thought elevators system review

Thought Elevators System Review

thought elevators system review

Thought Elevators System Review:

Product Name: Thought Elevators System


Investment: Only $47

Author: Eric Taller

Overall Rank: 99 Out Of 100

So what is the thought elevators system review all about? Lets delve in and get you all the info and see if its something you need in your life. Why do you behave, think, talk and act the way you do? Well, according to research it is as a result of your childhood experiences that wire your brain to think the way it does.

If your childhood was filled with doubts about your abilities and talents, then you will grow to live a less fulfilled life. The good news however is that there is a wonderful program called the Thought Elevators (that actually works). The program will help you rewire your brain to achieve success in all areas of your life including finances, relationships and health among many other areas. Without much ado let us look at Thought Elevators program and see why it delivers on its promise.

Thought Elevators System Product Review:

The thought elevators program was developed by Eric Taller who owns a business consultation firm and states that he changed his life by applying the principles he teaches in the program. The lessons are presented in form of videos and audios files which cover nine areas that affect the quality of your life. These areas are wealth and money, relationships, ideal partner, health and healing, energy, weight, accelerated learning, anxiety and stress relief and business success. We will discuss these topics later on in detail.

The program uses the Law of Attraction to achieve the positive changes that you want to occur in these particular areas of your life. There are various mind frequencies and the most effective state of reprogramming the mind is the theta state. Eric through the program helps you to enter theta state using videos so that the audio messages can have the desired effect: transforming your negative thoughts to positive ones in order to attract the aforementioned things in your life (wealth and money, ideal soul mate etc.).

Following the program will ensure that you are able to live a more abundant life with less stress and anxiety. I am sure everyone would like that kind of life. In order to realize the full benefits of the program, there are four steps that are involved. To achieve theta state all you will need are the 3 minutes that you take to watch the videos (an amazingly short time).

The Steps:

Step 1: Clearing the Mind

We all have negative thought patterns that tell us we cannot make it in life and as a result we do not achieve much in life. The first step therefore is getting rid of all these negative thoughts and thought patterns. Secondly, this is where you mind is tricked into forgetting the negative thoughts and you are therefore able to go to the next step with a clean slate mind.

Step 2: Priming the Positive Pump

Since now your mind is a clean slate, it is able to accommodate positive energy. In this step you start calling out what you want (one of the nine things we talked about above). Since you have cleared your mind of all negativity, the universe has no choice but to give you what you want.

Step 3: Daytime Dreaming Visualization Techniques

In this step, you learn how to visualize whatever that you want to come to you. At this stage, you turn your daydreams into powerful visualizations which should start to manifest after some time. The step helps you to achieve your goals more easily as well as prepare you to enter the next step.

Step 4: Elevator to the Theta State

This is the last step where you get to the Theta state. In this stage, you will meditate and in the process you will be able to access deeper levels of the subconscious mind where you can manifest your hearts desires. It is at this stage that you truly releases the things that you want to come into your life.

TIP: in all the steps, Eric does a good job through the videos and audios to guide you which makes the process very easy.

thought elevators system


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What’s Inside Thought Elevators System?:

As earlier mentioned, the program covers nine areas.

The 9 Areas:

Wealth and Money:

Everyone wants to be rich and no one desires to live a pay check to pay check life. However, often times, people do not become rich because of the attitude they have towards life and money in particular. By using the thought elevators program, you will learn how to change these negative attitudes and start building positive ones that will help you have cash. You will also learn how to advance in your career.


Relationships are very important facets of your life and the quality of your relationships determines the quality of life that you lead. In this video, you will learn how to attract and build good relationships with your family, friends and colleagues. The change will be positive and you will realize that you are able to have more meaningful relationships and thus a better bond with other people. You will also be happier as a result.

Ideal partner:

It is human nature to want company. However, you might be in a very detrimental cycle of attracting the wrong partners who leave you emotionally broken and hurt. Eric helps you in knowing how to attract the best partner who will fulfill you. He will show you how you can live a happy romantic life with the right partner.

Health And Healing:

The brain plays a very important role in your healing process. By having the right brain alignment, you give your immune system a boost that helps your body fight diseases and illnesses. By using the program, you will fall sick less often and you will also recover faster when you do.


We have recesses of energy deep down that you know nothing about. By tapping into these recesses of energy, you are able to perform better in your day to day activities. Eric shows you how to harness the energy so that you can stay focused all day long. The ability to tap into your inner strength is important if you are to live a successful life.


Most people struggle with weight problems mainly due to their lifestyles and poor diet choices. You might decide to take action to reduce your weight by exercising and dieting. Often times, you fail since you feel that that perfect body shape is not for you. With the program, you will learn to recognize these negative thoughts and replace them with positive thought so that you can achieve your desired body shape and weight.

Accelerated Learning:

The program helps you to learn much faster and at the same time retain the information you acquire. This is very helpful especially if you are a student. Additionally, it will help your mind to stay sharp and alert for a long time.

Helps To Relieve Anxiety and Stress:

Stress and anxiety have been known to cause ailments like high blood pressure, ulcers and heart diseases. Stress is an emotion that is essential in our lives; however, too much of it causes depression and anxiety. The program teaches you how to handle stress in the best way so that you do not suffer from anxiety and depression.

Business Success:

All of the above discussed facets of life have an effect on the success you have in your business endeavor. Since Eric is a successful business person, he understands the mindset you need to succeed as a business person. Therefore the video on Business Success will show you ways to succeed in your business and career life.

Tip: You can decide to watch a video a day on a particular topic or you can decide to watch one topic for a whole week. You can decide to use any strategy that works best for you. This offers flexibility which is a good thing.

thought elevators system review

The Good And The Bad Of Thought Elevators System:

The Good:

1. Does Not Consume A-lot Of Time:

Since the meditational videos and audios are short (3 minutes), the program is very ideal for people who have a busy schedule. As opposed to other meditation techniques, the program helps you get to Theta state very fast.

2. Easy To Understand:

The program does not use complicated words and language therefore making it very easy to follow. The procedures are also well explained which makes it easy to understand and follow instructions.

3. It Focuses On A Wide Range Of Topics:

The program covers a wide range of topics which helps you to live a more fulfilled life. Unlike other programs which focus on one area of your life, the program ensures that you get enriched in every sphere of your life.

4. Audio and Visual Format:

Due to its audio and visual files, you can listen to the messages and let them have a positive impact in your life anywhere.

5. Money Back Guarantee:

The author offers a 60 days money back guarantee. When you buy the program and realize it is not what you were expecting, your cash will be refunded with no questions asked.

6. Flexibility:

The program does not have a stated method of going through it and you might jump straight to the topic that you want. What’s more, as earlier stated you can decide to watch a video a day on a particular topic or you can decide to watch one topic for a whole week. You can decide to use any strategy that works best for you. This offers flexibility which is a good thing.

7. You Get Results Without Too Much Meditation:

Unlike other meditation techniques, you are able to delve deep into your subconscious without taking too much time.

The Bad:

1. You Will Not See Results Over Night:

The program like anything else in life requires patience before you see results. Therefore, it requires patience and dedication. Minimum is at-least 30 days. If your not willing to do that, the program is not going to be a good fit for you. If you can wait the 30 days, the results will speak for themselves.

2. No Hard Copy:

The course is in soft copy only and if you are a lover of hard copies, you are out of luck.

The Bonuses Of Thought Elevators System:

The program comes with five bonuses which are very good also. In fact they can be sold as a package on their own.

. How to plant a money tree

. Recognizing your soul mate

. I love myself workbook

. Manifesting health for boomers

. Success while you sleep-audio track that you listen to while asleep (how cool is that!)

thought elevators system review

Thought Elevators System Tools and Training Material:

The program makes it very easy for you to follow by providing a PDF format guide on what to expect and on how best to go about the whole process( also available in video format). The guide is a real time saver. What’s more there is another guide called “Achieve Your Goals Masterclass” which is also available in PDF and video format.

Who Is Thought Elevators System For?

If you want to improve your general wellbeing, then this is the program that you need. Its methods are well tested and backed by scientific research.

Since the videos are well presented, it is suitable for anybody who wants to change the direction of their lives for the better.

The bonus has an audio that you listen to while asleep. What this means is that the messages are very powerful that they initiate change even while asleep. Therefore the program is suitable for everybody who can hear.

If you are a student or business person, then you should buy this program as fast as possible. It will teach you how to excel in your studies and business.

Thought Elevators System Support:

The author is a well-known person who gives the program credibility and he offers great support to customers. He cares enough to offer a money back guarantee if the program is not up to your liking. The program also has a strong community forum of members who have used the product and benefited from the same. The customer support is excellent which a big plus for the program. You can reach the product author through email.

Thought Elevators System Investment:

Investment: Only $47

The cash outlay of the program is only $47. It will get you everything you need to really change your life in ANY area. You need to be willing to stick to the program for at-least 30 days to see results.

My Final Opinion Of Thought Elevators System:

I believe this program is 100% powerful and life changing, and it works. It does take some mental toughness at first, but the fruits will follow if you stick with it. If you want anything in life bad enough, than its always going to require you to be little persistence at first. But if you can get past the first 30 days, you will see things being attracted to you all over, because your mind is being programmed to attract what you want.

Thought Elevators System At A Glance:

Product Name: Thought Elevators System


Investment: Only $47

Author: Eric Taller

Overall Scam Rank: 100 Out Of 100 (Not A Scam And Very Powerful)

Verdict: Works Great And Extremely Helpful

The program is very good and I honestly believe that it is a steal with the price that it is being offered. Since Eric is a business person who has applied the principles he teaches in his program, then it should work for you too if you are disciplined. If you want to see a transformation in your personal and professional life, then grab this amazing program and let the universe work for you instead of against you. Check out the program here and change your life and financially situation in a massive way in 60 days or less ====> Click Here

Thought Elevators System

Only $47.00





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  • Katerina Markakis

    Hello Alex,
    This is a great post! I had no idea that such system exists! I use affirmations daily and they greatly help me! I think that this program is something I definitely need. Thank you for the recommendation! I will be trying this definitely!

  • Donna

    I agree with Katerina – I want to try this too! I don’t have the money to do it right now but please email me in about a month to remind me of this website and put in the subject line that I asked you to email me so I don’t delete it. For real, please do that!

    • A.J.

      Donna I am glad that you like it. Visualize the money coming to you, following your intuition and money will come at the right time for you. God bless 🙂

  • Ese

    Well written and understood clearly. Thank you. I am eager to put in the time and commitment, I just hope it will be easy to understand and to follow.

    • A.J.

      Thanks Ese for reading this. It really is simple, its just a matter of NOT GIVING UP, Figure out why you want to do this, write it down, and then keep reading that everyday for 30 days. I promise that if you do that the program will work. Cheers


  • colleen

    Wow this system looks awesome! I had heard of theta state vaguely, but I never knew it was the best frequency for changing habits and thought patterns, so interesting.
    I’m a keen follower of the law of attraction and i have had amazing results in my own personal life and i have to say this product looks like an incredible tool to utilise the law of attraction in so many different areas, i really like the idea of this product and it looks like a reasonable price for what you are getting, especially with the bonuses too! I will definintely be looking into this more 🙂

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