8 Amazing Ways On How Improve Memory Naturally

how to improve memory naturally

Today you will learn about 8 Amazing Ways On How Improve Memory Naturally. Are you regularly trying to remember where you placed your keys? Do you have trouble remembering birthdays? If your brain is constantly playing tricks on you, it’s time to put your memory to work!

You can go to the doctor, in order to be prescribed with chemically induced medications that can cause dangerous side effects to occur in your body. Or you can consider following 8 ways on how to improve memory naturally.

One thing to retain is that no one has a bad memory. It’s perfect already, we just haven’t developed it yet. Everything we need is already there.

The only reason you think you have a terrible memory is because people have told you that for a long time, and you also believe that continually. No wonder it’s not working right :). Let’s jump right in and get going so we can change that paradigm on a subconscious level:

8 Ways On How To Improve Memory Naturally:

1) Read Books:

Reading can be pleasurable, a nice hobby, and a great way to enhance your memory. Reading can help you expand your vocabulary, improve your ability to understand your language much better, and encourages imagination.

If you pause and think about it, all of these things are linked to memory. There are books that require us to pay particular attention to different names, data, or relationships between characters, which forces the memory to work even more.

There are many people who do not enjoy reading books to themselves. That is not a problem. It can be very entertaining if you opt to read a story to the younger members of your household or read books to seniors that are in nursing homes.

If your imagination allows, you can even invent stories. By doing this, you are making your memory remember details in order to make your story believable.

If you want to read information that can get you somewhere in life, career wise, how about you go back to school? You can sign up to Open University, which is a free online university.

Another thing that involves reading that can help you improve your memory is helping your children, nephews, and/or grandchildren with their study. This will force you to memorize concepts, words, and/or phrases that you thought you had forgotten.

2) Listen To Classical Music:

Several inquiries that have been conducted in the last couple of years have shown that listening to music, preferably classical, can improve and keep up brain function at all stages of life.

Music stimulates brain cells, which helps mental concentration, memory, and visual and auditory development. Since we have the Internet, you can just visit YouTube and listen to different classical melodies, such as the ones from the very well-known pianist Raul di Blasia.

3) Play Your Favorite Board Game:

Kill boredom and spend a good evening with family or friends with a board game or a deck of cards. Depending on the game, your memory can be enhanced, as you’ll be working using logical reasoning and utilizing language.

If you don’t like to play board games, how about you opt for crossword puzzles? They do not only serve to kill boredom on the subway or in a waiting room, they can actually strengthen your memory. Crossword puzzles activate the use of language. Some of them can enhance math skills and stimulate logical thinking.

4) Remember Good Memories:

There are many things that are worth remembering in your life. Memories can help you improve your memory significantly. Go get your old photo album and sit down accompanied with your favorite smoothie and begin to view the photos that it contains.

What was the name of that old friend that is in the picture with you? How old were you when that picture was taken? These types of questions can help improve your memory fast.

5) Eat Well Throughout The Day:

The meals you eat also plays a vital role in your efforts in improving your memory. Eating foods that are high in certain chemicals can help the brain to work better.

In your diet, try to include foods that are rich in phosphorus (cocoa powder, egg yolk, oily fish, almonds, and dairy products), potassium (avocados, bananas, wheat germ, and oranges), and magnesium (sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans, and whole grains).

If you include a lot of these edibles into your daily diet, you will be well on your way to never forgetting where you left your keys. There are certain substances as well that help improve our memory because they have antioxidants.

Green tea is one, and oregano can improve blood circulation in the brain as well as ginseng. Master to drink in moderation, as alcohol is not a good friend of the brain. (Look up the effects)

how to improve memory naturally

6) Conduct Meditation And Exercises Daily:

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the universities of Harvard and Yale. Shows that meditation helps strengthen the areas of the cerebral cortex, which is in charge of the care and process of the external sensory stimuli.

Contrary to popular belief, in addition to fighting stress and anxiety, it seems that the practice of daily meditation has significant benefits. The mental exercise is necessary for strengthening the memory–but so is the physical one. Exercising helps improve brain oxygenation, which allows it to work better.

7) Don’t Forget About Your Other Hand:

Whether you’re right-handed or you are left-handed, it is important not to forget that you have your other hand. Small tasks with the hand that you are not accustomed to doing things with can force your brain to make new connections.

From now on, open doors, draw and remove trays from the oven, with the other hand. Your brain will thank you, as this will help improve your memory. This works great, I have used it many times.

8) Keep A Journal:

Studies have shown that writing can help you remember things. Keep notes that regard to your workplace or school and repeat what you have written, a couple of times throughout the day. Having a diary of what you do every day can also help a lot in improving your memory. (It is better if you opt to write about your day before going to sleep, this is my favorite technique)


Improving your memory can be a piece of cake, especially if you consider undertaking, on a daily basis, the previously mentioned eight tips.

There are several people on this planet that have been able to improve their memory with these natural suggestions easily, as they have been proven to be very effective. Let me know what you think below, I would love your thoughts and feedback.


  • Katerina Markakis

    This is a great post! You offer some very valuable information. I am always looking for ways to improve my memory. I had no idea that listening to classical music could help! Thank you for much for sharing with us!

  • Jolie

    This is a really interesting post – all simple things that can be done very easily, but sometimes we just forget or get too busy!

    I’ve had a few struggles with my memory lately and maybe it’s because I haven’t spent the time to do these kinds of activities for a while – so thanks for the reminder!

  • CT

    This is awesome advise and the best part, it was for free!!! Thanks a lot, anybody needs more memory, especially in today’s day and age. I’ll be adding your site to my bookmarks.

  • Debra

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time, I am having memory problems that are troubling, so I will start incorporating some of these into my daily routine. I have also been playing small strategy and logic games throughout the day, to help keep my mind actively involved with quick thinking.

    Anyway, thank you for so much great information

    • Alex Smith

      I’m glad you found this at the perfect time. Its amazing how things come to us right when we need them. That tells me you are open up to receiving which is great news for you for your future. Thanks for reading the article. God bless.

  • Robert

    Great advice! I already knew about keeping your mind active by reading and learning new things as well as music and diet among others. What I found most interesting was the part about doing things by using your other hand. That is very interesting and validates something that I did many years ago.

    I am right handed and had problems doing certain things with my right hand, so I learned to do them with my left hand. Now when I go to do these things I tend to do them with my left hand, even though I can do them with my right hand too.

  • Matt

    Great article, this should be standard reading for everyone as they get older. I especially like number 7 and 8. I taught myself how to throw with my left hand years ago — although it took months. But it definitely helped me in other ways, I have no doubt about that. And I agree with keeping a journal. It helps in many ways, if nothing else to keep you focused. Once again, great article.

    • A.J.

      Thanks so much Matt for taking the time to look at it. I am glad that these tips have been working for you in your life. If you ever have questions about anything in regards to the mind do not hesitate to ask. All the best.


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