how does the law of attraction really work

How Does the Law of Attraction Really Work – Very Powerful

how does the law of attraction really work

How Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

For some individuals, it might seem as if they predicted their destiny. Despite the difficulties in their life, they always manage to come out of it perturbed. How do they accomplish it?

And what will happen if you discover that their exists a secret to living the life that you admire? (Law Of Attraction) It sounds fascinating, but the law of attraction is the perfect tool, and most people believe in it. So, How does the law of attraction really work?

Well, the law states that every person has the power and ability to find all that he or she wants in life through just their thoughts, despite the tough times and pessimistic information you may have gotten at different parts of your life.

If you learn and master the law of attraction, you will start seeing the world in a very different and positive perspective. Here are the ten most influential ways in which the law of attraction can help shape your life and help you live a life that you admire.

10 Great Ways In Which You Can Use LOA:

Visualization And Affirmations:

It’s okay to write down the most significant declarations or visualize about your desire in life. But, remember, your real creative power lies beyond methods as well as exercises. It is similar to the law of gravity, it only pulls or attracts what it requires. Therefore, be open to inviting natural manifestations into your life as it is the primary key that will free you from the most difficult and challenging circumstances.

As you visualize, think about the best things to come. Allow them to happen in your mind. If you compare the future and the past and take them out of your mind and start feeling the power in the present moment and meditate upon your affirmation as if it’s the real thing, you will begin distinguishing yourself from self-doubt and begin to work on your life goals.

Don’t Worry About When And How:

Changes are their in life, and they come with contentment as well as flow. Your only concern is to join in the flow of life by continually experiencing the joy, happiness, and clarity about your well-defined goals, vision, and mission.

It is of no importance to micro-manage the world by informing it about ways in which you want your life to change. Stick to your goal and worry no more on means of achieving it. Ways and techniques that you require to make your dreams will always come. You will manifest the way through your thoughts.

Also, experience the happier life by offering the best of your self to all different types of people that you encounter in your life. Listen attentively or give a smiling face to every person surrounding you.

It is possible. Just act like a toddler giving your goodness and creative power to all individuals and finally let this power fill your heart as well as the mind. By so doing, you will stimulate the world flow and the Law of Attraction, and this will assist significantly in changing the difficulties in your life.

The Law Allows You To Access The Real Power Of Intention:

The best method one can achieve, is by focusing your attention on the space found between your thoughts. In fact, if you allow a sense of great space move around your mind, then that is what is referred as intention. For example. Imagine thinking of going to buy bread, just stop at that moment, follow your thoughts, and do it as if you will never do it again.

It is always essential to understand that by having a connection with the real feeling of intention, love comes in your life. Love allows you to change your negative attitude and fill your mind with clear intentions.

The Law Creates A Burning Desire In You:

The burning urge is also the most crucial technique that one should possess and if you don’t familiarize yourself with it, then, probably the law of attraction will indeed not work. Therefore, choose to have a definite, precise, and achievable goal; a great desire that you will be happy about. In fact, for you to survive in this universe, you should choose to have the unstoppable urge or desire to own something significant in your life.

What is it that your heart truly admires? Is it a new house, car, or a lot of money? Be specific on your desires and think about them often. Put your passions into the pictures that come to your mind. It is this vibration of your feelings that will assist in pushing the law of attraction to work in your life. You will literally summon what you need without a lot of effort. It should feel effortless.

Unlimited Gratitude:

If you want to live a happy life, always remember to be thankful for all that you have and receive. Practicing gratitude infuses your mind with much positive energy which assists in manifesting a lot of things in your life. It is also vital to do it with a pure heart, with passion, and with love as this will assist in developing the law of attraction in your life.

Inner Conversation:

Can inner dialogue instill the law of attraction in your life? Yes. Whatever you think on a daily basis influences your actions and feelings for that day. Hence, combining your thinking with what you desire or want to have in life, will change your attitude and the way you do things. Also, your automatic mind (subconscious) will settle down and start working and searching for new opportunities to make your desire and goals come true.

Therefore, be careful when it comes to inner dialogue and begin to change the way you think and talk about yourself. Use positive words while addressing yourself as this is the best way to introduce new ideas in your mind.

how does the law of attraction really work

The Creator Within You:

Remember you are an unlimited being living in a physical body. You can do anything that you put your mind to. So don’t limit yourself in life.

Always Do What Fascinates You:

Do you know that many individuals are not aware of the things that inspire them in life? It is because they are held up in their daily routine and don’t even create time to just meditate on inspirations or ways of making their life happy and fantastic. At least set aside some time and do anything that will make you joyous. You can choose to watch your favorite movie, listen to the music among others as it will help to bring positive thoughts and relaxed mind.

Daily Meditation:

You can try the process of reflection to learn and understand how to relax your mind. Meditation assists one to change the primary attention from the negative attitude to positive thoughts of love.

Therefore, try to meditate, breath, and let your primary focus be on the thoughts of health, success, and love as this is the most significant way of enhancing the law of attraction in your life.

Have Faith:

When your thoughts and feelings get connected with your hope, the mind picks up the vibration and immediately transfers it into the spiritual mind. Even if you tell lies every day, your thoughts will start to believe, and the lies will become the truth for you. You will literally manifest those thoughts in your life from one place or another. Therefore, use faith (feeling good) in the best and rightfully manner and do not allow self-doubt, or fear to engulf your mind.

What I Think Personally:

To sum up everything, the law of attraction is an exciting way to manifest all your desires of life, and it indeed works. Understand the steps to make it apply in your life. You are revealing a lot of things In your life without being aware of them, why not try out the ten tips above and your life will take a positive direction. Have you noticed the law of attraction working in your life in some way? Let me know below in the comments. 


  • Kashia

    Great points you pointed out here in this article.

    It’s crazy to think just how efficient having the right mindset can help get a persona what they want to accomplish.

    The saying that the mind is a powerful tool is perfect here. Because once an idea is set, an action can be taken towards that idea.

    I love the point about not worrying about when and how. Too many people nowadays are so focused on immediate results that they quit before they even begin. Patience is a wonderful trait to have for this.

    Again, this is a powerful idea and so many of these points do work when put into practice. Thanks for sharing. I hope more people consider these points and apply it to their own goals.

    • A.J.

      Hi Keshia. Thanks so much for that. I’m glad that you enjoyed the article. It really is amazing how are mind really does change all our circumstances in life including financial. You should read Neville Goddard books. He really delves into this and it has blown my mind, the results that he has received and other people who have applied his teachings. Hope you have a great week.



        Very good article indeed!
        This is one best thing that has happened to me in life – knowing the laws of attraction and applying them. I have been a student in the school of application of these laws which has truly worked for me and still till date.
        Let me add to this; anything your HEART CAN CONCEIVE in life, when you create a desire in you towards that thing coupled with your faith at work, your HAND CAN definitely RECEIVE it. Whatever good thing your MIND CAN THINK of actually exist somewhere so you can attract it.
        Thanks for sharing this. I personally endorse it.

        Best of success!

        • A.J.

          HI John

          I really like how you put that. It totally makes sense and is so true. I love how are mind really is the creator of all of our problems and wins in life. Thanks for stopping by.


      • Sarah

        I’ve experienced this in meeting people that I have a automatically seeming deep intellectual connection with as well as many seemingly very random similarities.
        Wearing the same jacket by completely different designers when we met, having the same current address as my mother just in another state, in the last year started becoming involved in learning about the same topic of interest- taking deep interest in this not being something normal for both of us.
        Splurging on the same exact type of food lately and trying to get out of eating it and back on a good diet. It’s something I’ve never experienced before and even though I wasn’t ready for a relationship I had to question if I was trying to be given some sort of sign. I had been working on a lot of great things for myself and I think they were just placed in my path a little too early, before I was fully ready.. Any advise on calling someone like this back through the law of attraction when it’s the right time?

        • A.J.

          Hi Sarah

          great questions, when you are ready I would begin to visualize the end result only before going to sleep at night. Make sure that you feel that this person is back. And then drift off to sleep. The last thing that you want to feel before going to bed is the feeling of success or accomplishment. So ask yourself “how would I feel if this person was here?” When you know the answer get that feeling, and drift off to sleep. Than as you go about your days your subconscious mind will move circumstances, people and events to make everything work out perfectly 🙂


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