what is straight line persuasion about?

What Is Straight Line Persuasion About? An Honest Review!

What Is Straight Line Persuasion About?

Straight Line Persuasion Review:

Product Name: Straight Line Persuasion

Creator: Jordan Belfort

Website: https://www.jordanbelfort.com/order-staright-line-persuasion/

Subject: How to use a straight-line persuasion system to close deals

Format: Videos And PDF Playbook

Investment: Only $1,997.00

Rank: 99/100

So What is Straight Line Persuasion About? Let’s get you all the info and see if this is what you are looking for. Several people in sales find it very difficult persuading their prospects to buy their products or services. It takes both extensive skill and patience to make a sale.

One of the reasons why it gets tricky is because a prospect may try to distract you from selling them with hundreds of different types of objections.

They will start talking about other things so that you can give up and walk away. One of the tricks many of the prospects use to deviate off the straight line is trying to distract your attention. In the middle of the negotiations, they may want to excuse themselves to take a call or to check up on something.

What they want to tell you without being direct, is they probably do not trust the product or service you are selling, they do not trust you, or they don’t trust the company, or they have an extremely high action threshold. These are called the three tens. We will talk about that a little later below.

Whatever the case, you must do everything you can to keep them on your straight line to sell. Maintaining a straight line with your clients is not a very easy feat. However, with this system, you will control a client like a champ, and you will also learn how to sound like one as well within 4 seconds of the call or interaction face to face.

Some people, however, find it very easy to close deals because controlling the whole situation and the sales process comes naturally to them. For those that are struggling with making lots of closes, The Straight Line Persuasion System will guide you on how to become the best closer in your current sales career.

What Is The Straight Line Persuasion System About?

Created by Jordan Belfort, The Straight Line Persuasion System guides people on how to take full control of their sales. It guides you on how you can keep your client or prospect on a straight line from open to close.

This is so important especially when a client veers off from what you are trying to sell and starts talking about something else that has nothing to do with the product.

The Straight Line Persuasion System, teaches you ways to bring back the client to the subject at hand elegantly and smoothly. The key to making a successful sale is maintaining control of every interaction. Jordan coined the words straight line to emphasize the path to take when you are interacting with clients.

About Jordan Belfort:

Many of you probably know Jordan Belfort from the movie, Wolf of Wallstreet. Jordan’s character, acted by Leonardo DiCaprio took him to stardom, increasing his already favored status as a shrewd Wallstreet stockbroker. In real life, Jordan is a very talented salesman.

He uses his talent to motivate salespeople and coach them on how to be top notch closers. His firm Stratton Oakmont is the most renowned brokerage firm in Wallstreet.

Before the firm made history, Jordan looked for different ways to make his team learn the expertise of making closes over the phone.

Even before the popularity of his firm, Jordan still made many closes. He worked hand in hand with his friend Donnie Azoff to become the only people that could land deals in the firm by closes multi-millionaires. Jonah Hill played Donnie’s character in the movie Wolf of Wallstreet.

Jordan started The Straight Line Persuasion System after he realized that every sale is the same. It was a massive breakthrough after he was about to go out of business because his people were not closing anybody over the phone. He shared this breakthrough with his team and set out to show them how to break down all sale transactions to a T.

He said every sale was a straight line and that there is a system capable of breaking down each transaction into a logical, systematic process.

Using himself and his best friend Donnie as examples, Jordan then created a capable system that his team would follow to make closes. He now uses his Straight Line Persuasion System to coach many other people from all over the world to close sales. He has coached millions of people and continues to do so.

The Straight Line Persuasion System took his firm to the highest levels with shattering numbers. It was also the beginning of the movie Wolf of Wallstreet. These idiots as he refers to them began to make $350,000 a year to $2 million, and they were not natural closers. You were considered a Pika in his company if you only made $250,000.

What Is Straight Line Persuasion About?

The Straight Line Persuasion System Overview:

The techniques that Jordan uses in The Straight Line Persuasion System can help any salesperson to close any deal he or she wants. In his words, Jordan said “you will close anyone who is closable” which he also translates to say if you set your mind on finding someone to buy, invest, deal, or sign with you, then you can do it. You can also get anyone to hire and do anything you want him or her to do by using the Straight Line Persuasion techniques.

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In short, The Straight Line Persuasion System is all about persuasion, influence, and sales. The reason Jordan called the system Straight Line Persuasion is that it is the same as covering the shortest distance between two points on a straight line.

You are trying to make a close as fast as possible without wasting too much time. Jordan does not base the system on random conversations but on goal-oriented selling tactics.

Tenets Of Straight Line Persuasion:

The Straight Line Persuasion System uses three keys to success. These keys are:

-Developing a relationship of mutual understanding with the prospect

-Understanding the customer’s needs and wants

-Gathering intelligence effectively by asking specific questions.

Keeping the sale on a straight line even when the prospect tries to avoid talking about the product you are trying to sell or veer off on some other random garbage. You should be in control at all times and bring back the conversation to where you want it to be. He shows you how to do this easily and effectively.

Art Of Prospecting: 

If you are aiming for the perfect close you need to learn to take full control of the situation. This you can do by getting rid of people that you feel are not right to sell to and finding the right ones to speak to about your product.

He shows you how to do this quickly so you are not wasting your time because time is money. Do not in any way try to turn people that will not buy into people that can buy, because when you get to the closing parts in the system that is so easy to do with looping. (More on looping below) This includes people that do not need the product, people that should not even be purchasing the product in the first place and those that think they cannot afford it.

The main areas to note while you are doing this is below, and you should establish this within 4 seconds of the situation, or you are dead in the water essentially is how he puts it.

-Be a figure of authority with your voice

-Be as enthusiastic as hell

-Be as sharp as a tack

Jordan further says that you need a script no matter how good a closer you are. When in front of a client you have this script memorized in your head. In the program, he shows you how to write a successful script.


Tonality is one of the most critical elements of Straight Line Persuasion. People are influenced a lot by tonalities, and you can use these to change your client’s emotions. The emotions are what helps to make a close, and your aim should, therefore, be to work on the client’s feelings more than anything else.

Use your tonality on the phone to draw out the emotions you want. Everything you say should be implied with tonality. This will send the following messages to the client.

-That you are trustworthy

-That you care

-That you have their best interests at heart and that you are just like them

Jordan further goes on to explain the essential tonalities. These are:



-Disarming (HUGE during the close)

Being A Visionary:

Finding your Why is very important because most of your prospects will not buy into your goals but into your vision. You have to present yourself as a visionary person if you want to be a great closer.

Dressing Well For Success:

Avoid bling like rings and shabby beards like goatees. If you are talking to a woman, show respect by standing directly in front of her. If it is a man you are selling to, stand at a slight angle when speaking to him (WAY less confrontational, try it the next time your in front of someone and see what happens.)

Internal Game Of Sales:

In this module, Belfort dives into the individual outlooks and convictions that make a successful sales representative – or a productive individual. He speaks for instance about the essential of acing your passionate states, confronting your feelings of trepidation and defining grandiose objectives. (If you can’t get your head straight before a sales interaction, your screwed, he shows you how to get into a state of peek certainty.)

The 3 Tens:

Jordan clarifies three principles called the three tens. The components that need to line up at the time when your prospect is prepared to purchase:

-They love the product

-They trust and connect with you

-Trust your company

If none of these are a 10, 10, 10, at the moment of the close you WILL NOT close the deal. Looping is what helps get your client to a ten in these areas, and he goes into great detail how to do that when they give you objections. This shit is so powerful that you can get people to buy things they shouldn’t buy. He says to NEVER use it for that because you will lose your soul and your happiness.

The Art Of Qualifying:

He goes into great detail about how to weed out people who are not a good fit for your product. He explains it in such a way that you feel like complete duts for not doing it his way. He is very gifted in teaching and making killer closers.

The Presentation:

In this area, Jordan Belfort goes into the real introduction. He discloses the ideal tonalities to impart which are:



-Step by step instructions to box an individual in (use with honesty)

-Make direness in the last piece of the content

-Utilize a delicate close

-Take care of dismissals with looping

Specific Language Patterns: (Very Powerful During The Close)


-Huge upside with little downside

-Very simple to get started

-Keeping your powder dry (ammo for the close)

Looping/The Close: (the #1 way in the world to handle objections)

This is where you learn how to handle objections from clients no matter what they say. No, it does not require that you memorize 500 objections. It shows you a sexy way on how to stay in rapport with them and want to buy from you when your done looping.

Traditional sales training has you memorize four or more different things to say per objection such as “I need to think about it.” Looping involves deflection and going back and selling the client on the product, you, the company, lowering the action threshold, adding a bit of pain and asking for the order again. This by far has changed my life in sales by 300%.

What Is Straight Line Persuasion About?

Bonuses And Training Materials:

-180-page action book

-Ten audio CDs

-10 instructional DVDs were he is on stage teaching you what to do with others in the room


Jordan uses videos and other tools to teach you everything you need to know about the art of persuasion. There’s a total of 10 videos. He will take you under his wing and show you all the secrets to unravel ethical persuasion to make you a killer closer. If you have any problems or questions, send an email to support@jordanbeltfort.com, and his support team will get back with you.

The Good And The Bad Of Straight Line Persuasion:

The Good:

-30-Day Money back guarantee (worst case scenario)

-Scientifically proven to work

-Easy to understand, follow and execute the playbook

-Doubles and triples sales in 30 days

-Helps salespeople to negotiate like a pro

-Learn the #1 way in the world how to handle complaints and objections from clients such as I need to talk to my wife, CFO, CEO or whatever and hundreds more.

The Bad:

Nothing at all. It’s the best sales training I have personally ever come across. This is including Grant Cardone whom I have so much respect for.

What Is Straight Line Persuasion About?

Who Is The Straight Line Persuasion System For?

If you are in sales and have been struggling for years or months to close your deals effectively, then you need to follow this system. It is for every person that needs to use their skills to try to get something out of another person.

It is for that person that needs the skills to employ to get that job they want so badly. It is for everyone that wants to learn the art of persuasion.

The system is scientifically proven with many people having many positive reviews about it. It does not matter where you are from or what gender you are. As long as you want to keep getting the “yes” from your clients and prospects, then The Straight Line Persuasion System is for you.

The Product At A Glance:

Product Name: Straight Line Persuasion

Creator: Jordan Belfort

Website: https://www.jordanbelfort.com/order-staright-line-persuasion/

Subject: How to use a straight-line persuasion system to close deals

Format: Playbook And Videos

Investment: Only $1,997.00

Rank: 99/100

Scam Rank: 100/100 (not a scam, very ethical system)

My Verdict: (The #1 Sales Training System In The World)

Some people may be skeptical about how this works. You will be so surprised at how easy it is to invoke a person’s emotions and make them reconsider buying, especially when you master the looping for objections.

The Straight Line Persuasion System works very well, because of the looping alone when handling objections from clients.  Just mastering looping in my personal opinion makes the program a no-brainer.

It is one of the best steps towards creating massive sales if you follow it step by step. If you have questions, let me know below or at alexsmith@selfimprovementtraining.com, and I will get back to you.

Straight Line Persuasion System

Only $1,997.00





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