how to gain confidence and self esteem

7 Tips On How To Gain Confidence And Self Esteem

how to gain confidence and self esteem

Learning how to gain confidence and self esteem will change your life. Many people are held back in everything that they do because of this huge problem, which is ALL on a mental level.

The vast majority of confidence issues stem from a lack of love for oneself. When we cannot love ourselves, every mistake, no matter how minor, causes us to sink deeper into self-loathing. When confidence and self-esteem levels soar, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your desired destination in life. So let’s get started on getting you in the right direction:

7 Tips On How To Gain Confidence And Self Esteem:

1) Daily Visualization Can Overhaul Your Self-Esteem:

Most people are not completely informed of the power visualization has on their life. A good example of this power is a person watching a movie. During the movie, the characters become real to the person.

This is why a person cries during emotional moments in the movie. Though they know the characters are not real, they feel real to them.

Can you remember a time where you felt fully confident? If not, you can create this visual image. Think about the way you looked, the way you felt and every detail of what was occurring, down to the most minute.

When you see this idea in your mind in crisp detail, focus on it and press your index finger and thumb together to anchor this visual image. Do this a few different times while focusing on your visual image each day.

You will quickly find the feelings of your confidence and self-worth growing, and in a very short period time your state of mind will be like that naturally.

2) Thought Awareness Is an Important Step Towards Confidence:

The constant barrage of negative talk we give ourselves can cause our self-esteem to plummet. Putting yourself down, being overly critical about mistakes you make and doubts about your ability can all take their toll on your confidence levels. Unfortunately, most people do this to themselves so often they do not even realize it.

Through thought awareness, you write down the negative thoughts that go through your mind. You can call this your stress diary if you like.

Writing down all the contradictory ideas you have about yourself can be very revealing. Once you are aware of the thoughts you are feeling about yourself, you can begin to manage them more effectively.

3) Rational Thinking Reveals the Fallacy of Your Negative Thoughts:

Once you have revealed the thoughts that are bombarding your mind and speaking to your subconscious, you can begin to face them one by one.

To get started on this process, just review the notes you have made about your negative thoughts. Write down the areas you seem to have the most trouble with, such as feelings of inadequacy.

Next, confront each one individually with the goal of proving it false. Ask yourself questions about each one and refute them. If you cannot look at them objectively, imagine you are a friend looking at these thoughts.

It is your job to discredit them for your friend so you can give them clear advice. By challenging each idea, you can learn if they are based on truths or are false. Those who have some merit of truth can be worked on and those that are wrong can be eradicated.

4) Loving Self-Meditation Places You Into the Care of Your Heart:

Meditation is one of the keys to increasing self-esteem and confidence and it can be done in different ways. The loving self-meditation is one of the easiest and most effective.

As with any meditation, it takes finding a quiet spot to sit and focusing on the breaths you take. As you begin to relax, focus on a visual image of yourself and place this image in your heart.

As you intently focus on the image of yourself in your heart, gently say, “I release myself entirely from all self-doubt so that I can be happy and all things will work towards my good.”

As you continue to say this phrase, fill your heart with love and protection for yourself. This feeling of complete acceptance and love for yourself should soon begin to wash over you. Focus on this feeling as you continue to relax and then come out of your meditation session.

5) Focus on the Positive – Eliminate the Negative:

In your journey towards gaining confidence and self-esteem, it is time to embrace positivity in your life in every area. The negative thoughts that have pressed you back are keeping you, prisoner.

You are not born with self-esteem, you must create it. This can only be done by overhauling your destructive thinking and beginning to focus on the very best attributes you have.

List the things you feel are useful qualities of yourself. This list should be focused on and read every day until you can begin to feel a rise in your confidence levels. Repeating these positive attributes in front of a mirror each day is powerful!

Also, remember that you are a Spiritual Being living in a physical body created by a great power. I call this power God, you can call it whatever you like, just remember that you are the OFFSPRING of this power.

This power is neither created or destroyed. It’s always been here and is evenly present in all places at all times. Science and Theology will tell you the same thing. You have no limits besides the ones that you THINK you have. So think good thoughts, and be kind to yourself every to build confidence and self esteem

6) Positive Affirmations Help You Love Yourself:

Science has proven whatever we tell our subconscious mind the most, this it will believe. Unfortunately, most of us end up filling our minds with negativity that gets replayed over and over.

Positive daily affirmations can allow you to become confident in yourself by flooding your subconscious mind with thoughts of love and acceptance of yourself.

Use these to help you get started:

* I am beautiful inside and out.
* I am powerful.
* I can do anything.
* I love and accept myself unconditionally.
* I am well loved and highly respected.

7) Increase Your Confidence By Simply Saying Thank You:

How often do you shrug off compliments and try to refute them? Your friend says you look beautiful and you immediately talk about your bad hair day. This is one of the most self-deprecating behaviors you can have.

Instead of accepting the compliment, you not only refute it but place a negative reinforcement in your subconscious mind.

When someone compliments you, instead of trying to deny it or turn it negative, graciously accept it and say thank you. This reinforces the positive and builds your self-worth. This may be difficult at first, but it can dramatically change the way you perceive yourself through the eyes of others.


Take some time and allow these tips to help you begin to love and accept every part of you, flaws and all. Through this incredible transformation journey, you will begin to experience increased confidence and self-esteem like never before.

Stop blocking your progression to success and start giving yourself credit for how far you have come. As your self-esteem and confidence rise, nothing will be able to hold you back from creating your desired destiny. If you want to change your life with the help of a coach, check out this program. ====> Click Here


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