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    What Is The Law Of Attraction About? Does It Really Work?

    what is the law of attraction about

    So What is the Law Of Attraction About? Is it hype? Is it bull shit? Or is it an actually Universal Law just like the Law Of Gravity? Well let’s just say, that everything that has come into your life, including the bad, you have attracted to you through your thoughts. Life is all on a mental level in various forms (vibrations). Just know that there are no causes in life other than your consciousness (subconscious impressions). What Is The Law Of Attraction About? The Law Of Attraction is a universal law that works around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are aware of it…

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    8 Amazing Ways On How To Become Wealthy With No Money

    how to become wealthy with no money

    Today we will be talking about 8 amazing ways on how to become wealthy with no money. People say it takes money to make money. Its true, but I say it takes imagination first to believe that all things are possible. Until you learn to think how you want to think regardless of whats going on the outside of you. Nothing will change. Lets get started. 8 Tips On How To Become Wealthy With No Money: 1) Improve Your Credit Score: A credit score basically refers to your approval rating for credit and better loan interest rates. As it were, the biggest wealth-creation investments are purchased on credit, hence the…

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    Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Make Peace With Yourself

    10 Reasons You Can't Make Peace With Yourself

    Here you will learn the top 10 reasons you can’t make peace with yourself. Your existence in this world means nothing if you can’t reconcile with yourself. Making your surrounding worth living in starts with finding the peace within you. Instead of blaming yourself and others for your failures, why not take the first step to making it right? Work on your looks, thoughts and most importantly, feelings. Ask yourself what is making it so hard for you to make peace with yourself and how to overcome it. Here are a few tips.  TOP 10 REASONS YOU CANT MAKE PEACE WITH YOURSELF: 1. Limiting Yourself To A Comfort Zone: The only…

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    10 Powerful Tips On How To Be More Outgoing In Life

    how to be more outgoing

      Today you will learn 10 Powerful Tips On How To Be More Outgoing In Life. If you are a shy and closed person, becoming more open and communicative is a great idea to really simplify your life and build relationships with other people. In fact, in order to become a more sociable person and interesting to talk to, first, you need to change your attitude to yourself and to the world. You need to believe in yourself and to trust people more. And only then learn to start and keep up a dialogue with the interlocutor. It’s pretty simple. 10 Powerful Tips On How To Be More Outgoing: 1)…

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    10 Great Solutions For Your Biggest Career Stressors

    10 Solutions For Your Biggest Career Stressors

      Here we are going to talk about 10 great Solutions For Your Biggest Career Stressors. Every career however appropriate it might seem to be, affects the people involved in it. It is the wish of every employee or any partaker in a particular career that their operation should be as smooth as possible.  However this is not always the case, and as one progresses in a particular career it is natural to face many challenges that come out as a stumbling block towards success.  This can be in form of stress that if not minimized or avoided might cause adverse effects to the productivity of people. Despite the threat…

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    10 Tips On How To Become As Prosperous As You’d Like To Be

    10 Ways To Become As Prosperous As You'd Like To Be

    today you will learn 10 tips on how to become as prosperous as you’d like to be. As much as you may disagree, the real reason you are not as rich as you would like to be is your own mindset. Thought, though intangible are the most powerful driving force behind your actions and all results you achieve are a direct result of your actions. Hence your negative thoughts are the biggest reason why you are still struggling to make as much money as you would like to. Your beliefs generate your thoughts. Here is a guide to help you correct your beliefs and thoughts and put yourself on the…

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    8 Powerful Tips On Overcoming The Fear Of Success

    overcoming the fear of success

    Today we will be talking about 8 powerful tips on overcoming the fear of success in life. Its so easy to do, when you understand that all of life is the game of the mind, the inner talking to yourself. We have all been there, we have great plans, we have a goal but that weird feeling steps in and makes everything fall apart from the inside out. It’s time to say no more! The fear of success shouldn’t be a ruling factor in our lives and it’s time we make it go away forever with the following 8 tips.  8 POWERFUL TIPS ON OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF SUCCESS: 1)…

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    5 Great Tips On How To Be More Open Minded

    how to be more open minded

    In this article we will be Learning 5 great tips on how to be more open minded. Being open minded is extremely simple and easy. Its all a matter of learning from someone who is doing better than you and taking their advice to heart as long as there results are where you want to be in life. Let your ego go, and learn to listen. Thats what 2 ears are for. Most of us tend to surround ourselves with people who share the same set of values and beliefs, throughout our lives. Though we wish to be open-minded, this limited exposure makes us to struggle with making the effort…

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    The Power Of Public Speaking

    Today we will be learning about the power of public speaking. In life, there will be times when you have to speak in front of an audience. It could be for a school event or presentation, job interview or a community event. While some people relish speaking in public, there are those who fear it intensely. A few may even panic and shut themselves down to avoid making a speech. If you get nervous when you are asked to speak before a group, you are not alone. Psychologists believe a phobia of public speaking is linked to a fear of being criticized or cast out from a group. Fortunately, there…

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    Is The Ego A Bad Thing? Yes And No!

    Is The Ego A Bad Thing

    Today we will be learning about “Is The Ego A Bad Thing?”. The answer is yes and no. In the world today, everyone has an ego. Some have a big ego while others have a small ego. Ego can be described as a big self-esteem. As I’m writing this piece, I can already feel my ego telling me things that I should never obey or listen to. The ego simply makes you ignore the sense of rationality. Some people fail to differentiate between ego and confidence. Ego is a killer while confidence is healthy and massively uplifting. How many hearts have been broken in the name of ego? Many, right?…

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