how to be a positive person

8 Great Tips On How To Be A Positive Person

how to be a positive person

In this article you will be Learning 8 great tips how to be a positive person. It will cause the Law Of Attraction, to really start to work correctly for you. Everything you desire, will come to you easily. Your struggles in life will seem to just fade away and you will feel more relaxed in general. Lets delve in and get things cranking for you. This is your year, make it count.

8 Ways On How To Be A Positive Person:

1. Have The Desire

The desire will help you strive to change the quality of your life. This may take a while but the benefits are bountiful. If you want to know whether your making any progress in your change, look at your results. If you see just a little thing different that’s better than before, then you know your making progress.

2. Dwell In Gratitude

Always saying thank you whether in a good or bad situation does help in being positive. Always appreciate people whom you interact with. This will make them feel their efforts being appreciated. By being appreciative to others it makes you humble. Humble people are usually positive. Being appreciative also leaves no room for negative feelings since you are grateful.

3. Be Reasonable

When taking a positive change it does not guarantee that you will never meet any negative situation. By being realistic you will be able to apply positive thinking on how to handle the negative situation. This will help you to see the situation from another view and you will not dwell on the negative side. The overall attitude towards the negative emotion or situation is all that matters.

4. Fake It Tell You Make It

If you need to, force yourself to be positive. Focus on your dream home while working or dream about how your life will be once your goal is accomplished. Act as if you are already a winner, and you will begin to feel different right off the bat. This works very well if done for 30 days.

5. Avoid Being Resistant

One major step that helps in being positive is to flow with how things are. Trying to change or being resistant is trying to fight reality. Which you are not assured that you will win. This will make you develop negative feelings which is not healthy for you. Allow yourself to go with the flow which helps you realize that life was not meant to be a struggle.

6. Learn A Lesson From Every Experience

Remember for any situation you go through good or bad it has a purpose. Right then you may not understand why it is happening to you but later in future you will understand why. Ensure you learn one value from the situation that will help you in the future positively. The same goes to the people who come into your life. They all have a purpose in your life do not judge them.

7. Keep Yourself Busy

Try to keep yourself busy being productive and making a difference. If your making someone else’s life better, you naturally will begin to feel good. You will also begin to notice that more people will want to start talking to you, or asking you for advice. Be a hustler and people will know that you’re a winner.

8. Avoid Negative People

Don’t hang around people who make you negative, or take away your positive energy. They are life suckers and joy suckers. They take everything worth living for, and flip it to a negative circumstance.

If you find yourself around people like this simply change the conversation to something positive, and watch how they react. You will be surprised, because you are catching them off guard, and feeding them something positive, which they don’t expect.


You will not always be positive 24/7, that’s life. But you can continue to try to be positive while focusing on the steps above. Don’t let the outer world dictate your feelings. Focus always on your inner world or your innermost thoughts, and soon your results on the outside will match whats going inside.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have come across some great ways to help you with your mindset. If you learn to control it like the pros in life, (the big winners), you can have anything you want. Check out some of my other articles on the mind, and apply what is taught. It’s extremely effective. =======> Click Here

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