how to stop being sad

10 Tips On How To Stop Being Sad – Very Effective!

How To Stop Being Sad

Today you will learn about 10 tips on how to stop being sad. Sadness is a hollow space, a negative energy in the universe that has consumed many. I sometimes know the situation is not in our control and we tend to lose faith. You shut the door to the outside world, hide in a dark room, thinking, worrying and crying your heart out because you do not have a clue what will happen next.

You want the pain and the darkness to go away but it simply sits inside you, keeping you engaged with the same repetitive thoughts. Believe me, I have been in your shoes, and it’s no fun. Not all days are same and somewhere deep within you know this too. If you hadn’t had that ray of hope within, you wouldn’t be reading this article. We all need a motivation factor to lift our spirits high, to guide us and to keep us going. Follow the 10 tips on how to stop being sad and give your willpower an energy boost like I do.

How To Stop Being Sad:

1. Never Talk And Think Negative About Yourself:

Remove all the negative thoughts from your mind. When you talk negative, you put yourself in disagreement with the almighty. You are questioning the creation of God and his plans. You are pushing yourself deep into the negative energy of the universe. Believe it or not, there is a positive and a negative energy within ourselves.

The more you talk and focus on your failures, the more it will pull you deep into the darkness. So from now on, always think positive. Never say these things to yourself or to others – I can’t or I won’t be able to do this, it looks tough, how can I do it, I don’t know how to achieve this milestone. Instead, reverse it with I can do this, it’s easy. You understand what I mean. Don’t let any negative though entre your mind. If it does simply change it with the positive one.

2. Meditate And Exercise Daily For 30 Minutes:

Meditation is the best medicine. It will keep your mind focused. Exercise will help you remain fit and improve the flow of oxygen. Make it a habit to meditate and exercise daily before you head to office or college.

I ask you this, do it dedicatedly for just 2 days and you will feel the difference. Don’t wait until the morning, if you are reading now, start meditating. Feel the fresh air fill your mind and soul with calmness and breathe out all the stress and tension. Do this for a minute and you will feel energetic and full of life.

3. Believe In Yourself:

Did you know our subconscious mind never sleeps? It works 24*7 without any break. Let me give you an example. Suppose you have to catch a morning flight and you sleep, thinking to get up at 4 am. Your subconscious mind wakes you at exactly the same time.

Coincidence? No. It’s because you unknowingly passed this message to your subconscious and it obeyed. There is an infinite amount of power in your subconscious mind. All you have to do is start believing in yourself. Ask your subconscious mind lovingly and politely to pull you out of a situation, to guide you in the right direction and it will.

4. Watch Stand-Up Comedy Shows:

Laughter is the best medicine whenever you feel sad or low. But you can’t sit in your room and start laughing out loud without any reason. Don’t do that, else your parents and neighbors will start to worry. Switch on the TV and indulge yourself in comedy series, movies or live shows.

Or YouTube it. These comedians see life from a different angle. It will light up your mood and remove negative thoughts from your mind. Keep yourself happy all the time. Read jokes and watch funny videos.

5. Keep Your Loved One’s Close:

Motivation comes from people you surround yourself with. Your family and friends are the ones who will always be ready to pull you out of any situation. Never ever shut them out from your life. The whole world may go against you but they never will.

Speak to your family members (whom so ever you are comfortable with). Discuss what you think, take their opinion, before you come to a certain conclusion. Your friends and family are the ones who will guide you in the right direction because they love you and believe in you.

6. Jot Down Your Problem In A Diary:

Jot your feelings down in your personal diary. It’s one of the most effective stress busters and will give you an instant relief from your sadness. Note down how you feel – angry, depressed sad or agitated, and the reason why you feel that way. Different thoughts run through our brain when we are sad. Maybe you are unable to express your feelings and emotions to others.

Maybe you feel no one understands you so there is no point talking to anyone. But you can talk to your personal diary. Don’t worry about the spelling mistakes and grammar, just note down whatever thought comes to your mind. Once you are done, you will be relieved from the burden you have been carrying. It will help you think clearly.

7. Work On Your Passions And Cultivate Your Self-esteem:

You often do not do what you absolutely desire as money is always a constraint. All the happiest people are those who do what makes them happy. Ask yourself, what activity makes you happy? Start devoting a part of your day to work towards that.

The joy of doing what makes you happy is incomparable and always lasts, as it drives you, gives you motivation, elevates your self-esteem and satisfies you to the core. It is always better to have a short life doing the thing you absolutely like than to have a miserable life doing things you don’t like.

8. Make Someone Else Happy:

Seeking happiness may not make you happy all the time but making someone else happy surely will, every single time. Start doing something for someone and you will get happiness as a by-product. Tell the manager that you had a great service and compliment someone (a stranger or a coworker).

You could also thank your spouse, give someone a big tip, write a review when you had a good time somewhere. These things will definitely help someone, make them happy and you will also feel elated. Treat people the way you want others to treat you.

how to stop being sad

9. Focus On Having A Positive Attitude:

Keep your attitude positive in every situation. Life is not easy; we all go through tough times in our life. Seek happiness nowhere but within your inner self. Close your eyes take a deep breath and talk to yourself whenever you are confused. Don’t expect anything from future, live in the moment.

You might have set long-term goals and dreams you want to achieve, focus on achieving it starting today. Take small steps, keep short-term goals. Don’t think too hard about the questions – how, why, where and what ifs. Do what you feel is right and never brood in the past.

10. Maintain A Healthy Diet And Drinks Lots Of Water:

Avoid eating junk food. Bad food habits like drinking alcohol, not eating on time and skipping meal have an adverse effect and it affects your thinking pattern causing stress. You may not even know that your bad food habit is the cause of your sadness.

Maintain a healthy diet, keep a regular check on your weight and drink lots of water as it helps in the proper flow of oxygen to your brain and enhances your thinking process.

Recap Of Everything:

Sadness is a human emotion and it will never leave you. But you can keep yourself happy by following your passion. Next time when you feel low, keep everything aside and focus on your thinking. If your mind takes you to the thoughts of failure, reverse your thought in positive direction. Remember you have an enormous amount of power within yourself, all you have to do is ask lovingly and your inner self will guide you.

Dedicate 30 minutes of your day for meditation and exercise. Maintain a private diary and give away all your tension to it. If nothing helps talk to a family member or a close friend, they will help you out. Drink lots of water and maintain a proper diet. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Breathe in to relax your mind and breath out all the stress. Remember this, change your thought and you will change your destiny.

What are you doing to stop being sad? What has not worked for you, and what has worked for you, that’s had the most impact? Share in the comment section below.


  • Sean

    This a great site, I especially liked the video, nice touch. It’s good to have people like you on the internet caring for others. It is obvious you want the best for others. this is a ver good blog post. thanks for sharing.

    • A.J.

      Hi Sean.

      Thanks so much for that. Helping others is something that is very important to me. Let me know if you need help with anything. Hope you have a great week.


  • Himz

    Wow, very well written and relevant article. I strongly agree with all these 10 Tips you have mentioned. There are a lot many people who should read this article.
    Even if someone stays happy, still they can learn from it to pass on these useful tips.
    Thank you :))

  • OnlineBzDog - TQ

    Very good tips on handling sadness. I agree with your ideas of channeling your negative energy into positive ones. It will motivate you and build your confidences. The meditation, oh boy, oh boy, this is probably the best things you can do for your mind and your body. It will refresh your mind, your body and your health. Such a motivational post.

  • Deborah

    Reading this article couldn’t have come at a better time for me. So much negativity in my life right now that I actually did the exercises as I read them.
    The section on your Sub-conscious mind is spot on. I have been using mine as a alarm clock for 30 years
    I really enjoyed the video and the one carb you shouldn’t eat after 50, I eat. NO MORE.
    Great article.

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