how to act as if

How To Act As If – 7 Useful Tips

how to act as if

Today we will be learning about the technique “How To Act As If”. You may be hearing this term for the first time and wondering what it really means. Well good news, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Acting as if is not complex either. It simply means to act as if you already own what you want, or you are the person you want to be. When you act as if, you increase your potential of attaining whichever set goals you have in your life, allowing you to feel more accomplished.

You end up becoming more driven to your goals with each passing day sounding and feeling like an opportunity to make it, and at the same time attract everything you need to make it so, through the Law Of Attraction.

Acting as if is more of living your dreams before actualizing them into a reality. This may sound crazy and unrealistic but in today’s world, there is nothing that is impossible. Even the word impossible can be broken down to “I’m possible.”

Acting as if can also be termed as the law of attraction where all that happens to us is believed to be from what we attract. So if you are a negative and pessimistic person, you WILL attract negativity in your life.

You may be asking yourself of how this is even possible but I believe that the list below will serve as your own personal guideline on how to act as if. Are you ready? Great!!! Let’s get started.

How To Act As If – 7 Useful Tips:

Step 1). Take A Breather And Relax Your Mind:

During this phase, compose all of your thoughts into one whole idea and relax your mind. Take your time to process every emotion and feeling that goes through your mind and identify your innermost desires. You can do this through meditation or taking a stroll and think everything through for the nature lovers like me.

Step 2). Identity Exactly What You Want To Work On:

Self Confidence plays a vital role in this part. You should be able to identify both your short term and long term goals and where exactly you stand.

Any negativity in your life should also be erased at this point giving yourself the confidence you require for your next task. You should also omit any self-doubt that you may have and its triggers too. It is wise to keep an open mind at all times, but negative energy should always be blocked from your life.

Step 3). Visualize And Dream Your Dreams:

After identifying your dreams, its wide enough for you to “rewrite your script mentally” and visualize your dream. Rewriting your script mentally is a metaphorical term meaning to rewrite your story in your mind, not just any story but your life story of how you would like to live.

This will only happen after visualizing your dream and letting it become the driving force behind what you want. Find your driving forces and let them push you to your goals.

how to act as if

Step 4). Write It All Down: (Critical And Most Important)

This step should become part of your regime for the next few days. For this part, write everything you are grateful for in your life. Whether it’s that new dress you got for your birthday or it’s just the fact that you woke up healthy, write it down.

Don’t forget to mention your dream. If it’s about how you are working to become the next female president write it down in the present tense. These notes you keep taking will someday (by law) become a pleasant memory to keep coming back to. Do not take anything for granted, because your thoughts will cause things to manifest.

Step 5). Perceive Your Dreams:

Ever heard of the saying, “what you perceive you shall receive?” this is where it becomes the most applicable. Learn to become a positive person in life. Feel each and every emotion that will come with achieving your dreams. (Get really emotionally involved in this)

Don’t make it extensive, but just imagine how good it would be walking down the runway as the crowned Miss Universe 2018. Soak it all in and enjoy the moment. (You get the idea)

Whether it’s becoming a professor that you have always dreamed off, then add the title to your name. No one has ever been harmed by pretending to be someone they want to be except for when it’s done with an ulterior motive.

Step 6). Be Appreciative:

Up to this point, I expect that your level of self-confidence is through the roof. Well, this is just the beginning. Appreciate how far you have come along without forgetting to appreciate yourself.

Love yourself for who you are and who you have become. You deserve every good thing that will come your way and this should just push you to greater heights. Look into each desire that you have and gauge how much you have gotten to achieving it. Go back to your notes in step 4 and identify each subject you are appreciative of. Even good health is something worth your appreciation so don’t leave it out.

Step 7). Work On Achieving Your Dreams:

Put all of your worries aside in this final step and let bygones be bygones. Come up with a strategic plan on how you will work on attaining your goals and stick by it. As the law of attraction states, we only attract what we are, leave everything to the universe and let all the good come your way.

Strive to achieve your goals but do not forget to relax once in a while and let the universe take care of everything for you. All in all, do not let your emotions cloud your judgment. This should only make you want to strive for more and make you more tenacious.

Conclusion Of Everything:

Applying these 7 practical steps in your life on how to act as if will not only help you live a satisfactory life but also remind you of how much you are striving for.

You may also realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds but you should always remember to stay positive at all times because you just never know what the universe has in store for you.

Visualizing and writing down your dreams in the present tense is the most important things to understand. If you do this, you literally have given form to your dream, and its only a matter of time until its manifest in your life. If you read a lie on a card often enough, you will start to believe it, and beliefs create facts.

What are some of the things that you do to “Act As If”? Has it worked for you in your life? Has it not? What would you recommend should be added on here? Let me know in the comments below and as always share the post on your social feed.


  • Furkan

    I always have a difficult time to identify exactly what will I work on a week. As you said I tried giving myself the confidence but I think I am not succeeding. What do you suggest for someone like me?

    • A.J.

      Hi Furkan

      I totally understand what you mean. The best thing you can do is visualize at night right before bed, you succeed at EVERYTHING in your life. See the money, the cars, the relationships, the service you give to people, the thriving business. Soak it all in and FEEL the success like its real. Then simply drift off to sleep. Keep doing this for about 30 days, and watch how your confidence soars, and look at what you attract into your life. I know this will work for you.



  • suzanne

    Hi A.J.
    Great post!! I especially like the word impossible breaking down to I’m possible!! Good one. The hardest step for me will be to take a breather and relax my mind….LOL.
    These are great points to ponder.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • A.J.

      Hi Suzanne

      You and be both. Relaxing the mind can be tough. Practice makes perfect I suppose lol. Thanks for reading and hope you have a great week 🙂



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