• How To Make 2019 A Successful One!

    So 2019 is around the corner, what is your MAJOR DEFINITE CHIEF AIM? Have you written it down yet with a date for its accomplishment? Do you believe its possible? Do you know already how to accomplish it? Does it excite you and scare you at the same time? How To Make 2019 A Successful One: These are some great questions to ask yourself before figuring out what it is that you want next year. Remember you will get what you TRULY expect. Are you sick and tired of the same results year in and year out? Then we need to change wants going on in your mind on a subconscious…

  • How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Anything!!!

    how to use the law of attraction for anything

    Learning how to use the law of attraction for anything is easy. When it comes to using this great power, a lot of people struggle because they don’t see instant results. I want to delve into this today and help people to understand what is going on as you are applying it in your day-to-day life. So let’s get the ball rolling. How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Anything: 1) Its Working 24/7: The law is always working, just because you can’t see whats going in front of you does not mean anything. Remember that everything is energy. Everything is vibrating as well. When you think something you…

  • Life Is A Gift – Make It Count

    life is a gift

    Life really is a gift if you think about it. We all seem to take things for granted everyday. I know I do, and I have to remind myself to say thank you through out each day to the Universe. As I have done this I have felt happier, and more appreciative of the smaller things in life. As I think about the future and how things are changing in the world, I have come to realize that there is nothing to worry about whatsoever. If you look at the universe in general, are problems are so small and not even worth worrying about. You will look 1 year back…

  • Learn To Trust In The Universe

    learn to trust in the universe

    So I have been applying the law of giving and receiving, also known as paying tithing. I had a good paying job, and then the guy decided to let me go out of the blue and lie to me about a few things (bad business ethics for him). That very same day I had received an email for a job offer, I had interviewed for a ways back.  He got me hired, the same day I lost my job. Now some people will look at that as a coincidence. But if you understand Universal Laws, you will know it was no mere accident. Everything operates in order. The law of giving and receiving…

  • How To Fuel Your Dreams Continually

    How To Fuel Your Dreams Continually

    I have come across people in life who seem to just give up after a while on their dreams. Why do people do that? Why settle for mediocrity when you were born to have it all? One reason, your desire is not strong enough to achieve your dream because it’s not big enough. So lets talk about how to fuel your dreams continually and with ease. How To Fuel Your Dreams Continually: 1. Dream Big You need to go after something in life that is so big that it makes you extremely excited when you see it as accomplished on the screen of your mind. The best way to do that…

  • Money Will Not Bring You Happiness

    intro to the law of attraction for money

    Money will not bring you happiness is the most ridiculous statement in the world. First of all it was never designed to make you happy. It was made to make you comfortable. Secondly 99% of people who say that are BROKE. It makes them feel better because there life is not how they want it, and they have none.  Money HELPS the poor, it helps people in need, it makes a difference WHEN used correctly. It is a tool to do good. I’m writing this, because so many people in the world today have a subconscious belief that money is the root of all evil, and leads to greed and bad…

  • How To Create A Burning Desire For Success

    How To Create A Burning Desire For Success

    Here we will be talking about how to create a burning desire for success. Most people struggle with keeping the flame strong so to speak, because of the lack of belief that they can really accomplish their ultimate vision. So let’s get started and learn 5 effective ways to get the desire burning like a white fire when its extremely hot. 5 Ways On How To Create A Burning Desire For Success 1) Visualize It As Accomplished Your subconscious mind reacts to emotions. The best way to get involved emotionally with something especially a goal is to see yourself living your dream. You have to get every detail in that…

  • How To Use Your Time Wisely Like Multi Millionaires Do

    how to use your time wisely

    So we are going to learn how to use your time wisely like multi millionaires do. The other week Jimmy Johns (sandwich place) had a deal going from 11AM to 3PM. It was to get a sandwich for $1 regularly $7. I know how most people want to save money whether its 50 cents or $6. So I went over to see how ridiculous the line would be. No joke the line was going around the building into the parking lot. (should have taking pictures for you guys) HOW TO USE YOUR TIME WISELY Now think about this for a minute. People are standing in line for 1 to 2 hours…

  • How To Always Be Persistent

    how to always be persistent

    A.J.AJ is a Self Help Coach, Online Entrepreneur and Sales Professional who has a passion for helping people increase their level of awareness and results in life especially financially. He loves to inspire, motivated, and teach those who struggle with confidence and self-esteem issues and get things turned around by helping them change their self-image on a subconscious level. If creating a 2nd stream of income or a job replacing income is something that would help you out, check out his personal review of an Online Univesity that he is apart of that has changed his life. ====> Click Here https://www.selfimprovementtraining.com

  • Make Quantum Leaps In Life

    Make Quantum Leaps In Life

    Here we are going to learn how to make quantum leaps in life. Its simple and fun; once you know how to alter your mind to do what is necessary to make the change. Quantum leaps are where you go from 10% increase in results to 100% in results in a short period.  Most people find it COMMON do make gradual increases in their results. They think its normal to make a 10% increase in income every year, and don’t expect more. And sadly that is why most people are not excited about life because they don’t think big. So lets change that now. HOW TO MAKE QUANTUM LEAPS IN LIFE…

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