How To Deal With Narcissistic People

How To Deal With Narcissistic People – Easy To Handle

How To Deal With Narcissistic People
Today we will be learning about how to deal with narcissistic people. Narcissistic behavior is a personality disorder that is usually shown by a certain state of grandiose of mind in many young and middle age adults is the narcissistic personality disorder. Some theories have emerged disputing the number of people developing this disorder.
The theories have stated that it can be as high as over one percent of the total population. However, most experts agree that this is not the case and the actual statistics are much lower. A narcissistic personality disorder is also disputed as the cause.

There are two basic theories. One of the theory states that this disorder is caused by trauma that happens early causing disorders of development. Another theory that emerged, stated that this is a learned behavior that has got no form of basis in a clinical cause.

If the origin of the disease is clinical in nature and caused by early developmental issues, the hope for treatment is not good. Because it is not a psychological issue and there are no known medical treatments for the disease, if it is a physical issue, there may not be anything or much that can be done to treat it.

However, if the disease is psychological in nature, there is hope for treatment. The behavior can be relearned to something that is more socially acceptable. However, those who are in treatment for this disease show slow progress if any at all.

The reason for this is narcissists by their nature have an inflated view of themselves. Therefore, they rarely think there is a problem. Even if they are in treatment, studies show it takes years to make any significant progress. This disorder has varying coverage policies with different health insurance companies.

This disorder can bring about problems in your career path and at your home. A narcissist will not be able to sustain a healthy relationship for very long and will also have significant problems in productive activities like work or school.

They will believe they have a grand life with lots of friends and an unending opportunity for wealth or fame. They usually tend to show an offensive reaction when the whole reality of the situation intrudes and they have that tendency of making blames to other people for anything that will seem to happen negatively in their lives. Let’s delve in and look at a few tips on how to deal with these kinds of individuals.

How to Deal with Narcissistic People:

1). Identify What Makes Them Tick:

Avoid confrontations that you know you’ll never win. Don’t give them opportunities to humiliate you and belittle your capabilities. They thrive on making other people feel bad to make yourself unavailable for their power trips.

2). Don’t Try To Get Them Help:

The very nature of narcissists makes it almost impossible to change them, even with an expert therapist. If you try to change them yourself, it will all be for nothing as they will, in turn, manipulate you and make it look like it’s your fault and not theirs.

3). Never Feel Guilty:

To learn how to deal with narcissistic people, realize first that they will often blame you or others for not doing things right. Remember that their views are just for themselves; and they will not recognize any other reasons, excuses or explanations as to why you are not able to meet their expectations.

In other words, they want to make you feel bad for what you haven’t done for them. To counter this, simply ignore all opinions that they say and you should decide for yourself if you have done well or not.

How To Deal With Narcissistic People

4). Know Yourself:

Narcissists will not waste a second complimenting you and your work. If you happen to be stuck with a boss who is a complete narcissist, then you need to be secure enough in your own skills and capabilities so as not to be undermined by your boss.

5). Try Therapy:

Sometimes, when you are being abused too much by a narcissistic person, be it physically or emotionally, it might be best to talk about your problems with a professional. Such expert will probably have encountered the problem many times before and can help you out with good advice.

6). Do Not Entertain There Behavior:

If he starts talking about himself again, try getting away with it by changing the topic. This will now be a challenge to you; to become the influencer instead of you being influenced. The moment he starts talking about how great he is, knock it off by being straightforward.

But, you have to do it the right way, and that’s saying it without arrogance. By doing this, you will notice that he would be talking about himself less eventually. So, the bottom-line is still patience. That is of course only if you want to stay, live and deal with a narcissist.

7). Have A Confidant That You Can Talk With:

It may be a close friend or relative who understands the traits of a narcissistic person and who could advise you and assess with you what happens inside your relationship.

You could share opinions, viewpoints, and observations with one another. You can also have a counselor or therapist who could work with you and give professional advice.

8). Establish Limitations:

Don’t do anything that you are uncomfortable with just because you are being asked to. Be consistent and firm with your own needs, desires and limitations.

Let the other person deal with his own disappointment when his faulty wishes are not met. You must resume interaction only when the manipulative behavior ceases.

How To Deal With Narcissistic People

Conclusion Of Everything:

These are the crucial steps on how to deal with narcissistic people. It’s important to remember that these individuals are the ones with a problem (not you), so don’t give in to what they want. Follow the steps, and be assured that your problems with them will fade away in time.

Remember that you have to put your own well-being before anything else. Do not let your narcissistic companion drain the life out of you. You always have the option to separate from them.

You must be able to keep your personality, confidence, and self-esteem intact otherwise there is no point in staying with a narcissist. Have you encountered a person like this before? How did you deal with them in your life? Comment below.


  • Penelope

    Doesn’t it always seem like the narcissists in our lives are in non-optional roles? For example, the biggest narcissist in my life is my mom, and I can’t exactly excommunicate her. However, if it were a friend, I could just choose other friends. If it were a boss, I could cope and, if I couldn’t, I could get another job. Thanks for these really great tips on how to deal with narcissists and not at our own expense~!

    • A.J.

      Hi Penelope

      Glad to have written it. And I know exactly what you mean, gotta learn to handle em regardless of who they are :). Hope you have a great week.


  • Romon7324

    Hey I left a message at your site. I think our sites have something in common. Yor site structure is very good. I’m curious why you choose this topic. Will you let me know? Once again you identify the problem and then provide the solution. I would love your comments

    • A.J.

      Hi Romon

      I choose this topic, because I have met people like this, and they can be hard to deal with. They are not bad or anything, just a little challenging, and need to be more understanding of others. Figured this post would really make a difference, so people dont get taken advantage of like I use to.


  • Brandon

    This is a great post that I think everyone needs to read. I think knowing the other person helps you in this situation, as you know what makes them tick so you can avoid making them “tick” in the very first place. I remember my old boss use to be very difficult, and I learned everything about him so he ended up liking me to have around, simply because I never really pissed him off. Reading people is a talent, and I’m glad I know how to use it. Thanks for sharing this brother.

  • A

    Hello! Very nice article! Yes I do personally know somebody who is like this. He is actually a good friend of mine. We are still good friends to this day because I have learned to deal with his narcissistic actions. A guide like this would have been helpful in the beginning stages! Nowadays I try to not get in situations where he will act superior to me and the rest of our friends or try to belittle us, and when he does I’ve learned to laugh it off and no let it hurt me (although I know this can be difficult for most people and he has lost some friends because of his actions). Thanks again for the solid read.

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