how to stop being a procrastinator

How To Stop Being A Procrastinator: It’s Easy And Simple

how to stop being a procrastinator

There will always be distractions to keep us from doing the things we are supposed to do. Most of the times, the impulse to put things off comes when we face something that’s a bit challenging. 

That is when we grab every little excuse we can to focus on other things and ignore the most important of them all. The most important step in stopping being a procrastinator is stopping the negative thoughts.

Although advice like, “don’t go to Facebook before you complete the task first”, might seem trivial, it is important to remember that little habits always add up to big things. 

In fact, more often than not, procrastinators are bound to kick themselves over uncompleted projects or the general disarray in their lives.

10 Tips On How To Stop Being A Procrastinator:

1). One Step At A Time:

The reason projects or tasks sometimes look insurmountable is because we focus too much on the end product. Although planning for the future is important, taking that important first step is what gets you going.

 It puts you in an open, positive mental state which adds to your enthusiasm for the task at hand. After the first step, every other step brings you closer and closer to accomplishing your mission.

2) Perform The Hardest Task First:

Getting those difficult and uncomfortable tasks out of the way first gives you relief early on in the day and gets the good vibes going. It also makes the rest of the task feel much easier to finish. You’ll be amazed what difference something like making that uncomfortable phone call first can make for the rest of your day.

3) Just Do It:

At the end of the day, everything boils down to the actions you take. You can have all the best plans and hypotheses in the world, but without taking any action, they will lead to nothing. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting some plans in place. The problem comes when you overthink and make everything seem complicated.

4) Face Your Biggest Fears:

The reason why most people procrastinate is because they are afraid of trying and then failing. In fact, procrastination is said to be the fear of success. People fear what might happen if they just take full responsibility for their own lives. That is why we feel comfortable entertaining those “someday” thoughts.

5) Stop Complicating Everything:

Being a perfectionist does not always lead to perfection. If you are always looking for the perfect time to do things, you are definitely limiting your own potential. 

You will always be looking for a reason why now’ is not the time. As long as you keep waiting for the perfect time, you will never accomplish anything.

6) Hang Out With Inspiring People:

We are influenced by the company we keep. Identify those friends or colleagues who trigger your instinct to demand more of yourself and spend more time with them. In most cases, these are the hard workers and go-getters. Within no time, they will infect you with their drive for success. Become an ardent reader of their blogs too, if they have any.

7) Re-align Your Goals:

If you are a serial procrastinator, it could be as a result of a lack of clarity between what you are doing and what you actually want. It is not uncommon for a person to outgrow his or her goals. 

As you keep discovering more about yourself, keep adjusting your goals to match that. Make it a habit to be taking time outs and vacations to reset your mind.

8) Identify Your Procrastination Triggers:

If you realize that you procrastinate too much, it could be because you make it too easy for you to procrastinate. Identify those distractions that take too much of your time and write them down. If you have to resort to self-binding methods such as deactivating Facebook accounts, so be it. 

9) Add Specific Deadlines To Your Timeline:

Break down your project into smaller tasks and have strict deadlines for each task. This helps create a sense of urgency throughout the entire process. Having one big task with a single timeline creates the impression that there is still more time when in fact time is running out.

10) Change Your Environment:

Sometimes, a change of environment is all it takes to boost your productivity. Make some changes to your workspace to make it more appealing to work in. remember to revamp your working environment every once in a while.


Although procrastination allows you some instant gratification, it denies you what is best for you in the long-run. It leaves you with a mountain to climb, making you spend less time with your loved ones. Finishing the task in good time allows you to have time to really enjoy life and make the most of it.

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