How To Be More Confident In Work

10 Ways On How To Be More Confident In Work – Very Powerful

How To Be More Confident In Work

Lets learn about the top 10 ways on how to be more confident in work. Everywhere there is a competition. Every workplace has to face both positive and negative competition. But we all have to agree that competition is very essential to have success in any workplace. It would be very helpful for an individual if he/she can boost the confidence at the workplace. 

Being confident at the workplace has many positive aspects like confident people tends to be happier while working, they are not afraid of taking up any new challenges etc. Unfortunately, in this world, too many great leaders lack confidence. 

Building up confidence does not require any personality or anything. If we look after small things then confidence can be built up. Below are 10 ways on how to be more confident in work:


1. Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone:

You have to participate or volunteer for a project which you are not comfortable in doing. This type of project will slowly boost your confidence. 

You have to start doing work out of your comfort zone. You should apply for a job which will give you stress but you have an interest in that particular job. 

If you have a fear of public speaking then tackle the problem by going on stage and speaking. Basically, you need to push yourself and do something beyond your limits.

2. Identify Your Strengths And Capitalize on Them: 

There are many ways to build your confidence but one of the best ways to build your confidence is to get clear on your strengths and find different ways to integrate them into your day to day life. A famous personality has said that you engaged and energized when you are lead from your strengths. 

In this way you are self-assured. Once you figure it out that what all things you are best at then give your full strength on making those things better and from here you will start boosting your confidence. 

3. Identify Weaknesses And Work On Them:

Everybody has some weakness or the other. You just need to find that weakness and eliminate it if it is hampering your confidence. This is one of the key things an individual should do to boost his/her confidence. 

You should not fixate on these things, but remember one thing that addressing your weaknesses and making a tireless effort to swamp them can help boost confidence. 

4. Challenge Yourself:

One of the 10 proven and effective ways to be more confident in work is challenging yourself. Bringing out things that you did not think possible in those circumstances can be a great way to boost your confidence. You have to search for projects where you can use your strengths that take on that project that will stretch you. 

5. Be A Role Model Of A Positive Attitude:

You should always develop a positive attitude in your workplace. Positive always does not means happy, it also means tough. You should always focus on how you will provide a solution to the problem rather than discussing the problem. 

Don’t waste your time thinking about the problem. Be positive and solve the problem with full confidence. 

How To Be More Confident In Work

6. Design Your Own Environment:

If at any time a person feels the work surrounding is not suitable for him, he should reshape it instead of moving on. One must be totally involved and in sync with the team while on a team project by being honest with complete confidence. 

By doing so one attracts more people to the team as people with similar values tend to understand and relate with the perspectives of the team.

7. Let Others Inculcate Confidence In You:

Ones who are able to cut through the corridors of powers and are capable of getting their job done quickly are rewarded. Most leaders confess that they feel overburdened with the processes which affect their performance and ability. Once the group feels that the leader is capable of coming out with solutions, they will support and instill confidence in you.

8. Fake It: 

One is always more capable than one thinks. If a person is ready to accept this fact and move forward then he will be able to work better. Trying to act like one knows everything will help in taking more risks and in this way one will be able to overcome their fears. 

It is only when one overcomes their fear they will be able to perform without any restrictions. This is one of the 10 ways to be more confident in work.

9. Be The Change You Wish To See:

Once you have started on the journey to build your own confidence, do not look back. At the same time do not forget to give someone who needs the same kind of motivation, by doing this one can bring a positive change. Ask someone to observe you and accept comments and criticism from them and strive to change for the good. 

10. Never Hesitate To Ask Questions:

It is never a sin to ask questions if one is not clear about their task. If one does a task incorrectly due to lack of understanding it will instead lower the confidence. 

Never take up a project one is not clear about, ask for clarity of the work needed to be done. Understand what the project is about and only if there seems to be a clarity, go ahead with the work.


People get work satisfaction when they are confident about their abilities and skills. Workplace success is attained only through proficiency. It not just brings success but also gives a sense of personal satisfaction and professional achievement at the same time. 

But proficiency will be of no use if one is not confident enough. Hence these 10 ways to be more confident in work will help the leaders in bringing a large change by taking small steps at a time. 

Confident leaders are the ones who are ready to take up new challenges and take risks in their business and by doing so the company will achieve success in the long run. For the employees to have confidence in themselves it is important for the leader and the company to have confidence in them. 

I would love your feedback and see what you guys think. Leave your comments and questions below.


  • Ben

    I couldn’t agree more with your 1st step. Nothing new happens within your comfort zone and as such life becomes boring. People need to take action and try new things if they want to have a fulfilling and satisfying life. Confidence is a big thing that will determine how far you go.

    I was a bit of an introverted person but then I started fitness training and started to become a lot more confident in myself.

  • Timotheus Lee

    This is a very good list to help people become more confident. And I believe not just at work, but anywhere. I have practised some of the techniques you mentioned. And I can testify that they really do work!

    There are a few I never considered. Now, thanks to your article I know what they are and will practise them too.

    Thank you so much for this very useful article. I really do hope many people will find this post, and learn from it like I did. 🙂

  • Dira

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us.
    I would also add that loving your job helps you be more confident in your work too. Me and of my generation, we are a product of the ineffective traditional education. We were taught mathematics, economics, and science. Art (writing, dance, music) and sports were considered as nonimportant subjects. We didn’t even get grades for those just “Passed” or Not Passed”. As a result, most of us applied for jobs that were considered high earning jobs like doctors, lawyers, and accountants, etc. The job was just a job, it becomes mechanical at a point. If there is no interest in what you do, at one point you don’t even care anymore. On the other hand, if you are doing something you’re passionate about, you automatically wish to improve every day, that also helps build confidence in what you do as you are gaining experience little by little every day. In order the move forward, you push yourself with challenges that take you out of your comfort zone.

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