how to get your ex boyfriend back

10 Ways on How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

how to get your ex boyfriend back

Nothing hurts as much as a breakup. It hurts even more when you cannot get over your ex. The emotional hurt that you go through gets so overwhelming at times that you wish things were different. You do not have to wallow in your pain. Get your ex-boyfriend back by following this simple guide.

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back:

1. Ask Yourself Why You Want Him Back:

Do not jump back into the relationship without asking yourself the most important question. Is he worth it? Do I really need him back in my life? If all your answers are positive, then you start working on strategies to get him back.

2. Try Ignoring Him:

This could go two ways. You might ignore him then he moves on or he might realize what he had and come back running. This will also help you to move on and be around your ex-boyfriend without turning into an emotional wreck.

3. Make Absolutly No Contact:

Instead of still meeting up with your ex without feeling emotional, try disappearing from his life completely to make him realize that life without you is nothing. Erase all memories of him and let him miss you so much that he will come back knocking.

4. Make Self-Improvements On Yourself:

If you show your boyfriend that, the breakup affected you so much that you became a complete wreck; he will not want you back. Show him that life without him is good and thrive to look appealing and attractive to a point where he will start regretting ever letting you go. Spoil yourself by looking fit, buying new clothes, excelling in your career or school and so on.

5. Do Not Show Him That You Are Desperate:

The temptation to call or text him will be overwhelming. Do not show him you are desperate to have him back so stay away from that phone lest you break into tears and start begging for forgiveness.

6. Start A Conversation:

This might go two ways. Either he might call you first or you can initiate the first conversation after the break up. Whichever way the conversation starts, make it very short and very simple. Leave him guessing about what else you wanted to say. Make sure there is absolutely no talk about the break up or the relationship in your first conversation.

7. Set Up A Meeting:

After the first phone conversation, you can agree to have a first meeting. Like in the phone conversation, do not show any desperation and keep the meeting almost formal. Do not show any emotions and do not show him any romantic interest. You can however flirt just a little to build up some sexual tension. When you think he has had enough, cut the meeting short and leave. If this does not make him come crawling back, then he might just be over you.

8. Do Not Have Sex On The First Date:

If you build that sexual tension, he might want to get you somewhere private for makeup sex. Do not agree to any sex suggestions no matter how badly your body betrays you. Let him suffer and come begging.

9. Do Not Take To Long To Reconnect:

If you truly love him and want him back, do not ignore him for a long period because he might jump right into another relationship thinking that you too have moved on. Just take enough time to weigh the situation and decide whether he is the right person, you need in your life.

10. Lay Out Some Ground Rules:

Finally, when you make the decision to get back together, work out on the issues that made you separate in the first place. Make him promise to change if he was on the wrong and do likewise if you were the cause of the breakup.


Relationships are complicated but love in the end conquers all. Always care about the other person, but never go over board and lose yourself in the process. Don’t ever let people take advantage of you when you are super vulnerable during such a process as getting your ex back. Keep things simple, follow your heart, and be happy. Whats some things that you feel has worked for you that has not been mentioned? Has it been a good experience? What advice would you give someone? Comment below.

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  • Michelle

    Great article and awesome tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back. We always start to appreciate something after we have lost it, ain’t we? It is no different with relationships, we tend to take our partners for granted then start to realize their importance only after we lose them. I’m sure your tips on getting your ex boyfriend back will help those who wants to patch things up. Keep it up, thanks!

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