How To Get More Energy In The Morning

10 Ways On How To Get More Energy In The Morning

How To Get More Energy In The Morning

Today you will learn the top 10 ways on how to get more energy in the morning. It is not an easy job to get up in the morning particularly during the cold and dark winter months. This is, in fact, a common problem faced by the majority of the individuals at present.

Although a cup of coffee will provide you with the required stimulation to get through the day, there are several other surefire ways to boost your energy early in the morning.

While we cannot assert that all these methods are going to be 100% effective, there is no harm in trying them and see whether they do work for you. In the following paragraphs, we have thrown some light on ten ways on how to get more energy in the morning.

10 Ways On How To Get Energy In The Morning:

1). Have A Sound Sleep At Night:

It is not feasible to get the much-needed energy in the morning in case you suffer from lack of sleep the previous night. It will be advisable to get at least 7 hours of slumber every night, and the best way to do so will be to meditate for several minutes before going to bed. Moreover, make it a point to make your bedroom as comfy as possible.

2). Wake Up Early:

It is natural for you to feel exhausted in case you do wake up late and make much haste to start performing your daily chores. You will not be able to complete your tasks efficiently in case you are stressed and fatigued, and consequently, it is recommended for you to get up early.

This will provide you with adequate time to eat your breakfast, take a shower, perform workouts and start your daily activities following that. Also, move the clock or your smartphone several feet away in case you feel like hitting the snooze button repeatedly while you are still in bed.

3). Add Some Fat To Your Morning Coffee:

We all are aware of the fact that consuming coffee helps to stimulate our adrenal glands to produce an increased amount of cortisol, the stress hormone.

This can result in a dip in our energy levels after several hours given that the adrenal glands might get burnt out in the process. Make it a point to add some coconut oil to your coffee which you consume every morning given that it will help to extract the useful nutrients in the beverage.

These nutrients are responsible for stimulating our nervous system which provides us with a steady flow of energy and also controls our cravings as well. It will be even better to consume organic dry-processed coffee given that it allows for clean caffeine without any other harmful substances.

4). Smell Essential Oils: (My Favorite)

Your fatigue in the morning can be minimized significantly by aromatherapy. Eucalyptus and peppermint scents can help you to feel more focused, vigilant, as well as motivated every morning.

Moreover, the smell of citrus will help to reduce your stress and also enhance the production of serotonin within your body. Your brain will likewise be stimulated after smelling rosemary which will provide you with more physical as well as mental energy. Furthermore, smelling an orange skin will also help to lessen your stress while increasing your alertness at the same time.

How To Get More Energy In The Morning

5). Perform Workouts:

Performing workouts every morning will play an essential role in boosting your energy for the remaining part of the day. However, one needs to be extremely punctual as well as motivated for doing these exercises on a regular basis.

You can start by just moving around a bit and posting photographs on the wall like squatting and standing up, swinging the arms, performing a short plank, and so on will likewise help your cause to a great extent. You can perform all these activities while brushing your teeth every morning.

Moreover, these will not need you to put on your exercise apparels or even go to any fitness center. All you need to do will be to make some movements to get proper blood circulation which will, in turn, provide you with the required energy to get going.

Your energy levels will be boosted by the production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, in the brain. It will likewise help to excrete the toxic substances from the blood which was accumulated while sleeping.

6). Reduce The Intake Of Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates can transform into fat which is going to decrease your energy levels significantly thus making you feel sluggish and exhausted.

Consumption of food items containing carbohydrates will prompt your digestive system to break them down into sugar which will be utilized for energy while entering your bloodstream.

The increment in your blood glucose levels will force your pancreas to produce insulin which motivates your cells to absorb the blood glucose to store for energy.

While consuming simple carbohydrates, your body is going to store an excessive amount of sugar which in turn is going to transform into fat. Consequently, make it a point to burn off the calories consumed by you each morning such that your body doesn’t require storing surplus sugar.

By sticking to a healthy diet regime, you will be able to control your intake of carbohydrates which will not impede your energy levels by any means.

7). Stay Away From Consuming Junk Food:

There is hardly any nutritional value in the processed or junk food items which do not help to produce any natural energy within our system. We usually come across these food items in the grocery stores as well as in the vending machines.

Although individuals are prone to eating all these unhealthy food items to avoid excessive stress and anxiety, these will end up making you exhausted and fatigued in the long run.

Your body requires whole foods which are rich in nutrients and can provide you with the necessary energy every morning. Refrain from consuming sugar, and instead, stick to high-energy foods to lead a healthy lifestyle.

8). Drink Adequate Quantity Of Water:

Dehydration can result in the draining of energy which will prevent you from performing your tasks efficiently during the day. Consequently, it is advisable to consume a sufficient quantity of water every morning to remain hydrated and not feel thirsty from time to time during the day.

Adequate water is required by your system for transforming the food into energy using chemical reactions. Also, try to stay away from consuming energy drinks and instead, add some fresh lemon juice to the water you drink. You might also experiment with coconut water instead of lemon juice.

How To Get More Energy In The Morning

9). Consume Herbal Teas:

It is natural for you to reach for some coffee whenever you feel like boosting your energy in the morning. However, bear in mind that although you might get some energy from the caffeine present in the beverage, it might likewise make your system too much dependent on it.

Intake of an excessive amount of coffee can make you lethargic over time. On the other hand, herbal tea will not affect your central nervous system unlike caffeine, and you will come across many types of herbal teas out there providing you with energy without any caffeine at all.

Herbal tea happens to be a refreshing substitute for coffee every morning that will boost your energy to a great extent. Apart from this, herbal tea will likewise aid in keeping you focused while improving your immune system as well.

10. Allow The Sunshine To Enter Your Bedroom:

The early morning sunlight will prompt your brain to wake up and will also enhance your alertness. Proper exposure to sunlight will likewise prevent your body from producing melatonin which happens to be the hormone responsible for inducing sleepiness.

Try to spend some time stretching while enjoying the morning sun which will help you to get the kinks out. This will allow your body to loosen up given that it had been immobile the entire night.

Also, stretching will allow better blood circulation while loosening up your joints and muscles so that you do not feel stiff after waking up. Moreover, make it a point to see something pleasant each morning which will allow you to feel good. Photographs of your near and dear ones or an attractive flower vase next to your bed will invigorate you after waking up.


We like to conclude this article by asserting the fact that it is not very easy to boost energy levels in the morning as it might seem to be. Your brain has been trained so long not to wake up early, and you have practiced sleeping more than what is required on a daily basis.

Naturally, your body is going to be overwhelmed once you try to change this habit. It is just like making a right-handed adult person to write with his or her left hand. You need to rewire your brain entirely so that your body can act in a different way unlike what it has done over the years.

However, you will be able to achieve your target by staying consistent for a couple of weeks or so. Bear in mind that being persistent and devoted will allow your body to wake up with renewed energy each morning thus making you more productive during the day.

What do you do to get energy in the morning? I like to try all sorts of different things. Let me know below in the comments.


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