be alright if you are collected, calm and cool.

2). Every Cell In My Body Is Relaxed And It Oozes Calmness:

If one is calm and cool physically and mentally than his/her subconscious mind is relaxed too. Positive energy within the body can be generated only when the physical and mental body parts are relaxed.

3). I Love Myself Deeply And Unconditionally:

This affirmation acts as a source of self-discovery. If you love yourself unconditionally than chances are you will think positively. This will also help the body generate positive energy to calm and cool your subconscious mind thus reduce anxiety.

4). I Am Confident Of Solving Life’s Problems Successfully:

It acts as a source of confidence in one’s self. Confidence is a very key tool for one’s mind. Rubbing of this affirmation to the subconscious mind, helps generate confidence. Confidence will help you counter all your anxiety problems successfully.

5). I Feel Calm And Secure Now:

Although the statement looks simple, it’s a very powerful one. It is very capable of chasing away any myth that we say to ourselves when stressed. When one becomes convinced that he/she is in danger i.e. emotionally, physically or mentally, it triggers the anxiety response. A sense of being secure helps you to counter the anxiety situation.

Positive Affirmations For Anxiety

6). I Am Strong, Tough, And Happy:

Although it looks very basic, it is a very effective affirmation. It simply reminds you what you are capable of when life pushes you to. It convinces you not to run away but to tackle your anxiety. Saying this prevents one from being overwhelmed by anxiety when he/she meets a major trial.

7). All Things In Life Are Happening For My Good:

It does not help when you label a given situation as better or worse when in the real sense it’s neither of them (good or bad). You are meant to learn something out of any situation and thus even if something seems to be very bad, you should expect a positive outcome. Just realizing that the best can come out of a bad thing is enough to ease your anxiety.

8). I Am A Positive Force For Others:

It’s good to remind yourself that an optimistic attitude is totally under your control, thus it is very easy to address a given condition in a smart and determined way. If you choose to negatively act than it will become very difficult to address your anxiety.

4 Key Steps To Help Your Affirmations Work:

Below are some of the key steps that will help affirmations work out excellently. Use them alongside affirmations.

1). Positive Self-Talk:

Some people make themselves anxious with “negative self-talk”- habit of thinking that the worst is about to occur. The simplest cure to this is having a “positive self-talk”. At least once in a while everyone gets involved in a self-talk. Is there any threat in having a positive talk?

Anxiety is just a mental problem and thus it needs a mind solution to combat it. Developing thoughts of peace, security, confidence and calmness is a very great solution. Affirmation is a possible method of developing such thoughts.

2). Deep Abdominal Breathing:

Concisely, this involves a breathing in slowly but very deeply via your nose taking the air down to your abdomen. As you breathe in, whisper the word calm to yourself.

Finally breathe out gently and slowly. In the process of breathing out, imagine all the tension leaving along with the breathing. Also think of the word relax and freely let your muscles be floppy. Give a time space between the breathing to avoid feeling dizzy due to the excess oxygen. 3 well-spaced breaths are recommended.

3). Physical Exercise:

Amidst physical exertion, the human body produces some chemicals and hormones that are of great importance to the body and to the mind as well. Thus, in the process of exertion, the anxiety gets driven away and one starts to feel better.

4). Hypnosis: (very powerful)

Anxiety is purely a problem of the mind and hypnosis acts like a link to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the keeper of our beliefs and thus a key guide to our life. Therefore, if the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed, it will become very easier to control or even cure anxiety.

All you have to do is buy hypnosis MP3s and CDs, they have anxiety affirmations that can readily deal with your anxiety and thus help you do away with it.


Affirmations mostly target the subconscious mind- they reprogram it thus they have potential of being a cure to anxiety and depression. Affirmations assist us to change and begin taking in the path that we really want to follow. For efficiency, make affirmations a daily routine. As much as it may seem to be difficult at the start, it will get easier with time.

What have you done in the past to help yourself with anxiety? Has it worked well? What would you recommend others to say as an affirmation to help them overcome anxiety? Comment below and leave your thoughts.


  • Timotheus

    Thank you so much for this awesome article! It is really helpful.

    I don’t have much anxiety. I think and believe so. But every once in a while, I feel the need to relax, to have my entire being at ease and simply breathe and live.

    Your affirmations help to achieve that. I love reading all the affirmations, and I will use them. Thanks also for the Key Steps to Help Affirmations Work.


    • A.J.

      HI Timotheus

      Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment. I dont have much anxiety either, but when I do get it, this has helped me greatly.


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