what is wealthy affiliate university about?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate University About? An Honest Review!

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Wealthy Affiliate Review:

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Creator: Kyle and Carson

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

Format: Online Video Training Platform

Investment: First 7 Days Free, Then Only $49 Once A Month (no contracts or upsells)

Subject: Use Your Niche To Make Passive Income Online

Rank: 100/100

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Wealthy Affiliate Introduction:

What is Wealthy Affiliate University about? Is it a scam, a quick rich scam? Straight up, not at all. It is the #1 online university that teaches people how to make money passively online through affiliate marketing. “You can make money online.”

This is one line you must have read or heard about many times. Some people make it sound so easy. It is easy for those that know just where to look. Others though look in all the wrong places and making money online becomes one struggle after another.

They try one thing from another, go from one website to the other, try one venture after another without much success. Eventually, many people give up and consider anything and everything about making money online as nothing but a scam. 

One of the most popular methods of making money online is through affiliate marketing. While many of the affiliate marketing moneymaking systems work, some are nothing but pyramid schemes that promise you riches only to end up as complete frauds.

However, not all is lost because there is one affiliate marketing process that can give you the financial freedom you need. Do you need to make money online?  Let us talk about wealthy affiliate marketing and how it can open those doors that you had no idea existed.  

The tips on how to make money online through wealthy affiliate marketing are easy to grasp and if you commit yourself to follow the program, then you will be on your way to financial freedom, in addition to being your own boss. All you need is patience, commitment, and the belief that this is not just another get-rich-quick online propaganda, but also a real moneymaker. 

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program created by Kyle and Carson in 2005. The program gives training guidelines for different ways you can make money online. The wealthy affiliate-training center comes complete with an amazing community that willingly shares with you different approaches to make your online business grow.

Wealthy affiliate is not a program for a select few but for anyone that is willing to try it out and stick with it for a minimum of 1 year in order to make money. (Yes it takes time, no such thing as a get rich quick)

The program kicks off your financial freedom with your first website and provides you with all the tools to take it off the ground in a matter of minutes. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or someone that has struggled with monetizing their website for years.

Whatever your situation, the wealthy affiliate university program gives a well-proven systematic guideline that will help build your online career from scratch. (I never knew anything about online marketing, until I found this university).

what is wealthy affiliate university about?

One thing you have to note though is that you have to put in all your effort into the program if you want to succeed. You can only attain success if you go at this with a positive attitude and the belief that it will work. If you go at this with a negative attitude, you WILL NOT create the kind of substantial income you are aiming for. 

The Wealthy affiliate program starts you off from the minute you sign up for a free account. (no credit card needed, this was huge for me). Once you are in, a group of top affiliates in the program and other affiliate experts will mentor you about what to expect and what to do step by step.

You will have opportunities to ask questions during the live chats and have them answered within a couple of seconds. Wealthy affiliate gives you the assurance that you are not walking the journey by yourself but there are others walking it with you, who are WAY more successful because they stuck with it. 




Wealthy Affiliate Overview:

The most interesting thing about wealthy affiliate is that all through the program you get a systematic training guideline. You watch videos that direct you on what to do and you can pause, go to your website and apply the guidelines.

Then go back, play the video again and follow the next steps until you complete all the tasks. If you are stuck anywhere along the program, you can reach out to any member of the wealthy affiliate community to get you back on the track. Is there anywhere else you can find this kind of support?

The Wealthy Affiliate program is not only powerful, but it also opens up many possibilities of making money online. The program mainly focuses on SEO and affiliate marketing strategies that are free.

It explains in detail how you can expose your affiliate links for services, companies, and products using your website or any other online marketing strategy at your disposal. It helps you to make the best out of your niche. This “Earn While You Learn System”, will show you different ways to drive more traffic to your website and turn your prospects into clients. 

what is wealthy affiliate university about?

Let’s Get Started:

At the beginner level, you will learn different ways to attract traffic to your website. Traffic is what brings in prospects and without people visiting your website, then you have very limited chances of making money online.

The more people you attract, the more money you are likely to make as a wealthy affiliate marketer. Do not worry if you do not know how to promote the website probably because it is your first time because the program will show you how to about it. 

By learning these lessons, your website will rise up the ranks in Google, Bing, and Yahoo quickly. With every lesson, you will get closer to achieving your dream of passive income 24/7.

Level 1

To begin the program, you will start with certification course level 1. This is a free starter account that allows you access to the wealthy affiliate-training program. Level 1 has 10 lessons that will kick-start your journey to wealth. These 10 lessons are

-Lesson 1: Get rolling

-Lesson 2: Understand how to make your money online

-Lesson 3: Choose your niche

-Lesson 4: Build your niche website

-Lesson 5: Set up your website

-Lesson 6: Get your website ready for SEO

-Lesson 7: Create content for your website

-Lesson 8: Create custom menus on the website

-Lesson 9: Learn and understand the major keywords to kick-start your journey

-Lesson 10: Congratulations on making it up to this stage. Now proceed to the next steps 

Level 2

Learn different ways to build a website that will attract traffic

Level 3

Learn how to make money using your website

Level 4

Learn and master how to engage the power of social media and use it to your advantage to advance your quest for financial freedom

Level 5

How to make your content creation achieve for you maximum success

Advanced Level

We are now past the beginner’s level and onto the advanced level. This level is for premium members and for only $49 a month; you get to learn a lot more that comes with the program.

At this point, you already know your niche and you now need to make the best out of it to make real money. Officially, you are now a fully qualified affiliate marketer. The advanced level takes you through seven phases that will open you further to more advanced ways of making money through affiliate marketing. The seven phases are-

-Phase 1: Setting up your foundation to get your business moving forward

-Phase 2: Learn about content, keywords, and conversions

-Phase 3: Give your website a social value

-Phase 4: Go further and get aesthetic, get visual and use the media to build a brand

-Phase 5: Catapult your referrals and get to know your audience

-Phase 6: Learn the power of PPC, Yahoo, and Bing

-Phase 7: Learn how to scale successful PPC campaigns

The Good And The Bad Of Wealthy Affiliate:

The Good:

-The program is free to join for the first 7 days

-No need for any downloads to log into the program

-You can log in from your smartphone, tablet or PC

-All the information you need about the program is online

-Learn whatever you want at your own phase and start when the time is good enough for you

-Very reliable and strong support system (24/7 live support around the world in chat)

-Interaction with other affiliate members from around the world

-Confessions from real life experiences

Very affordable

The Bad:

With every product in the market, there are some pitfalls and wealthy affiliate is not an exception. These are however very few compared to the benefits derived from the program. The cons are

-The information is overwhelming for some people as it is too much (one step at a time, you will get all questions answered as you do that)

-The communication between the large numbers of affiliate members can confuse some people. Some people get lost somewhere along the way.

-The wealthy affiliate layout does not look very appealing to some people and they think the dashboard is too crowded (if your just OCD lol)

-Some people get into the program with the belief that the results are immediate and they will start making money immediately. It takes patience to learn all the phases before getting the hang of the whole program.

what is wealthy affiliate university about?

The Support You Get:

Unlike many other affiliate programs in the market, wealthy affiliate is well researched and has many people giving reviews about how they started from scratch to make money after watching the videos.

-Another thing that makes this program amazing is its free membership if you are opening an account with them. You pay absolutely nothing but get to learn of different methods of making money and what is even better is you have a community ready to help you get started. Below are some of the other benefits you derive from being a member of wealthy affiliate

-A limited access to a support system that is both reliable and available to you 24/7. Besides the support from wealthy affiliate center, you also have unlimited access to interactive discussions among other wealthy affiliate members from all over the world. This helps you to gain confidence and share secrets with other members with the intention of growing financially.

-You get live training and video tutorials that guide you on different ways to turn your venture into a success. This you can do from the comfort of your home or from whichever place makes you comfortable. All the tutorials go through regular updating to remain relevant. Every week, you get to watch live trainings.

-In whatever field and subject you choose to venture into, you will get a ready expert opinion and advise to help and guide you all the way. 

-You get a private one-on-one mentorship with the co-founders of the program Kyle and Carson. In the majority of the cases, they respond in person and you get to ask them any question or concerns you have over the program. (I use this all the time)

-The program will not make you feel like you are in this alone. There is always someone to help you through your success journey and that includes even the owners. Now, where else do you find such support?

-You get your own profile blog

-A choice of 3000 website designs 

-24/7 WordPress hosting support all year round

-Website add-ons from over 50,000 choices

-A free domain platform

-Virus and spam protection for your website

-Free SSL certification (regularly $50 a year)

-Jaaxy platform for research and keyword building

-Free templates

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy affiliate is for anyone that wants to make money online by tapping into his or her niche. It is for that newbie that is just starting but has no idea how what a website is and what it can do to make your dreams come true.

It is for that blogger that has struggled through the years to attract traffic to his or her blog without much success. It is for that stay at home mum or that college student that wants to make an extra coin on the side.

In short, wealthy affiliate is for anyone and everyone that can use a computer and has access to the internet to make money. If you do not know how do not worry because the program is self-explanatory.

what is wealthy affiliate university about?

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Not?

The question in many people’s minds is whether Wealthy Affiliate, like many other affiliate-marketing programs, is a scam. Unlike many other programs, the wealthy affiliate program comes with many features all aimed at making you succeed.

Brought to you by people that are masters in affiliate marketing, the program gives you endless opportunities with absolutely no risks, and its actually up to date all the time. No out of date strategies that a lot of gurus teach.




Wealthy Affiliate At A Glance:

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate 

Creator: Kyle and Carson

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

Format: Online Video Training Platform

Investment: Free first 7 days, then only $49 a month (no contracts or upsells of any sort)

Subject: Use Your Niche To Make Money Online 

Rank: 100/100

Scam Rank: 100/100 (not a scam, it works, but requires lots of hustle and dedication)

Verdict: Legitimate University And Proven Curriculum

My verdict is Wealthy Affiliate is worth doing 100%. You can join the thousands of other wealthy affiliate members to make a difference to your life. It works and it makes you money and good money at that.

No other platform will give you the kind of financial freedom that wealthy affiliate gives you today. Get started today. Sign up, You will get a message from me after. My name is alexjysmith 🙂 ====> Click Here

Wealthy Affiliate

Only $49 A Month





User Friendly






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