What Is Six Minutes To Success About?

What Is Six Minutes To Success About? An Honest Review!

What Is Six Minutes To Success About? An Honest Review!

Six Minutes To Success Review:

  • Product: Six Minutes to Success
  • Creator: Bob Proctor
  • Website: www.getresultsthatstick.com
  • Subject: Be Whatever You Want To Be By Changing Your Paradigm
  • Format: Video
  • Investment: Only $29.97 (Regular) $99.97 (Premium)
  • Rank: 99/100

In todays article we will be talking about “What Is Six Minutes To Success About”? A lot of people go through life without knowing what the future holds for them.

No one really knows what the future holds for them but their are some things we do that makes us wonder where we will be 10 years or 20 years from today.

You do everything right, according to the book but you do not seem to progress. Life seems like it has stood still for you. You look around you and you see that some of the people you went to school with are progressively ahead of you, especially financially.

What do you do in order to harness your potential and make progress? Do you choose to give up trying and take every day as it comes?

Do you read more on how to change your life or do you seek help on ways to help you harness that power and progress? Alternatively, perhaps you do not need any of that and decide to go at it alone?

You do not have to go through life imagining about your future. You do not have to imagine where you will be 10 or 30 years from today.

You do not have to imagine what it would feel like to have a lasting relationship. You also do not have to imagine where you would be today if you studied more or what new open doors could do to boost your career.

You do not have to imagine anything any longer and you do not have to go it alone to try to change your present day situation. You can attain every success you have ever wished for by getting guidelines from one of the best teachers in the world.

You can join Bob Proctor as he gives you professional advice on his success kit “Six Minutes to Success” and harness your power. It is fun and simple and guarantees that you can finally start the hassle and struggle free life you have always wanted, especially financially.

What Is Six Minutes To Success About? An Honest Review!

What Is Six Minutes To Success All About?

Bob proctor is not new to the self-improvement world and he has in the past given the world many programs on how to improve their lives. He collaborates with Sandy Gallagher and together they are the force behind Proctor Gallagher Institute that gives us the Six Minutes to Success and other law of attraction success programs.

In the program, their is the mention of Lana Moton who inspired proctor to do the six minutes of success. Moton who became a millionaire by promoting baseball bats built his venture from scratch. His main inspiration and biggest teacher to help him attain his goals was Bob proctor.

He also had other people that mentored him to become what he is today. Now both Lanny and Bob came up with the best steps to follow in order to change all aspects of your life. This you can do with ease and expect very dramatic results that will turn you into a person with a completely new mind-set.


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The systematic formula is both motivating and builds your confidence towards being a more successful person. The steps are practical, simple and inspirational. They guide you on what to do if you want to attain wealth, build better relationships, be successful in business, improve your weight loss or achieve goals, be better socially and how to have a more fulfilling and productive life.

In this program, Bob reminds you that everything has a starting base. You do not wake up one day and become a millionaire. It is like a house.

Every building has to start from the foundation. Your dreams are like that. To achieve your goals, you must work for them from the root. Find out what is holding you back, work on the steps to build the dream up and finally finish it by living it. That is what the six minutes of success is all about.

What Is Six Minutes To Success About? An Honest Review!

The Overview Of Six Minutes to Success:

If you keep repeating the same thing repeatedly while moving forward, then you are not succeeding. The results you get even after trying so hard may even take you much further backwards than forward. You could probably attain very gradual improvements but that is not enough.

You need real change. Changes that will make you get whatever you want in life. You do not need to bring the change by working more hours but by changing your mind-set.

Bob proctor tells you how you change your life in just six minutes. With more than half a century experience in researching on what makes people successful, you will not go wrong with the six minutes to success program. Proctor says that the most important thing is your paradigm.

If you do not know what a paradigm is, let me explain it in short. A paradigm is a certain perspective in your mind that you assume to be correct at any one given time. You can call it the subconscious mind that controls your behavior, or a habit that allows you to carry out things in a particular way without changing anything.

For you to change your results, you first need to change your paradigm or the inner programmings of your subconscious.

You want to stick to what you know. However, with the help from other people, you can bring your guard down. Six Minutes to Success program gives you a guideline on how you can change your paradigm in six minutes per day by following powerful steps.

Six Minutes to Success helps you to overcome your fears. You will learn how to master your indifferences, your discouragements from the outside world that make you not move ahead. You will find every answer you have always wanted to ask and in only 30 days, you will learn more than you ever did in your entire life.

The Good And The Bad Of Six Minutes To Success:

Like every program, their is always the good and the bad. From many of the users’ reviews, six minutes is definitely a winner. However, it is good to look at the program from both sides.

What Is Six Minutes To Success About? An Honest Review!

The Good

  • The programs only takes six minutes of your time every morning and their is a lot you learn in those six minutes


  • You will no problem following the videos because the language used is easy to understand and to follow


  • If you are on a tight budget, you can start with the 2-week trial and pay just a dollar. If you get satisfied, then you can pay the affordable month subscription of only $29.97.


  • The daily videos are the best solutions for starting your day on a high note.


  • You get a new outlook on life, which leads to better things for you.


  • Bob is a world-renowned coach, which is a big advantage because you know whatever he teaches works for many people.


  • You will have no paper manuals to go through because you only get to watch the videos on your computer or mobile devices. You can however listen to the Mp3 and get a downloaded PDF once you become a member.

The Bad

  • Though some people may find the price okay, some still think the videos are too pricey considering they are very short.


  • You need to have access to the internet if you are to follow the program.


  • I am not sure whether this is a bad thing but from reviews, some users were not impressed that not every video is by Bob proctor. Some videos are by Sandy Gallagher the co-founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute.


  • People want to save money in every way possible and it would be better if Six Minutes to Success came with coupons.

Bonuses And Training Materials:

The program definitely comes with a number of bonuses and training materials. Below are the bonuses you receive after you become a member

  • A featured video every morning

Get inspired every morning with a video that covers topics like health, money, relationships, universal laws, weight and many other things that will gear you to success. They all dwell on achieving the best health, happiness and success in everything you do.

For more inspiration, Bob will challenge you to carry out a simple but very effective exercise that will help you to kick-start the development of your habits and stir you into action.

  • Start-up kit for your success

If you want to become successful in life, you need to start from somewhere and make a climb towards something worthy. To make this possible, the first thing you receive is a success start-up kit that helps you to progress towards achieving your goals.

  • Workbook

You also get a six-minute workbook that gives you different guidelines on how to achieve success fast. This workbook is easy to read, very inspiring and thought-provoking. It also challenges you to change your life and make a go at achieving only the best.

  • Mp3-audios

You can follow your six minutes of success from anywhere. This means that even if you are driving or at the gym working out, you can still follow the program by listening to Mp3 audios. Every single video of the program is also in an audio Mp3 which gives you no reason to succeed and which is another bonus that you get when you join the program.

  • PDF transcripts

Each video has a PDF transcript. This becomes very helpful when you want to refer back to any topic. You can read repetitively and closely at your own time until you grasp what you are looking for.

  • Access to a library with over 600 videos

If you are a premium member, you get to have an access toe library with over 600 Six Minutes to Success video. You can search whichever video you want by keying in the word you want. The access is instant and you can do it from the comfort of your home

  • Access to Facebook

You get to access to the private Facebook page of Six Minutes to Success where you can read and share your comments with other members.

  • Q&A call session

This is also a bonus for the premium members. You get access to talk to Bob proctor directly during the live monthly and ask him whatever questions you need answers to.

What Is Six Minutes To Success About? An Honest Review!
Who Is Six Minutes To Success For?

Six Minutes to Success is definitely for everyone and anyone that wants to gain success in life. It has very in-depth videos that are good for everyone who has access to the internet and wants fast results to a successful life. If you want to start small and simple and rise to stardom, then purchase this program.

Six Minutes To Success Overview:

  • Product: Six Minutes to Success
  • Creator: Bob Proctor
  • Website: www.getresultsthatstick.com
  • Subject: Be whatever you want to be by changing your paradigm
  • Format: Video
  • Investment: Only $29.97 (Regular) $99.97 (Premium)
  • Overall Scam Rank: 100/100 (Very Good Program And Helpful!)

Verdict: Extremely Powerful And It Works

You may think six minute videos are too short to teach or guide you on anything worthwhile. However, until you watch the depth of the videos and all the programs, then you cannot say anything. It’s the simple things that make the big difference in life.

Bob proctor has given us many programs to help achieve success by harnessing our hidden powers, Six Minutes to Success in my opinion is by far one of the best and most powerful law of attraction programs you will find anywhere else.

Every bit of the videos you watch will change your life fast and successfully, but only if you let yourself go and relax. The videos are very precise, informative and very inspirational. It’s the perfect way to start your day

The price compared to the personal development guidelines that are in the videos is perfect. Stop imagining how your life would be like today and take control. Reach out to your inner self and change your paradigm to become a better person.

You can get the wealth you always wanted, lose that weight that you thought would never go away, keep your relationships for longer, feel like you belong in the society and enjoy great health. You do not have to go at it alone. Seek help and you can get whatever you need from Six Minutes to Success. Get started today and change your life financially ===> Click Here

Six Minutes To Success

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