how to use your time wisely

How To Use Your Time Wisely Like Multi Millionaires Do

how to use your time wisely

So we are going to learn how to use your time wisely like multi millionaires do. The other week Jimmy Johns (sandwich place) had a deal going from 11AM to 3PM. It was to get a sandwich for $1 regularly $7. I know how most people want to save money whether its 50 cents or $6. So I went over to see how ridiculous the line would be. No joke the line was going around the building into the parking lot. (should have taking pictures for you guys)


Now think about this for a minute. People are standing in line for 1 to 2 hours so they can save themselves $6 bucks on a sandwich. Do you think successful people would do that? Of course not, heck even before they where successful they never would do that, time is the mother of all things. Its how you use your time that is going to determine how successful you will be in life.

How dumb is it to waste 2 hours of your life so you can save yourself $6 bucks. That folks is POVERTY THINKING. Thats why 97% of the world is broke while the other 3% are earning everything. Instead make a sandwich and then go study your trade or work towards your trade. Making the sandwich will take you 3 minutes, and then you can work while eating. By the time your done working, everyone in that line would just be leaving to go do something else that has no value. You understand what I’m saying?

I follow Grant Cardone and Bob Proctor. These 2 men are ALWAYS working, doing what they love. They are the masters at utilizing their time wisely everyday. Imagine what you could accomplish in 1 day if you actually used it towards something that will change other people’s lives. 

Some of the most successful people in the world get more done in 1 day then most people get done in 1 week. You can never control time, but you can manage it. You never know how much time is left in your sand clock before your journey on earth ends. But one thing is clear, it’s getting less and less everyday. So why not use it wisely on being helpful to the world and set up a huge company that operates all over the globe. 

Most people go to work and then come home and relax and then repeat the same process for years until they retire. Who came up with retirement anyways. If you love what you do retirement should be the last thing on your mind. Start making list of things you’re doing everyday with your time. Do it for just 2 days, and you will see where you need to make a huge difference.

You will be very surprised actually, because you will finally see how much time is waisted daily on unproductive tasks. Like I have said before in my other articles. You need to always be working towards your greatest dream, not a goal, a dream. Goals are what help you to break the dream down and get there. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. Really start looking at successful people, there will not be a single one who does not manage his time effectively. Any multi millionaire or multi billionaire will tell you that. They know that time is the most important thing in the world.

Thanks for reading and remember, works towards your dream continually,  be in the vibration/ feeling place you need to be in to attract all that is required to make it possible. You may not know how to get there, but that’s not your job, the universe will show you through the Law Of Attraction.




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  • Lynne

    AJ, I like this and would never stand in line for hours to save $6 or even half hour. 15 minutes, well, maybe. We all have to prioritize and time is a huge issue with me. I am running out of time at my age, no doubt, lol! I want the second half of my life to count for something to help others. Thanks for your eBook.


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