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    What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process? Does It Work?

    So what is the spiritual awakening process? Well simply put, it allows you to basically feel at one with yourself while also being on another mental plain all together. Its basically learning to live from the inside out, instead of the outside in. Every spiritual seeker can attest to the fact that we are living in the awakening era. Most people will probably agree to this fact even though their conception of awakening may be very different. This is because most people confuse awakening with enlightenment. Even though the two concepts are almost similar, they are not the same. Enlightenment is a result of a series of awakenings. What Is…

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    Powerful Tips On How To Attract Money With Hypnosis

    Today we will be learning about how to attract money with hypnosis. Every single day people wake up and go to work so that they can make money to help them cater for their basic needs and do much more. Imagine if you had the kind of job to get you all the money you need or better yet, imagine if you had the ability to actually attract money instead of working so hard to get it. (very possible) You have probably heard of the law of attraction, which is the belief that we have the ability to attract whatever we focus on. Therefore, if we focus on positive thoughts,…

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    8 Powerful Tips On How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

    How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

    Let’s delve in and talk about how to reprogram the subconscious mind. If you master this ONE thing in life, you can literally have ANYTHING YOU WANT that is within reason. Though most people think their conscious mind keeps them in control of their life, it is really the subconscious mind that is the boss. As we delve deeper into this topic, you will learn 8 tips on how to reprogram the subconscious mind, to bring you success, happiness, and confidence. To give you a tangible example, imagine you are an adult who has been told your entire life you were stupid. From the moment you were old enough to…

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    7 Tips On How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Money

    how to use the law of attraction for money

    Today we will be learning about “How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Money”. The law of attraction of life states that a person attracts what they focus on. In this sense, if someone focuses on negative thoughts, they manifest negativity in their life. Similarly, if they focus on positive thoughts, they will experience an abundance of positivity. This law of attraction can be used in creating wealth in a person’s life. Below are 7 simple ways through which you can use this law to make more money: 7 Tips On How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Money: Change Your Mindset: As mentioned, the law of attraction…

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    What Is Autosuggestion? 7 Ways On How To Use It

    what is auto suggestion

    So What is auto-suggestion exactly? According to dictionary.com, the definition of auto-suggestion is a suggestion arising from oneself, as the repetition of verbal messages as a means of changing behavior. This is basically brainwashing full boar. We get brained washed by society through television, work, random conversations and what not. You have to learn how to do it on purpose and have it be very effective. I am going to give you 7 ways on how to use it properly so you can educate yourself on the powerful possibilities of your mind. Auto-suggestion can be used to stop bad habits, improve self-esteem, and rid yourself of the obstacles that stand…

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    5 Steps On How To Change A Paradigm – Simple And Powerful!

    how to change your paradigm

    Today we will be talking about how to change a paradigm in 5 simple steps. Being able to change your paradigm or paradigms is like starting a brand new life as a baby. You basically will begin to undo all the negative programming that you have gone through in your life. When that is complete you will see results manifest so quickly it will amaze you. Learning how to change your paradigm is so easy once you have a strong understanding of how one is created in the first place. Paradigms, or what is better known as conditioning on a subconscious level are formed by constant repetition of ideas to…

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    10 Ways On How To Get More Energy In The Morning

    How To Get More Energy In The Morning

    Today you will learn the top 10 ways on how to get more energy in the morning. It is not an easy job to get up in the morning particularly during the cold and dark winter months. This is, in fact, a common problem faced by the majority of the individuals at present. Although a cup of coffee will provide you with the required stimulation to get through the day, there are several other surefire ways to boost your energy early in the morning. While we cannot assert that all these methods are going to be 100% effective, there is no harm in trying them and see whether they do…

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    How To Stop Negative Thoughts -7 Powerful Tips

    How To Stop Negative Thoughts

    Here we will be talking about “how to stop negative thoughts”. Have you at any point stopped to consider how negative thoughts affects your reality? It’s easy to get loosed in a cycle of negative thoughts pertaining to the past or future. However, in doing as such we deny ourselves the chance to be happy in the present! Seconds, minutes and hours can pass as we keep on getting caught up in a cycle of negative thinking, additionally implanting the negative seed in our subconscious mind. But how would you go about breaking free of these negative thinking patterns?  There are many procedures that can help you detach yourself from negative…

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    Top 10 Ways On How To Stop Thinking Negative

    How To Stop Thinking Negative

    Today we will be talking about the top 10 ways on how to stop thinking negative in your life. This problem is like a poison and it will drain you so quickly in everything you do. It will literally take the joy out of the most amazing things. Having a constant negative outlook on life will stop you from achieving your full potential. Negativity is defined by dictionary.com as “lacking in constructiveness, helpfulness, optimism, cooperativeness, or the like.”  With this definition, we learn that negativity is not helpful, is not cooperative and is certainly not constructive. You are physically destroying your life by your negative thoughts. In the book, The…

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    “Why Do I Hate My Life” – 10 Tips On How To Change It

    why do I hate my life

    Today we will be talking about the question “Why Do I Hate My Life?”. Are you having this thought, “I hate my life”? First, breathe slowly and know that you are not alone. Statistically, everyone has had this thought in their life, therefore, having such a thought is very normal. If you have been experiencing such thoughts as, “I hate my life”, you are at the right place. Below are 10 surefire ways on how get rid of such thoughts and change your life for the better. “Why Do I Hate My Life” – How To Change It: 1. Why Are You Having Such Thoughts?: This is the very first…

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