how to be happy with what you have

How To Be Happy With What You Have – 10 Useful Tips

How To Be Happy With What You Have

Let’s talk about how to be happy with what you have in life. We all want a happy life, right? That is why, while some of us pursue money, others pursue fame among others things. It gets frustrating however when you fail to reach your target. Also, after you reach those targets, then what?

I was a little perturbed when I read in the tabloids that the well-known Kim Kardashian is no longer content by material possessions. Money and other things don’t buy happiness. Happiness is a choice and it starts with you. Here in this article, I will highlight 10 tips on how to be happy with what you have.

How To Be Happy With What You Have:

1. Count Your Blessings:

While this is a common phrase, most people usually fail to apply it in their lives. Always remember to count your blessings. Not everything that you have everyone else has.

So you shouldn’t take for granted even the little hugs from your cat or the fact that you are still breathing. Write them down and keep reminding yourself of how lucky you are to have them. You will find that each day you become more and more appreciative and consequently happier.

2. Shun Negative Influences:

We all need people but sometimes people around us may negatively influence us. Look out for the negative sources of influence and shun away from them. Be it social media or news tabloids. People only highlight their positive aspects. So, since most of us like to make comparisons, such people make our lives miserable.

Our friends may also influence us negatively. If most of your talks are dominated by statements such as you will look better with make-up or you should buy this or that to look good, then run away. Peer pressure can make your life miserable, eventually denying you happiness.

3. Focus Less On Material Things:

Even though material things make some people happy, the happiness you derive therein is usually short-lived. Most rich people don’t derive their happiness in what they possess.

If you still think that you have to be rich to be happy, change your mindset. You are not missing out on anything. Focus on the little things, they are the ones that will make you happy.

4. Find The Cause Of Your Unhappiness:

In some cases, the cause of dissatisfaction may not be tangible assets. While some of us struggle with painful pasts, others struggle with traumatizing experiences or even crises.

Finding the root cause is the key to finding happiness. Write down, why you are unhappy and how you can change your situation. You can seek a professional to help you solve such issues.

5. Start Giving:

They say there is so much joy in giving than receiving. Giving doesn’t necessarily mean giving out money or tangible possessions. You can be a source of inspiration to others by giving them advice, helpful talks or even making some to feel appreciated. If you are a people’s person, you can host barbeques.

Trust me, by giving, you will feel better when. You will also learn to appreciate your life since you will feel wanted or needed. All this will make you happy in the long run.

6. Get Busy:

Sometimes your mind can be your greatest enemy. An evil mind is the devil’s workshop, as they say. Your mind can get so creative at times or decide to focus on unachievable goals. To avoid the latter, get busy.

Find something to do when you are free. Look for a hobby, something you are good at, and focus on it completely. With a busy routine, you will find that you have much less time to contemplate on what you should or shouldn’t have.

7. Find The Right Company:

Even though finding the right company is quite a challenge, strive to find one. Hang out with people that; the same mindset as yours, make you laugh and appreciate you for who you are. The internet has made things easier. You can join a book or a social media group.

Just make sure that the people you find are the right people for you. You will discover that the more you hang out with the right company, the more focused and steady you will be. All these will make you a happy person, eventually.

8. Be Positive:

Life sucks, especially when you focus entirely on its negative aspects such the death of a loved one, sickness or even joblessness. Even though it might be difficult at times to focus on the positive aspect of life, always strive to be positive. In abundance and in scarcity, always bear in mind that times change and every situation is temporary.

Also, nothing new happens under the sun so your present situation is the same someone else’s somewhere. Be positive. With positivity there is hope, and where there is hope there is everything including happiness.

How To Be Happy With What You Have

9. Come Up With Goals:

Having goals always gives one a reason to keep going. Research indicates that goal-oriented individuals are more focused, therefore distractive factors such as material things don’t affect them as much. One important thing to note is that there is a great difference between having goals and having realistic goals. Anyone can have goals but not all goals are achievable.

Realistic goals are those that are within your grasp, are easily achievable. Therefore, strive to come up with realistic goals. Come up with goals in areas you are passionate about. These goals will act as sources of inspiration, making your life worth a living and therefore happier.

10. Enjoy Every Moment:

And finally, enjoy every moment. Have fun and lots of fun. Run, take guitar classes, join a samba or a salsa class, go hiking or do anything you please. You all know we live once. Who knows whether or not that there will be an afterlife? While you are still breathing, enjoy your life and live it to the fullest.

Stop caring about what you have or don’t have. It doesn’t really matter. Find people who make you happy and find occasional fun friends so that each time you feel like loosening up, you make it a blast.


In order to be happy with what you have, make sure you count your blessings, focus less on material things, shun away from negative influences-even if it means quitting from social media- and get busy. Also, find the cause of your unhappiness and ways of dealing with the latter.

You can also start giving-whether advice, love or money find the right company, be positive and come up with realistic goals. Lastly, always remember to enjoy every moment. Remember, happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.

Do you struggle sometimes with being happy with what you have? Whats been the number 1 thing you have done to help you to change it?


  • Steven

    I was read a quote a while back that stuck with me and your article brought me thinking about it again. There is always going to be something that is better than yours. You have to learn to learn how to love whats yours. I fell they are are almost the same concept. Anyways, Great read. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sean

    First off, I love hugs from my cat. And, I totally agree we should enjoy every moment. You never know what tomorrow will bring. So, Live it like it’s your last. Very good post.

  • Joo

    Hi A.J.,
    Thanks for the uplifting article! It came at the right time! My favourite is #10, it has reminded me to go back to nature. It’s been quite a while. Maybe a trip to the beach this weekend…

  • Kimberly Susko

    So true. Sometimes we get so caught up and forget that some of the basics are what make us the happiest. Not money. Good company, goals, stay positive, and enjoy the moment is spot on!

  • Hellmut Loetzerich

    Great post. Everybody wants to be happy. Unfortunately too many people fail when they try to achieve happiness. I absolutely agree, when you advise to count your blessings. I think, if you are healthy, that is one of the main blessings you should be grateful.
    There are always obstakles in life which wave to be dealed with. This should not be a reason not to be happy.
    Be optimistic, not6 pessimistic. look foreward and not bachwards, because you cannot change the past.
    Kind regards

    • A.J.

      Hi Hellmut

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I agree to many people do fail to reach happiness. I think that as we really understand our minds and the effect it really has in life, happiness will become a natural thing.


  • Tandy Ritter

    Very inspiring post. The thing a lot of people dont realize is how powerful our thoughts are and that the laws of attraction work with our thoughts, so what we think about most thats what we will attract more of. Focus on the positive and more positive energy will come back to you.
    Thanks for the inspiring post!

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