How To Be Positive In Life

7 Tips On How To Be Positive In Life

How To Be Positive In Life

Here we will be learning a few ways on how to be positive in life. Life itself is an inner game, a mind game or a game of imagination. Look at your results, are you pleased with them? If your not, it means you have been using your imagination wrong. For imagination is the only reality, not what your senses are telling you. Don’t believe me? How did we get to the moon? We thought of it first, thats where everything starts.

I want to help you to be more positive by changing your mind-set forever. The only reason successful people enjoy their success is because they have mastered their emotions through their thoughts. So lets delve into this now and get started:

5 Tips On How To Be Positive In Life:

1) Take Control Of Your Thoughts:

We have more than 65,000 thoughts every day. We can’t monitor all of them. The best thing to do is to start focusing on your ultimate dream, and bring that to mind every day as much as possible. You can do anything you want to do because your are great and have no limits except those you give yourself through your thoughts. 

When your down, take 2 minutes and start visualizing your goal as already accomplished. Feel everything in the picture. If you do this for 30 days consistently a few times a day you will be programmed to become a much more positive person, and people will take notice.

2) Feel Love:

What I mean is really be in tune with everything that is good. Realize that all things that are negative are not for your benefit and never will be. Your natural state of being is love, but because of society and the news, and everything else that’s bad, we have been programmed for negativity.

Take some time to count your blessings through the day in your mind. Remember that some people don’t have running water in their home and we take that for granted.  Visualize someone hugging you that you have not seen in a long time. Really feel that and you will begin to feel more positive right away.

3) Think Of Your Past Achievements All The Time:

You have accomplished some great things in life I’m sure. We all have, and when you are not feeling quit up to par with your self, dwell on those moments of success. It will help you to not feel so depressed or annoyed in that moment.

If you can do one achievement then you can accomplish anything. It doesn’t matter how big or small the success was. Success is success

Realize that just because someone else is achieving more than you in life, does not mean you can’t. They are no different then you. The only difference is their results, because you’re comparing them to yours.

If you’re not comparing them then they are just results. You are just as wonderful as any other successful person in this world, so don’t think you are less because you have not accomplished your goal yet. You will just give it time, and be persistent. Remember quitters never win.

How To Be Positive In Life

4) Take Positive Action Every Day:

Always take action every day towards your dreams. When you are taking action make sure your mind-set is in the right place or everything you do will be extremely negative and waste of time. Energy is always moving into form. If your being negative in your mind that energy is being expressed through your body and shows in your results as your taking action. Keep it simple for yourself and remember that at all times.

5) Hang Out With Positive People:

Make sure you are never hanging around negative people. They will sap the very energy from you and destroy your mind-set. Try to be around people who encourage you and push you towards your dreams. I am one of those people, so I believe in you. Don’t let some peon tell you, you can’t do something.

Prove them wrong, and go get your goal. Push people aside that don’t support you. Because when you become successful ( which you will in time ),  you can then tell them I told you so, and encourage them to move towards their dreams.

If they are not dreamers then move on, you want to hang out with the big boys, not people who are going in circles in life and not making much difference. I’m not saying they are bad or anything, I’m simply stating that your better off with people who have the same mindset as you.

6) Talk To Yourself In The Mirror:

I know this sounds weird, but seriously talk positive to yourself in the mirror. Say positive affirmations that make you feel better. Tell yourself that you really are special and amazing, and keep saying that until you really feel it inside.

Try this anytime you see a mirror. Pump yourself up with your auto suggestion to yourself and watch how your actions become more powerful throughout the day. People will also pick up on how your acting, and want to be like you as your results start to improve in life.

7) Always Think Big And Not Small:

Never settle for less than what you can get. What I mean by that is if someone has a net worth of $50 Billion, then why can’t you do that? Don’t every think small. If you have set a financial goal, go back and crank that goal up 500%. That’s were it will scare the crap out of you and at the same time give you great inspiration. 

You may not know exactly how to achieve it, but that does not matter. You will figure that out as you go along every day taking action towards it. You hear of people who say I have increased my income this year by 10%.

Thats great and all but seriously why not 100% or 1000%. Thats big thinking, and if you want to win in life, you have to learn to think like that. Everyone says you need to take baby steps to your goal and be realistic. 

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. 10,000 years ago if someone said I want to build a spaceship and go to the moon. They would have looked at you and said your crazy, and yet we have done that today.

So like I said before always think big and realize that if you see your goal on the screen of your mind then its possible to achieve in your physical world as long as it is within reason. I don’t know what within reason is but look around you and see what gods children have accomplished thus far and I’m sure you will begin to understand that basically anything is possible.

How To Be Positive In Life


Basically you can do anything and you need to always keep that in your mind. You are gods highest form of creation. Don’t think small, think big. Expect the best in life to happen to you. Don’t let people tell you, you can’t do this or that because you don’t have the skill or your whatever. Push them aside and press on to your ultimate goals.

I believe in you and always will. Keep thinking of your greatness and your past accomplishments continually and you will soon discover powers that are within you that you have never known. 

Leave your comments and questions below as always I will quickly get back with you within 24 hrs or less. I love hearing from you guys and your stories. Also here are some great articles on success that you can read through that I have. Click Here








    • A.J.

      Glad to have been able to get you pumped man. Feel it and stick with that feeling. I know you will do great out their in your endeavors.


  • George

    I’ve always wondered why they don’t teach these simple things in school.
    Imagine what a human being can achieve collectively if not indoctrinated by false stereotypes and seemingly bad circumstances at a young age.

    Love your article. It couldn’t be more inspiring. It is fair to say I am a firm believer in thinking BIG. In fact, I actively keep myself in that frequency like a habit. The tips here will add to that habit immeasurably!

    • A.J.

      Thanks so much Mark. I’m glad that thinking big is apart of your mantra. You only live once so we might as well shoot for the very best and no less. Hope you have a killer week.


  • Marc

    Great write up on staying positive in life. Many times people lose track of what is important because of busy schedules and such. Thank you for sharing.

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