How To Release Your Greatness And Tap Into Power

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how to release your greatness

Learning how to release your greatness and unlimited potential is something that every person has wanted to know. This post is going to help you understand who you REALY are. What you are capable of achieving, and how to go about accomplishing your ultimate vision, that 99% of people push out of their mind once they think about it because it sounds to good to be true. So lets jump in and get you thinking about what your capable of.

1) Understand Who You Really Are

This was so huge for me once I realized the truth. I had never thought about it, but had heard about it numerous times. And it wasn’t until Bob Proctor explained it to me that I really begin to truly understand how great we are.

Now understand that everything is a manifestation of the same thing. Nothing is created or destroyed. You can only change vibration of something. For example water turning into air, or gas. It’s the same energy just vibrating on a different frequency. I call everything energy. I do believe in a God or higher power. 

Now, if everything is a manifestation of the same thing what does that mean? It means you are the offspring of God. You are apart of this power. You are a Spiritual Being living in a Physical Body. You literally have no limitless to what you can accomplish in this life.

If you can see yourself on the screen of your mind as extremely successful, then you can do it. Thought is the cause of all mans results. Circumstances or Results are the effects of thought. How do you think the earth was created, because GOD SAW IT ON THE SCREEN OF HIS MIND.

If you only make $250,000 every year, your only making that because you THOUGHT IT, not by chance, or luck, or being in the right place at the right time like so many ignorant people who have crappy results tell you. Now whats even more weird is why did you choose $250,000 when you could just as easily get $10,000,000. Get it?

Whats funny is people will tell you to take baby steps, or increments to your goal because you can’t do that big of a jump in income in 1 year. People have been getting crazy results year after year since money has been around. People who tell you advice like that, I guarantee, have never made real good money before, and that they don’t believe in there God given potential.

Don’t ever let some schmuck take that dream you have of accomplishing something in a specific amount of time, and tell you its a joke and keep your feet on the ground.

So always keep at the for-front of your mind, that YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND UNDERSTANDING AND YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.


If you can do anything, then freaking dream big. Quit living life on comfortable level, and get uncomfortable. Get scared, get thick skin, and move towards your dream. Heres the deal, Money needs to be apart of your great calling in life. You can’t do anything really if you don’t have the cash. 

You can’t help your friends get out of debt, you can’t give to charity, you can’t help your parents really, you can’t make a difference financially for others if you just keep thinking of yourself and how to cover your damn bills. Money is not everything, but it is a huge need to move forward in this world.  

Some people will say well you don’t need money to make a difference and I agree with that, but if you want to make a difference on a GLOBAL SCALE and help as many people as you can, YOUR GONNA NEED THE MONEY. If your satisfied with just helping the people in your community or at work, you’re not thinking big, THINK HUGE. 

So set a net worth goal, and an income goal that is so far out there that you will have no idea how the hell to do it. Just understand you can do it, YOU CAN.  Then for you’re first quantum leap goal towards your ultimate calling in life, make it big.

For example if your life calling is to have a net worth of $500 Million Dollars by such and such a date and an income of $100 Million Dollars by such and such a date, then set your first stepping stone as  a net worth of $10 Million Dollars By 2018, and an Income of $5 Million Dollars By 2018. Get it?

Who the hell would set a first stepping stone or quantum leap of $100,000 net worth and $50,000 in come by 2018? There is no inspiration behind that, NONE. And if there is no inspiration then when things get tough you will quit because it’s a small goal thats not even exciting, its a goal you think you can do, not what you really want or fantasize about.

Write out your life calling on a card in the present tense. I now have a net worth of whatever and I easily make $$$ every year. Read this card everyday as much as possible, WITH EMOTION, until you accomplish it. You will start to believe it, even though your paradigm is going to tell you “you’re a moron your only making this much right now, keep it real” It will take about 90 days before you really start to say, “I can do this, I really can” Watch what happens, you will thank me.

Don’t worry about how to accomplish the goal. You will attract the way to you through The Law Of Attraction. Trust in God/Energy whatever you want to call it. This power will give you hunches, inspiration, and ideas on what to do. It works every time with any goal. Don’t worry about the “what if I don’t accomplish it by the date set” Just believe it’s already accomplished and act like it is. 

Act as if, is fun, and it bugs the shit out of people who are going about life with no purpose. They will say things like “who the hell do you think you are”. Ignore them and keep dreaming, acting, walking, talking like winner you are. I promise you will get there, just don’t give up and don’t ever think you can’t do it. Cause you can. I believe in everyone and know that all things are possible to those with great faith. 

Thanks for reading, let me know if this really woke you up to a sense of purpose. If you have questions let me know and I will get back with you quickly, and make it a killer month. We have 10 months left in 2016, whats your quantum leap stepping stone towards your ultimate vision this year?







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