• How To Stop Being Broke

    How To Stop Being Broke | 10 Useful Tips

    No one would consciously want to be begging or be so broke that meeting some very basic needs becomes a problem. It’s for this reason that one keeps working hard to be better.  The sad bad is that, you may still find yourself broke irrespective of your efforts. You may blame it on so and so, but the biggest problem is you. If you are already fed up with being broke, this is the time you have to make a decision to take control of all your finances.  Although there are many ways of achieving this, this article will give you the top 10 ways on how to stop being…

  • How To Be Great In Life

    10 Tips On How To Be Great In Life!

    Indeed all of us want to know how to be great in life. You might probably want to succeed in your career, or you want to achieve more things in your relationship, or you want to succeed in sports – no matter what your goal, we always want to get to that goal. Nevertheless, there are some people not aware that being great in life can sometimes be associated with selecting the best alternative intended for their growth and making the most of what they already have. Below are 10 powerful tips to get you started. 10 Tips On How To Be Great In Life: 1. Know Your Potentials: To…

  • How To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams

    How To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams-5 Effective Tips

    How to achieve your goals and dreams is a question that is asked by so many people that it would make your head spin. No one really knows exactly how to do it. Matter of fact 99% of all successful people now, did not really know exactly how to do it. The way was shown to them through the Law Of Attraction. Most of them had a brief Idea of what kind of service they wanted to give for humanity but did not know exactly how it was going to work. Napoleon Hill in Think And Grow Rich says “write out a specific plan and then go and do it”. It’s in the…

  • Is The Ego A Bad Thing

    Is The Ego A Bad Thing? 8 Reasons Why It Is

    In this post you will learn about “Is The Ego A Bad Thing?”. The answer is yes 100%. In the world today, everyone has an ego. Some have a big ego while others have a small ego. Ego can be described as a big self-esteem. As I’m writing this piece, I can already feel my ego telling me things that I should never obey or listen to. The ego simply makes you ignore the sense of rationality. Some people fail to differentiate between ego and confidence. Ego is a killer while confidence is healthy and massively uplifting. How many hearts have been broken in the name of ego? Many, right?…

  • Benefits of Taking Risks In Life

    The Benefits of Taking Risks In Life – Is It Worth It?

    Today we will be learning about 10 great benefits of taking risks in life. One of the worst places to be as a human being is the comfort zone. The comfort zone deprives you of many opportunities that you would enjoy if you decide to take a risk and get out. To take a risk is scary because of fear of the unknown. No matter how calculated the risk is, there is always a likely hood that you might fail. This likely hood of failure holds many people back from even trying. The truth is if you take a risk and it either fails or it is successful, there are…

  • how to deal with controlling people

    Learn How To Deal With Controlling People In Your Life

    Today we will be learning about 10 ways on how to deal with controlling people. Have you ever been in a situation where someone tells you, “No! Stop doing that.” Or simply, “Don’t do that.” The worst part comes when you ask them why not, then you get that decisively awkward answer, “That’s not how it is done.” Or “I don’t want you to.” Dealing with a controlling person is not easy. It requires you to have people skills as handling them can be point-blank stressful. Controllers are everywhere. Sometimes, it can be your lover, your best friend or your family members and so forth. Here are 10 ways on…

  • How To Deal With Narcissistic People

    How To Deal With Narcissistic People – Easy To Handle

    Today we will be learning about how to deal with narcissistic people. Narcissistic behavior is a personality disorder that is usually shown by a certain state of grandiose of mind in many young and middle age adults is the narcissistic personality disorder. Some theories have emerged disputing the number of people developing this disorder. The theories have stated that it can be as high as over one percent of the total population. However, most experts agree that this is not the case and the actual statistics are much lower. A narcissistic personality disorder is also disputed as the cause. There are two basic theories. One of the theory states that…

  • How To Be More Confident In Work

    10 Ways On How To Be More Confident In Work – Very Powerful

    Lets learn about the top 10 ways on how to be more confident in work. Everywhere there is a competition. Every workplace has to face both positive and negative competition. But we all have to agree that competition is very essential to have success in any workplace. It would be very helpful for an individual if he/she can boost the confidence at the workplace.  Being confident at the workplace has many positive aspects like confident people tends to be happier while working, they are not afraid of taking up any new challenges etc. Unfortunately, in this world, too many great leaders lack confidence.  Building up confidence does not require any…

  • How To Dress For Success For Women

    7 Great Ways On How To Dress For Success For Women

    Today we will be learning about how to dress for success for women. Have you heard of the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover? I bet you have. It’s one of the most used sayings in the modern world. It’s simply saying don’t judge me by my outward look but consider what is inside me. But let’s face it, we as a race tend to judge by the outward look. And that is why first impressions matter a lot. And for this reason I am giving you the 7 great ways on how to dress for success for women. From just the way you put your make up…

  • how to dress for success for men

    8 Essential Tips On How To Dress For Success For Men

    You’re dressing style normally speaks volumes about you. You will note that some people normally like dressing decently when going for important occasions such as wedding ceremonies, interviews and so on. Women are known to be choosy when it comes to dressing. Most of them normally have several clothes for different occasions. Men have also appreciated the need for dressing decently. However, how can man dress for success? Being well-dressed takes a lot more than just an expensive suit. Understand and realize that a man can have the best suit that money can buy but still fail to look polished. This is the reason why you need to present yourself as a prosperous member of the…

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