What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process? Does It Work?

what is the spiritual awakening process

So what is the spiritual awakening process? Well simply put, it allows you to basically feel at one with yourself while also being on another mental plain all together. Its basically learning to live from the inside out, instead of the outside in.

Every spiritual seeker can attest to the fact that we are living in the awakening era. Most people will probably agree to this fact even though their conception of awakening may be very different.

This is because most people confuse awakening with enlightenment. Even though the two concepts are almost similar, they are not the same. Enlightenment is a result of a series of awakenings.

What Is Spiritual Awakening:

Spiritual awakening is an initiation into broader consciousness. The awakening process takes place when one is able to go beyond their fear, confusion and whatever illusions and lies that exist in the physical order in order to reconnect with a much higher consciousness to acquire total awareness of the peace and love that exists in every single moment.

Spiritual awakening can also be described as waking up from a dream and realizing that your previous dreams (experiences) were rooted in distortion, illusion and lies. Therefore, spiritual awakening enables one to see things as clearly as they are.

The Spiritual Awakening Process:

The spiritual awakening process is a highly personal process that happens from deep within one’s self. During this process, the individual experiences a deep realization that the models and beliefs of success as set by the modern world are rooted in lies and illusion.

This process can be really challenging if one has over time built very strong foundations for how to live and succeed in the world only for them to realize that their beliefs were based on nothing but lies. To be fully awakened spiritually, there are a number of stages, which one has to successfully pass. These stages are:

  • Spiritual wake-up call
  • Creation
  • Connection
  • Integrating your truth

The Spiritual Wake-Up Call:

Most of the times, people experience this stage after going through some form of tragedy. For instance, the loss of a loved one, a natural disaster or a financial hardship.

This stage is often unexpected and may leave one immobilized since it is associated with crisis. As a result, one goes into survival mode after failing to function normally and the person only thinks of the crisis.

One feels deeply challenged and unable to take in the situation they are experiencing. This stage is also known as ‘the dark night of the soul’.

In other cases, the wake-up call may result from a prolonged period of frustration with life. This usually happens when one feels like something is missing.

In some instances, the wake-up call can come because of remembering or a moment of recognition. Often times, one experiences such a moment from a surprise event, a book or a spiritual practice like praying.

what is the spiritual awakening process


One reaches this stage when they come to the realization that what they can only find what they are seeking from within themselves.

For instance, if one got the wake-up call from losing something they treasure, they begin to feel that maybe that loss had some form of gift for them. This stage involves seeing the positive aspect in the situation one is in.

It is at this stage where one begins to see the perfection in the universe. One begins to appreciate the universe and everything in it as it is instead of passing judgments.

One receives this gift from the difficult experience that prompted the wake-up call. Even though one may still suffer, they stop identifying themselves with their feelings and instead become an observer with the belief that everything is happening as it should.


At this stage characterized by both unity and duality, one begins to realize that they are not who they thought they were. You realize that even though your feelings, reactions and thoughts change, something within you is always constant.

You become aware that you can either disassociate yourself with what you actually feel and think or you can identify with your thoughts and feelings. One begins to realize that they are timeless, that they are firmly connected to their inner self, the spirit and God.

Instead of being lost in challenging experiences, one is able to observe the experiences as happenings in their inner or outside world around them. Even though life continues as usual, the person knows that they are more than everything they go through. Since one identifies with a higher being at this stage, they become happier, calmer and more centered.

Integrating Your Truth:

This is the final stage in the spiritual awakening process. At this stage, the sense of who one really is stabilized and constant. One is able to identify themselves as spiritual beings rather than people with problems to solve. One sees the problems not as problems but things that are happening in their life.

This stage is characterized by immense joy since one is connected with God and the entire universe. Hence, it is the pinnacle of spiritual awakening.

One realizes that they are one with everything in the universe and that they are deeply connected with everything and everyone in the universe.

Due to the immense joy, the people in the person’s life may start to notice peace and vibrancy in the person’s face. One becomes an entirely new person even though they are still the same person due to the newly acquired understanding of the universe and everything in it. At this stage, one has finally learned to live in their heart rather than their head.

what is the spiritual awakening process


From the above explanation, spiritual awakening may seem like an easy process. However, do not fool yourself. Spiritual awakening is not easy.

The process takes place gradually and there is no time-frame for each stage. However, once one achieves spiritual awakening, their life will instantly be filled with multiple blessings as well as joy and fulfillment that they have never experienced before.

So do not be hard on yourself by comparing yourself to others who seem to have achieved the awakening. Just remember to stay positive at all times and open your heart to connect with the angels. This is probably the easiest way to acquire spiritual awakening as it will help you access the wisdom and amazing light within you.

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