how can I win the lottery

How Can I Win The Lottery With The Law Of Attraction? – 7 Steps

how can I win the lottery
Is there a trick to winning the lottery or winning is all luck? Many people read widely and browse the internet looking for ways to win the lottery. Most of the tips given do not work leaving many disappointed. It is not easy to predict numbers that will win the lottery.

Therefore, the best thing most people do is to pick random unusual numbers in the hope that they will come up in the lottery. This however does not mean that there no other ways of winning the lottery. While some will use math to try to come up with different combinations and formulas of winning the lottery, another great way to win is by using the law of attraction.

How Can I Win The Lottery Using The Law Of Attraction?

1. Believe You Can Win:

Many people play the game with the feeling that no luck can make them ever win the lottery. This lack of confidence causes internal conflict when it comes to choosing the numbers you would want to play. You think that winning is not made for you but for other people and you shrug your shoulders and say, “ well I do not have much to lose anyway, so I will just play whatever the outcome” by being so negative about winning, you are already jinxing your chances. Power of the thought is very important and if you give out negative energy, then most likely you will get negative results.

2. Play The Right Games:

The lottery is not just one game but also a series of games with different winning odds. Before you spend your money on just one lottery, do a thorough research and find out how many other lottery games are out there and what the odds are. You will find different lottery games that are national and others restricted only to your state.

The national lottery games have a broader participation compared to the local ones. The state lottery games usually have better odds than the national ones. Some games have much smaller prizes to win but the chances of winning are much higher.

3. Visualize-How Much Do You Need/Want To Win:

How much you need or want to win the lottery will matter so much when it comes to making a decision on the numbers to choose. Again positive energy plays a big part here and the need to want the lottery win will determine the kind of energy you let out there. (playful attitude) If you strongly feel like you are playing to win, then you are aligning your positive thoughts with your winning goals and this might help you in choosing the most probable numbers that could make you a winner.

how can I win the lottery

4. Do Not Stress Over What You Might Win:

Some people will stress over what they will do with the winnings long before the play the lottery. When you start daydreaming about how much wealth the lottery will give you, it might diminish your chances of playing fairly.

The anxiety and worry about the outcome of winning, how people will treat you after your newfound riches, might bog you down so much that you will play under duress. Again, avoid any negative thoughts and try as much as possible not to think of past winners who went down the damaging path after winning big.

5. Ask Yourself What You Are Really Looking For:

Some people play the lottery for the sole purpose of getting rich and assume that it is the easiest way to wealth. Before you start playing the lottery, you have to be very sure of why you are playing. Are you looking for a financial breakthrough and there is no other way out or are you looking for the easiest way out?

If you want wealth and financial breakthrough, you have to start living as if you already have it and not wait for that one chance of winning the lottery. If you do not do anything else to make things better for yourself, then every time you lose after playing, you will only find disillusionment. Do not play with a mind that the lottery is your only way out. Be positive but remember there are other ways to get wealthy.

6. Do Not Be In A Rush:

Make your lottery-playing journey as interesting as possible. Do not play in a rush but rather take all the time you need and with a lot of positivity in your mind. If you rush the choice of the numbers you pick to win the game, you might regret immediately after and wish you chose something else. This only comes about when you rush. When you know you went at it slowly but surely, the results, however they come out will not astonish you.

7. Give Gratitude:

In whatever we do, we must always remember there is a higher force. The law of attraction cannot manifest itself fully if we do not show gratitude. Spare some of your valuable time to thank God for what you already have and ask for his help in guiding you to make the right decisions.

You might also realize in the course of your showing gratitude and praying that you do not even to win the lottery to enjoy what life has to offer. Being grateful and sharing what you have, gives you positive energy and positive energy is one big driving force to make you play wisely.

how can I win the lottery


The book “The Secret” gives systematic details about how the power of attraction can help you live positively. The same ideas listed down can greatly help you to visualize, idealize emotionalize and actualize your actions when you are playing the lottery.

All you need to do is ask yourself if you are doing the right thing and if you are doing it correctly, whether you believe in yourself, because self-confidence is a major key to playing wisely and what you are willing to do after you receive the wealth you are anticipating. When you have all this figured out, then you are ready to play and most importantly probably win the lottery. A positive mind is all it takes LITERALLY.

Do you believe you can really win the lottery by using the Law Of Attraction? Let me know below.


  • Ronnie

    Wow, I found this article interesting. I feel the lottery is a way for whoever hosts it to get rich and the payouts are a fraction of what they take in. So if you are going to play this is a way to set your mindset because it is basically saying have patience.

    My question is how much do you really spend before you break even? But that is just me. The law of attraction is just another selling feature and lotteries to me are another form of entertainment. Once again, for those that indulge, this post is a great way to look at it.

  • Phil

    Interesting. I don’t play the lottery, myself, but you’re right – there are tons of articles out there about how to win the lottery, and I’ve often wondered what sort of advice someone would actually get. Hold their pen a certain way? What are those other articles actually saying?

    Anyway, the part I liked best was the point about there being different kinds of games that might be a better fit for someone’s risk/reward tolerance and pocketbook.

    • A.J.

      Hi Phil

      Basically to choose specific numbers and all the out-word stuff. They never talk about the internal game. Which is the cause of EVERYTHING wether people want to believe that or not. Life is a mental level game, but people are so fixated on operating by what they see. Until that is changed, life will continue to be a struggle, and luck or whatever you want to call it will always be against you. Thanks for stopping by.


  • Roger Bynoe

    I agree that you have to maintain a positive outlook in order to win the lottery. I know that is the main reason why I stopped playing the lottery. Sometimes I would play the lottery when the jackpot was only huge instead of every day. But you are right that you have to keep a positive attitude. You have to be in it in order to win it.

  • Lyn

    This article is great! I read The Secret years ago and try to practice gratitude each day. If I concentrate on the positive things instead of the negative then I tend to be happier and the little things don’t bother me as much. I’m going to try some of the techniques that you mentioned and see if I can attract some good luck into my life. Thanks for this uplifting article.

  • Candice

    My father played the lottery most of his life and never won big so that led me to believe it’s a giant scam. I have played several times and been positive about playing and nothing. I have prayed, been grateful, used positive affirmations and worked my butt off and no lottery. I have watched The Secret, read the book, listened to Dr. Wayne Dyer, prayed, meditated, envisioned, etc. Hard work and common sense may be the only tools to financial freedom. Have you won the lottery using the law of attraction?

    • A.J.

      Hi Candice

      Totally understand where you are coming from. So I have never won the lottery, because I live in Utah, but I have won many many prizes. I know that it works without a doubt, but their is one huge thing that has really helped me out. Its a book called Feeling is the secret by Neville Goddard.

      I would highly recommend you read from it everyday for 30 days straight and apply the teachings. I won’t say what it is, but what I will say is its the EASIEST WAY TO PROGRAM YOUR MIND FOR WHAT YOU WANT. It will just come into your life. I promise it will make all the difference as I was in your same position feeling the same way. This book changed everything for me.

      As a matter of fact ALL HIS BOOKS really made the difference. Test his theory out and watch how your life will change. Hope you have a great one, let me know if you every need help with anything else on the mind, and I’d be glad to assist :).

      All the best


    • A.J.

      Hi HippieTam

      Thanks for the feedback it really is key to success. The basics is were everyone needs to start, whats funny is overtime we make it more complicated than it realize is. Hope you have a great week.


  • Jerry

    Very interesting thesis about winning the lottery with the law of attraction. Regarding point 1 it intrigues me how negative energy can influence the outcome of a lottery. Is the opposite also true?
    I fully agree though that a positive mindset will only benefit people. I for one am trying to live my life that way. It helps being a bit of a Buddhist that teaches you to accept the situation you are in and what is coming to you.

    • A.J.

      Hi Jerry

      The opposite is 100% true, but the only way to know is to really try it yourself and get your own conviction. I could explain so many crazy moments in my life that people would just call BS on. But with the knowledge of the power of the mind with the law of attraction and taking action in the right mindset, things make so much more sense to me now and the results speak for themselves. Have I won the lottery? not yet, but than again I live in Utah, and they dont have it here. But I have one many, many prizes when applying the law of attraction. 


  • Israel Olatunji

    Thanks for this informative post, AJ! I really gained a lot from the tips shortlisted above on “How I can Win Lottery Using The Law Of Attraction”. It’s true that most people give up on their hope of winning, getting worried over winning or losing unnecessarily.

    According to the law of attraction stated in this post, I just have to believe in myself, play the right games, visualize, deciding on how much I would need to win.

    Naturally, it’s true that most people suffer internal conflicts due to lack of confidence in themselves. Thanks for breaking those laws down into series!

  • Ben

    Well, I hope this can help people who plays the lottery, or even in life, more generally, as being positive helps overcome difficulties one encounters. I don’t play the lottery, but if I ever do, I’ll try to remember your advice.

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