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Money Will Not Bring You Happiness

money won't bring you happiness

Money will not bring you happiness is the most ridiculous statement in the world. First of all it was never designed to make you happy. It was made to make you comfortable. Secondly 99% of people who say that are BROKE. It makes them feel better because there life is not how they want it, and they have none. 

Money HELPS the poor, it helps people in need, it makes a difference WHEN used correctly. It is a tool to do good. I’m writing this, because so many people in the world today have a subconscious belief that money is the root of all evil, and leads to greed and bad choices.

It ONLY amplifies more of who you already are. If you’re a scum bag, your just gonna be more of one. If your about providing service for humanity and making a difference in the world, that will be shown. It’s all a matter of perspective. Money is just paper, it’s what we do with it that makes people say these ignorant things.

If you’re not getting enough money in your life. If your sick and tired of not having enough to do things. Understand this, you’re not providing enough service to humanity, and you are not obsessed with money. 

Enough to do whatever it takes that s ethical to make the difference for others and yourself. You would rather be an average Joe then be extraordinary. (Keep your feet on the ground and be realistic) Oy, what a load of crap.

Why is it the 99% of the world is broke (yes middle class included) and the 1% have it all. It’s because the 1% have set a purpose in their life so big, went after it, never gave up, failed a million times, and then GOT THE PRIZE. They were all willing to do whatever it took to get there.

Do you realize how much of a difference Bill Gates has made for me and you? I’m on a computer typing this because of the guy. What a brilliant idea. I don’t even know him personally, and yet he has helped me everyday. 

The point is money makes a difference and its good. We should all have enough to live the way we want and be able to help others. You can’t do jack shit for others if your barely making it yourself. Its total selfishness to not be willing to do what it takes to make the big $$$. If your not making a difference in someone else’s life, your wasting your time. (Will Smith)

Look up Larry Ellison’s story (worth $45.7 Billion), He grew up with nothing, and was worse off in the beginning then most people today. And yet he is in the top 10 on Forbes List. He has made more of a difference for others then a lot of people today because of their poverty thinking.

He has accomplished more BECAUSE he believe he could. He has the same infinite potential as you and I do. Most people just squander their potential and waste it, blaming circumstances for all their crap.

Life is about being comfortable, having more than enough to go around, helping others and working your ass off to get there. It’s not easy, it’s not fun at times, but man its worth it, and a lot better than settling for COMFORTABLE.

If your comfortable your moving backwards, you only grow when you do things that make you scared. Fear is nothing more than some shit on a subconscious level holding you back. 

I’m not saying you can’t make a difference in people’s lives if you don’t have money. I’m saying you can make MUCH MORE of a difference for BILLIONS of people if you have money.

It’s all about one word…..LOVE. Love what you do in life, love your friends and family, love giving service, love how far you have come in life, love your challenges and set backs, and continue to be in that state and things will work out better than you can imagine. Gratitude and service are great when used together. 

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas, let’s make it a killer year next year and live up to our potential. Leave me some comments below or questions, would love your thoughts.




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