How To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams

How To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams-5 Effective Tips

How To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams

How to achieve your goals and dreams is a question that is asked by so many people that it would make your head spin. No one really knows exactly how to do it. Matter of fact 99% of all successful people now, did not really know exactly how to do it. The way was shown to them through the Law Of Attraction.

Most of them had a brief Idea of what kind of service they wanted to give for humanity but did not know exactly how it was going to work. Napoleon Hill in Think And Grow Rich says “write out a specific plan and then go and do it”.

It’s in the action taking with the end goal in mind with persistence that will help you achieve your dreams. With that being said lets look at the most important element for achieving your goals and dreams and that is your mindset. Lets delve in now and get the ball rolling.


1) Understand Your Thoughts Cause Everything:

If you want to achieve something you obviously have to think of that achievement as being already accomplished. It feels good when that image is playing on the screen of your mind, because you can see it in the present tense.

Your emotional involvement in that image causes your state of vibration to change or the way you feel. You then begin to change your behavior and your actions align with whatever is going on in your mind on a subconscious level. 

You cannot physically go and do something until it is impressed upon your subconscious mind. When you are in that feeling place of accomplishment you are also attracting to you things to make that dream a reality. The way that you receive your dream is through your daily actions, feelings and thoughts.

If you feel you are not really making any progress or great success in life it is only because of your thinking and not circumstances. Change whats going on in your mind and stop letting your outer world control the images that you’re getting emotionally involved with. 

2) Set High Goals And Take Action:

Go after something you really want. I don’t mean something you think you can get, I’m talking about a huge dream that comes to the surface of your mind every now and then and you push it aside quickly because you have a weak self-image.

There is great motivation from within you when you go after the big goal that most people think is impossible. 

How the hell do you think people like Will Smith became so successful. They knew what they wanted, and they went after it regardless of how impossible it seemed and never gave up. The guy is worth over $200 Million and keeps attracting more success. 

All of this happened because he got emotionally involved with an idea on a subconscious level. He created his greatest fantasy on the screen of his mind ( becoming an amazing actor), and then he took persistent action towards that dream and never gave up. By Law he had to attract everything he needed to be a great success.

He was already feeling successful before he was successful, and as he took action towards his dream the law of attraction was also working in his favor because of his thoughts.

He manifested his reality through his thoughts and actions. Most people look at actors and say “they are just lucky and were in the right place at the right time” That is such a lie and complete ignorance. He wanted it more than ANYTHING ELSE and he got it through his thoughts actions and the power of the Law Of Attraction. 

It was his all-consuming obsession as Napoleon Hill says. There is no luck in this world. But there is hard work with a goal in mind and persistent action taking without EVER giving up that makes things happen. If you never give up you are GUARANTEED TO WIN. Think about that for a minute?

How To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams

 3) Act Like You Have Already Won In Life And Are Still Winning:

You have to be something on a mental level first before you will ever have it in your physical world. We are such amazing creatures. We are the only ones on earth that can THINK. Animals can think only by instinct, we have the power to image whatever we want on the screen of our mind. Thats what makes us so special and powerful.

What’s even more amazing is we don’t seem to have any limits. If you can see it you can do it. (within reason of course)

With that in mind start acting like your dreams are already accomplished now. Start walking like a successful person. Start talking like them. Do everything on a daily basis as though you cannot fail. Don’t live in fear, there is nothing to fear except our own thoughts that we get emotionally involved with.

Remember that whatever your thinking that’s your image moving into form through your actions which will ultimately be your results. And like I stated earlier at the same time do to the vibration or feeling state that you’re in you are also attracting to you things on that same frequency. 

Keep pretending and acting like your successful (humbly) while taking action towards your greatest sacred vision. And you will experience your dream fulfilled as you continue to hold that image on the screen of your mind.

That is by Law. Energy is always moving into form. Your thoughts are energy and they are manifest through your body (actions) which is controlled by your subconscious mind. If you thinking negative you will act negative and that’s the results you will have.

4) Be Confident:

Confidence is such an important trait that we all must have. How do you acquire such a gift that some people just seem to glow with? It all starts within the mind. Everything starts there. Say out loud “I am a confident person and I can do anything that I see on the screen of my mind that is within reason” in a mirror as many times as you can through out each day.

Confidence is just subconscious programming in someone’s mind. Use affirmations on a daily basis to help you to program yourself. Say things in the present tense with emotion out loud  like “I am powerful beyond understanding” or “I am amazing and people recognize that”. Say things that make you feel more sure of yourself inside. 

5) Be Grateful:

Show gratitude every day for the things in your life. You may not have that dream car or that relationship now, but be grateful for what you do have, and you will attract more of those things to you, This is due to your current state of vibration that you are in and the frequency that you are giving off through your mind. 

If you feel grateful you will not feel dissatisfied and lacking. Saying thank you for your blessings to your God or higher power will help you to be happier in the moment as you are going after your dreams in life. It helps you to stay on the course of right thinking.

How To Achieve Your Goals And DreamsConclusion:

Remember that to carry out anything in your life you have to see it first as already achieved on the screen of your mind. You have to see your life perfect before you will ever achieve it. You have to believe that it really is possible. Then you have to make sure that its something you really want and not something you think you can get.

Then take action while being persistent and NEVER GIVE UP and you will for sure receive your priceless possession that was once only a fantasy on the screen of your mind. Let me know what you guys think below. I would love your comments and feedback.

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  • Fiona

    Hi AJ, I really enjoyed this article. It reminds me how I should be operating. I still put personal limits on my dreams instead of going for the best that I can imagine.

    I think your website is great and I will be coming back for more. Cheers, Fiona.

    • A.J.

      Hi Fiona, I’m glad that the article was to your liking. Its so true we all operate with limits, but once removed its as though sky is the limit. We look at people like Donald Trump is a great example or any billionaire for that matter. If they can achieve that level of success, than so can all of us if we are willing to do what it takes and never give up. Thanks for reading and wishing you all the best.


  • Jake Groeblinghoff

    I really love your blog. I’m a huge fan of the Law of Attraction. I’m glad I read your blog though, cause it reminds me about the mentality I have to have if I’m going to make good money on something I’d like to do. What astounds me is that success is more of a mindset than it is an emotion. Sure, you can feel successful, but to get to that feeling you have to have a successful mindset.

    What’s interesting is, the Law of Attraction really isn’t nothing new. Many successful people are constantly using the Law of Attraction, even when the Law of Attraction wasn’t talked about, there were successful people that was utilizing that law without really knowing it. It’s really cool how we as humans have access to this law in our part of the Universe. It’s a great time to be alive to be honest.

    I’m gonna try to read your blog more, I just like how much depth you give each of your blog subjects. It’s really inspiring.

    To your success,

    • A.J.

      Hi Jake,

      Thanks so much for the feedback, I’m glad my site is helping you man. My goal is to change the world, one person at a time, and I’m glad to see that your changing too :). Your so right, the LOA is not new, we are just so asleep in our own consciousness and its hard to really have the wake up moment for people. Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if there is anything that you would like me to write on, and I happily will. All the best man.

      your friend and mentor


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