how to have self confidence

9 Tips On How To Have Self Confidence Continually

how to have self confidence

Today you will learn 9 tips on how to have self confidence continually. Its always an inside game. Your results are all started from your way of thinking.

Remember that having confidence in oneself is such a vital ingredient for being successful in everything that you do.

Remember you’re not your physical body, you live inside a physical body. You are great beyond understanding. 

So, the answer on how to have self-confidence starts with yourself as well. You have to learn to like your own self and accept everything that makes you who you really are.

If you want to be liked by others, you have to like yourself first. If there are things in your life that you don’t like, then do something to change it by applying the following below.



Acknowledging all that you have accomplished in the past and the things that you are proud of, is also a good way of improving your self-confidence.

Remind yourself always that you are unique and have some talents that you should be proud of. Learn more about yourself and discover what else can you offer. 


Another useful tip on how to have self-confidence continually everyday is setting goals and reaching them. This will boost your ego and give you a feeling of accomplishment.

When setting your goals, make sure they are clear so you know your exact purpose for doing an activity and what you want to accomplish from it.

Then challenge yourself to achieve that goal. Don’t reach for perfection though, there’s no thing as such. Aim big not small, small is not exciting, its boring. Think big like Donald Trump.

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Also, you have to acknowledge that no one is perfect so don’t compare yourself with others. Learn how to conquer your fears and don’t let them hinder you to achieve success

That is why you should embrace positive thinking to improve confidence in yourself. Learn to fight the negative self-talk which does nothing but destroy your confidence.

Negative feelings like fear should not stop you from achieving your goals. Always have a positive goal as achieved on the screen of your mind as you go about your day.


Your level of self-confidence is also reflected on the way you behave in every situation and even in the way you speak to others and what your body language says.

So if you already know how to improve self-confidence, don’t forget that this is about balance.

You should not be under-confident or over-confident. These two extremes will do no good to you so just always keep yourself balanced between the two.


As mentioned earlier, learning how to improve self-confidence starts with yourself, so taking care of yourself is another way of building self-confidence.

Good hygiene is very important because if you feel and look good, it is much easier to face the world knowing that you are at your best. 


Exercise and staying or getting healthy is very important in how you feel about yourself. Make time everyday to exercise. Even if all you can fit in is ten minutes, do it.

Any amount of time is better than no time. Exercise helps clear the mind and can get you ready for the day.

Exercise can also help you wind down at the end of the day. Once you get started, you may find that you do not want to stop at just ten minutes. The hard part is getting started.


Rewarding yourself can also improve your self-confidence. So if you feel like you are less than beautiful, pamper yourself.

Treat yourself to something that can make you feel better. Go buy yourself something nice, act like your winning in life big time, and people will see that, and treat you like you are.


Other than yourself, you can also find more guidance from other people who are already successful. This is a very helpful on improving you self-confidence, because successful people can give you inspiration and motivation to be successful as well.

They can be your mentors and you can learn a lot about confidence and success from their own experiences and successful endeavors.


Look for the thoughts that makes you happy: It is very important to feel good about oneself if you are looking forward to developing self-confidence.

You will have to keep playing the good thought videos in your head, and you will have to keep revisiting the moments you felt good about yourself and you will see your self-confidence growing.


Do the things you are scared of: Doing is the key. You will have to go out in the open, and you will have to start the doing you have always been scared of.

Jump on a plane or go deep diving the sea, try all of it once and the moment you will see yourself accomplishing all these things, your fear will go away and all that is going to be left with you will be your self-confidence.

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