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    Learn The Top 25 Wealth Affirmations That Work Fast!

    wealth affirmations that work

    In this short article you will get 25 wealth affirmations that work. If you want to make it in life you have to learn how to reach your mind, and have your subconscious do most of the work, at least 99% of it. Most people tend to think that affirmations are a complete waste of time because they see no real results. The main reason that affirmations do not work for people is because there is no feeling involved as they are saying them out loud. You can say whatever you want every day in the present tense to try to reprogram your subconscious mind. But if you’re not feeling…

  • Success

    5 Great Tips On How To Be More Open Minded

    how to be more open minded

    In this article we will be Learning 5 great tips on how to be more open minded. Being open minded is extremely simple and easy. Its all a matter of learning from someone who is doing better than you and taking their advice to heart as long as there results are where you want to be in life. Let your ego go, and learn to listen. Thats what 2 ears are for. Most of us tend to surround ourselves with people who share the same set of values and beliefs, throughout our lives. Though we wish to be open-minded, this limited exposure makes us to struggle with making the effort…

  • Mind Power

    Learn 5 Tips On How Get Self Confidence Fast

    How To Get Self Confidence

    Today we will be talking about how to get Self Confidence. Confidence is the key to being successful in your personal and professional life. The more confident you are, the better you will perform in life. Its all about your self image, your thoughts on a continues basis. Its an internal war, and if you can master your thoughts on an emotional subconscious level, you will feel unstoppable. Lets get this sucker started and get you programmed for success. HOW TO GET SELF CONFIDENCE FAST: 1) Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: Do you constantly compare yourself to others? Do you wish you had hair like Jenny or a body like…

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    The Power Of Public Speaking

    Today we will be learning about the power of public speaking. In life, there will be times when you have to speak in front of an audience. It could be for a school event or presentation, job interview or a community event. While some people relish speaking in public, there are those who fear it intensely. A few may even panic and shut themselves down to avoid making a speech. If you get nervous when you are asked to speak before a group, you are not alone. Psychologists believe a phobia of public speaking is linked to a fear of being criticized or cast out from a group. Fortunately, there…

  • Health

    Top 8 Powerful Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety

    Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety

    Today you will learn about the top 8 powerful relaxation techniques for anxiety. Anxiety can be a hard thing to handle, but really it is all caused from letting the outer world dictated your thoughts. Most people think from the outside in, instead of thinking from the inside out. We have been programmed to do this our whole lives. Lets learn how to change that and get you back on track with your feelings. Ready? Great lets get started! Top 8 Powerful Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety: 1). Meditation: One of the excellent ways to relax is to meditate. Meditation is used in many traditions around the world, but all forms…

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    25 Great Affirmations For Success

    daily affirmations for success

    Today we will be learning 25 affirmations for success. Yes affirmations work, but you must do them with feeling. It’s the ONLY way you will get it impressed upon your subconscious mind. Affirmations can change your life if you know how to use them. Everything in life is due to our thoughts. Everything is a shadow or a reflection of our inner world. That can be hard to believe, but think of this. You would not have any results in your life if you were just in a coma. You would be doing nothing. In order to do you first must be. Be great in your mind. Think powerful thoughts,…

  • Mind Power

    What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process? Does It Work?

    So what is the spiritual awakening process? Well simply put, it allows you to basically feel at one with yourself while also being on another mental plain all together. Its basically learning to live from the inside out, instead of the outside in. Every spiritual seeker can attest to the fact that we are living in the awakening era. Most people will probably agree to this fact even though their conception of awakening may be very different. This is because most people confuse awakening with enlightenment. Even though the two concepts are almost similar, they are not the same. Enlightenment is a result of a series of awakenings. What Is…

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    Is The Ego A Bad Thing? Yes And No!

    Is The Ego A Bad Thing

    Today we will be learning about “Is The Ego A Bad Thing?”. The answer is yes and no. In the world today, everyone has an ego. Some have a big ego while others have a small ego. Ego can be described as a big self-esteem. As I’m writing this piece, I can already feel my ego telling me things that I should never obey or listen to. The ego simply makes you ignore the sense of rationality. Some people fail to differentiate between ego and confidence. Ego is a killer while confidence is healthy and massively uplifting. How many hearts have been broken in the name of ego? Many, right?…

  • Relationships

    Top 10 Characteristics Of A Good Man

    characteristics of a good man

    The first step to greatness, is to become the man ( in your mind too), that you were always destined to become. To achieve greatness, you must be able to realize who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what is it that you have, that you can offer to the world. Being perfect is not the idea, improving imperfection is progress, and that’s what we want to focus on, progress. Below are the top 10 characteristics of a good man. Take everything one step at time, don’t over think it. Keep it simple. Top 10 Characteristics Of A Good Man: 1) Is A Gentleman: A good guy, should necessarily,…

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