learn to trust in the universe

Learn To Trust In The Universe

learn to trust in the universe

So I have been applying the law of giving and receiving, also known as paying tithing. I had a good paying job, and then the guy decided to let me go out of the blue and lie to me about a few things (bad business ethics for him). That very same day I had received an email for a job offer, I had interviewed for a ways back. 

He got me hired, the same day I lost my job. Now some people will look at that as a coincidence. But if you understand Universal Laws, you will know it was no mere accident.

Everything operates in order. The law of giving and receiving is one of them. Because I had been giving back to others I received what I needed from the Universe at the right time.

The lesson learned here is always apply the laws of the universe and trust in it, and you can never go wrong. It’s just the way it works. I have seen so many miracles take place with giving. 

Faith is such a big part of life. If we continually believe in our ability to succeed and trust in a bigger power then us, how can we possibly fail? Learning to trust in your natural unlimited potential is the greatest thing that has been discovered by man. We don’t even know what we are really capable of.

It’s such a powerful concept. Give complements to people everyday. Say thank you in everything, feel the gratitude for each day, and everything in the earth will be yours that you want. Its mind-blowing really.

Make it another great day, be positive, and expect the best. What you expect and feel, and take action on is what you attract into your life through the great Law Of Attraction.


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