how to always be persistent

How To Always Be Persistent

how to always be persistent

How to always be persistent crosses everybody’s mind continually. Have you ever felt like things are not going your way? Or that you are not getting any closer to your goals? Well a lot of people feel that way, but that’s just because of what they are thinking at the time. (You can change what you get emotionally involved with at anytime you choose)

This post is designed to help you learn how to push through those times, and to come out on top as a winner, where the world can see you.

You are meant to have the best in life, and to be of service to other people. Life is not meant to be a struggle, but a happy and joyful ride.

Anyone who says the opposite is ignorant. God did not put you on earth to be miserable and just get by in life.

I will show you how to change that today. So lets delve in and learn the 3 ways on how to always be persistent.

How To Always Be Persistent: 

1) Be Obsessed With Your Life Dream:

Have a reason to get up in the morning. Why do you go to work? Why do you do what you do? Most people go through life not thinking. Go at life every day working towards an obsession. 

Have a calling that is so big that you can’t stop thinking about it. Go for what you really would like to have in this life. Its a one shot run, so make it HUGE. If it scares you, and you have no freaking idea how to do it, your on the right path.

Everything you do every day should be towards your vision, your sacred dream, your definite chief aim. 

Keep thinking about it in the present tense, eat with it, sleep with it, act like it’s already here. Do this over and over and over and never stop.

I know yo have heard this before, but seriously that’s how you change your subconscious programming. It’s through emotional repetition of information.

Here is what obsessed means. Read the whole thing. =====> Click Here

If your feeling like giving up, immediately switch your thoughts to you living your dream in the present tense. You have to get in the habit of  doing this every day until you reach it.

It’s so basic and so simple and yet we let the outer world continue to control us on an emotional level. Ignore it, and feel like you are the winner you have always wanted to be. You first must be, before you can do.

2) Hang Around Winners:

If you’re not hanging around big hitters, then you are just going to be average the rest of your life. You have to socialize with the big boys.

If you don’t know anyone then go online on forums or hang out at country clubs, and feel what its like to be in their presence. Its mind-blowing, trust me. 

Don’t feel scared to do this, they are no better than you. You are just as great and amazing as them.

They have just learned how to control their thoughts and give valuable service to the world. You can do all of what they have done and 10 times more, if you want to bad enough.

3) 100% Of Successful People Have Obstacles:

There is not one single person who has scored big in life who has not come against adversity over and over. Its part of winning in life.

The difference with them, is they look at it as challenges not problems. Thats the dumbest word in the dictionary.

If your thinking “Man I’m sick of all these problems” You have to look at it at a different perspective. Remember successful people think WAY different from 97% of the world.

Everything in life is a challenge. Its fun rewarding, and if you NEVER give up, you will win. That is 100% guaranteed. Hows that for a promise? You may not know WHEN you will get there, but trust me, you will get there, that’s by law.

how to always be persistent


Thats all you have to do to be persistent. Have a goal so big that when you think about it, you just fly into action mode like a mad man, because the thought of not having it drives you nuts.

Then hang around people who are doing better than you on all levels, on a regular basis. Feel what its like to be in their presence, and hang around often.

Lastly, is don’t give up on the dream. If your desire is as strong as white fire to accomplish it, and you keep that desire strong, and persistent until the end, without turning back, you will have what you seek. Its that simple folks. Don’t complicated it.

I hope you liked this post, if you have questions or whatever let me know, also if you guys want me to do a you-tube channel with lessons, and daily advice to get you going for the day let me know below. I’d love your thoughts on what you would like to see. 

Make it a killer week, and remember “If you can see it as accomplished on the screen of your mind that’s within reason, you can do it”  “You are the offspring of the Universe”


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