how to deal with stress in a relationship

10 Ways On How To Deal With Stress In A Relationship

how to deal with stress in a relationship

Today we will be learning about 10 ways on how to deal with stress in a relationship. Being social creatures, seeking out for relationships in human being’s comes as an instinct. Ideally relationships are meant to make us stronger, feel safe, appreciated, supported, while expressing freedom.

However, in most cases, this Utopian experience never materializes. Like anything else in life, relationships are also faced with a myriad of challenges. One of the common challenges in many relationships is coping with stress.

At times stress can be beneficial to a relationship by producing a boost that provides the drive and energy to help you go through challenging situations. However, severe or rather chronic levels of stress in a relationship can have devastating effects in a relationship including divorce or break-up.

However, by finding positive and healthy ways to manage your stress, you can avoid the above consequences. Additionally, proper stress management is key to defining your relationship.

In the article below, we look at the top 10 ways of how to deal with stress in a relationship.

How To Deal With Stress In A Relationship:

1). Determine The Source Of Your Relationship Stress:

The first step of managing your stress is to determine its source. In most cases, however, stress in relationship is not caused by the external factors that everyday life brings about, but rather on how you respond to life`s daily events.

This means that stress is not brought by, say, running out of household commodities, but rather may stem when you feel disappointed or hurt.

To cope with relationship stress you need to learn how to stop it before it happens. You can determine this by understanding how you react under duress. For instance, do often give you partner a cold shoulder? Do you often clinch your teeth? Or maybe simply feel out of control?

By learning some of these signs, you`re able to create boundaries, and appropriate measure to mitigate against the risk of such stress before it happens.

2). Accepting Your Feelings:

While dealing with stress is not easy, you should understand that it`s part of life. Unfortunately, even the partner that has always seemed to be anchor of your relationship will eventually come to a point in life where they get stressed and this is completely normal since we`re mortals.

When faced with such a situation, do not live in denial or rather suppress your feelings. Seek mental and emotional resources to get you through this problem as soon as possible.

3). Open Lines Of Communication:

Stress is often accompanied by communication breakdown. However, silence is a withdrawal sign, and often occurs when one partner is either anxious or upset.

To avoid this retreating experience with your partner, health experts recommend that you approach your partner and make an inquiry.

By doing this you not only open the lines of communication between the two of you, but also make your partner feel more supported.

4). Learn To Control Your Emotions:

Research indicates that severe forms of relationship stress can cloud our judgment. Similarly, a partner or couple riding on emotions can be judgmental and often make irrational decision.

Therefore, in case you`re high on stress, it`s recommended that you try taking a moment to pause and ask yourself whether you`re dealing with the situation at hand in the right way, no matter what the situation is.

While experts agree that having an emotional reaction during stress is crucial, it`s more important that you learn how to control your emotional reaction and make sure it does not supersede the most logical action of dealing with stress.

5). Avoid Criticism And Blame:

A relationship is akin to a team. For your relationship to work out, you need to both workout as a team, support each other, and should not be looking to push one another down.

Blaming and criticizing one another is one way to develop resentment and stress in a relationship. In fact, it can be the perfect recipe for a disastrous matrimony.

To avoid such a scene, it`s always recommended that you try to avoid criticizing or blaming your partner.

how to deal with stress in a relationship

6). Make Time For Each Other:

One of the most important aspect of any successful relationship is spending time together. Many relationships are under stress because the partners have been too busy for each other.

To avoid such strain in your relationship, you can initiate a session where you can both spend quality time together.

It`s during this time that you can then explore the basics of your relationship, listen to each other and know how they`re feeling. Finally, you can also get to know each other a little better.

7). Compassion And Tolerance:

To effectively manage relationship stress in your relationship, you must first learn to appreciate and accept the diversified cultures and norms of your partner. Similarly, you must understand that your partner comes from a different background from yours and they react differently to issues.

For instance, women react to stress differently from men. Also, in the same group, you might find that some go silent while other explode. Other zone out while others become food junkies.

The journey to managing your relationship stress starts with understanding that your partner is affected by certain issues, reacts differently to you, and your way of dealing with stress is not always right.

8). Find Ways To Dissipate Stress:

If you know that you`re under stress, you can find ways to dispel this feeling rather than suppressing it or venting it on your partner.

Exercise, in particular can be a perfect remedy in dispelling the excess toxicity. Also, you can engage in other forms of activities such as taking a walk after a heated argument, listening to calming music, taking yoga, or meditating.

9). Have A Support Group:

Like or not, at times your partner will not always offer a solution to your relationship issues. Probably, they are worked up as you`re. And therefore you need to keep a social network of friends to support you through such a trying period.

Similarly, support groups can provide you with a solution to your issue.

10). Always Be Optimistic:

If you`ve encountered stress before, you know that it has a tendency of causing pessimism in a relationship. This is quite understandable and is true especially for the new couples.

However, optimism in a relationship surpasses all those feelings, even if your relationship is in the storm of stress and other marital issues.

Final Thoughts:

Relationship experts agree that we can never have control of what happens in a relationship. In our case, stress is unavoidable and a reality in all relationships. However, relationship stress does not need to be overwhelming and detrimental.

The key to managing your stress is learn how to identifying the causes, how it affects your relationship and learning ways of minimizing the risks of stress.

Would do you do to manage with stress in a relationship? Has it been really hard for you to get through it, or has your strategy changed your life for the better? Leave your comments below.


  • Penelope

    I agree that leaving blame miles behind you is so important in relationships. We have to accept that people are doing the best that they can, even if it doesn’t seem like it. We have to nurture and uplift each other, not drag each other down 🙂

  • Norma

    We also have to learn how to deal with our own problems before we can jump into someone else’s problem. Many people find that hard to do ,, they are always wanting to help ,, I too am a thinker,, a watcher ,, and I observe others,, interesting subject

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