How To Cure Low Self-Esteem

10 Ways On How To Cure Low Self-Esteem – Life Changing

How To Cure Low Self-Esteem

Today we are going to learn about a few ways, on how to cure low self esteem, and how it can be life changing for you. Many people suffer from low self esteem, due to a bad self image, not caused by them, but my society and others talking to them rudely, but only joking around. 

Nevertheless, do not fret because this article is here to help you shake away those heavy thoughts and emotions. We are here to bring you back to your beautiful, strong and confident self! 

We have taken the time to provide 10 tips that will allow you to fight back against those self-esteem issues and before you know it, those very issues that are bogging you down, will be that of the past so let’s get started!


 1.) Journalizing Your Problems – Write It Down:

 When you are in a constant state of possessing negative thoughts and self put-downs, it can become exhausting and very traumatizing. Studies have proven time and time again that it is good for you to write down your concerns and issues at hand, even just to rant or vent in your journal about the problem you are facing. 

Doing this relieves stress and gives you a positive outlet. You are also encouraged to write down the good things going on in your life as well as your goals and ways to achieve those goals. Journalizing your feelings helps you recognize and realize the great things that are in your life, draw strength from them and seize the day.

 2.) Begin Your Day On A Positive Note:

 We all have those day where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it just seems like nothing goes right. Days like that can really put a damper on your mood and on your confidence whether you realize it or not. 

If you find something that encourages you each day you should make a habit of, making it apart of your daily routine to inspire positive influence over your day. This could be the confidence boost you need to feel energized and happy throughout the day.

 3.) Engage In Positive Support Groups:

 When trying to shake off those negative emotions that fuel the fire to low self-esteem, you need to make it a priority to surround yourself with the positive people in your life, who can cheer you up and help you recognize all the great things about yourself. 

This is your biggest support system that you should allow yourself to have, because you will have the availability to reach out every time that you are in need or feeling down on yourself. 

These people whether a local support group, family or friends, will be the ones to pick you up and help you better yourself. They will understand how you view yourself and help you see the best in you.

 4.) Establish How You See Your Failures:

 Everyone hates to fail but don’t look at your failures as losses but look at them as your personal lessons, on how you can make improvements to achieve your goals. 

If you want to overcome your self-esteem issues you cannot continue to dwell on the past you need to get up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward! (Multi Millionaires, And Multi Billionaires Do This)

The past is the past so use it as a lesson learned. Now, take what you have learned and be proud that you have gained something positive from a negative experience. 

 5.) Take The Time To Love And Better Yourself:

 It is extremely important to take the time out of your day to love and better yourself. Now with that being said, it is not the easiest of tasks to accomplish when you are suffering from self-esteem issues. 

Now you must make this a priority because to start improving your confidence you must learn to treat yourself. There will be times when you are feeling down and you do not feel like you deserve it but you definitely do! 

Doing something little for yourself whether it be treating yourself to a new outfit or rewarding yourself for reaching a goal can help lift your self-esteem. 

How To Cure Low Self-Esteem

 6.) Pursue Your Goals and Dreams:

Unfortunately, sometimes when you have low self-respect you do not have the ambition or the drive to do anything. It is very easy to overlook your wants and needs when your constant focus is on the things you are self-conscious about. 

Write down somethings that you want to do or that you want to achieve and then pull your inner strength together and do them! 

Accomplishing these things will help better your self-esteem by boosting your confidence and while allowing you to realize your potential and self-worth!

 7.) Keep It Simple – Get A Good Nights Rest:

 Self-Esteem issues are already exhausting but pair those issues up with lack of sleep and BOOM double-whammy, you fueled the fire for those nasty self-conscious thoughts to creep back into your mind. 

Although you may in fact be used to running on a low amount of sleep, this can actually change your brain chemistry and this has not only been linked to self-esteem issues but also depression. 

Sleeping is the body’s natural way to rest, heal and energize. If you continue to try to function on a daily basis with a lack of sleep, chances are you are going to deepen your self-esteem issues so, get to bed at a reasonable time and get that shut eye.

 8.) Stop Comparing Yourself To Others Because You Are Unique:

 We often find ourselves looking at other people and wishing we had what they did. It maybe their appearance, a skill set they obtain, or even materialistic object and so on. 

Now that is okay because we are all guilty of those thoughts but there is a time you need to stop and take a look in the mirror because you are one of a kind! 

No one is perfect all you can do is aim for the best version of yourself! There will always be room for improvements but do not be too hard on yourself, achieve healthy and obtainable goals that are set solely for you and no one else.

 9.) Accept Compliments:

We all know how hard it can be to take a compliment from people whether it is your mom or a very close friend. You may not always believe what they are telling you and you may not believe it to be the truth so, today that stops! 

You see yourself how you want to and with having self-worth issues you fall prey to only seeing the things you dislike about yourself. You need to take a moment to listen and accept the compliment, see how others view you. So, remember that the next time your mom tells you that you look beautiful, look at yourself and see your beauty from her eyes.

 10.) Exercise And A Balanced Diet:

 A balanced diet and exercise is underrated and this is something we need to begin investing in. When we eat healthy and exercise not only do we speed up our metabolism and promote physical health, but we also promote mental health. 

During exercise our body creates endorphins and these hormones, when released create a sense of empowerment, euphoria and happiness, talk about a natural confidence booster! Just remember there is a limit on diet and exercise, stay healthy and do not over do it.


Throughout this article, we have gone from talking about using a journal to jot down ideas, express your emotions and have an outlet, to finding positive people in your life to surround you in your time of need. 

There are many options and routes to go because let’s face it when you are in a rut not everything will work for you. Now that is okay because whether it be taking a compliment, or achieving a goal you now have some tips and ideas of the steps to take in the right direction. 

“So what now?” you might ask yourself, well now go and give it all you have got! Use positive energy, hard work and focus on attaining improved self-confidence and be the happier, more confident you!

If you enjoyed this article, leave your comments below, I would love to hear what you have to say. I am eager to help as many people as I can who want the help. We are meant to have a breath taking life. 

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  • Ben

    I think part 4 is very important. Low self esteem oten comes because we see ourselves as a failure. However, if you stop looking at them as failures and rather as ways to learn how to improve, you will feel better about yourself. That’s what I do.

    • A.J.

      Hi Ben

      I agree with you as well. Its EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. The law of polarity there is always a negative and positive, an up and a down, and in and an out ect. Just take the negative in life, and make it positive, see all the good. Its so so powerful. Thanks for reading, and wishing you a massive, 2017 and beyond.


  • Furkan

    Actually I tried writing my problems but it made me even more depressed and these days I really need some motivation. What do you think I should instead of writing problems? Do you have an alternative method?

    • A.J.

      Hi Furkan

      How interesting. Thats ok that it does not work for you, there are plenty of other methods. One is to see yourself on the screen of your mind being successful. See it like a movie, but through your eyes. You know single player shooters? How you see the gun and not you? Visualize through your eyes winning in life in ALL AREAS. If you do this enough times, you will begin to FEEL better, and at the same time attract everything you need to accomplish your goals. Its the most powerful tool in the world to use. I hope this helps you out 🙂


  • EJ

    Hello Alex, thanks for the above post. I naturally gravitate to this kind of material as I learn so much from them. Your post is well rounded and covers a wide range of techniques for someone with low self-esteem issues. Should one choose to study, absorb and implement even some of them, they should see an improvement in their life. It’s a simple and straight forward set of steps that leads upwards. Well done to you.

    • A.J.

      Hi Ej

      haha, my name AJ, your name EJ, I LOVE IT. I’m glad that things like this you are naturally attracted to. It makes such a big difference in our lives. I’m the same way and have been drawn to the self improvement industry for over a decade now. Its a killer place to be and learn. Hope you have a great 2017. Check out some of my other articles on here as well it will help you out.


  • matts mom

    This is really great information that anyone should follow, whether you have low self-esteem or not. Everyone has lows in their lives, where they feel inadequate or a number of other things that drags your self esteem down. I find exercising, staying active, and not comparing myself to others works best for me. Great information, thanks for sharing!

    • A.J.

      Hi Matts mom lol

      I’m glad to hear that you like this. I think exercising like you said is a HUGE benefit. I’ve noticed that doing that really does make difference. You condition yourself to be a winner, and feel good. Thanks for stopping by.


  • Xdeem Li


    Thanks for the post! I enjoy all the ideas on the list. Being surrounded by positive people is extremely important, especially when if you are feeling down. When you are going thru tough things, it is natural to be sad. However, you can not stay there in misery. You know what they say, misery loves company, so stay away from negative people! Number 10 is great, exercise and eat healthy. Best way to feel better about yourself, and don’t eat crap or drink. Your body will thank you, cheers!

    P.S. would you please comment on my article, thanks a million:

    • A.J.

      Hi Xdeem

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, and I left you a comment as well :). Being healthy and hanging around good people that lift you up, and don’t bring you down and say bad things about you are the best kinds of people. Work places can be hard with that, but hey, it is what it is. Hope you have a great week.


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