is the law of attraction real

Is The Law Of Attraction Real?

is the law of attraction real

Is the law of attraction real? 100% its real. You have to learn to accept this fact or your life will continue to be one of what it is now. If you don’t believe in it thats ok, it will still operate according to your state of vibration that you are in. If your in a good vibration, you will get good results, and vise versa.


The movie the secret was a massive success, but at the same time missing some seriously important parts. I was rather annoyed in the movie because of how repetitive it was and how it was missing one important element which I think should have been repeated multiple times.

The missing part in the movie which was only mentioned once by Joe Vitale was take “action”. Joe Vitale said “when the nudge from within is there act” “The universe likes speed”. The rest of it was just boring really. Thats why so many programs in the self-help industry fail. They never really get into depth on the how part and the action part. 

1) Take Action While Feeling Good:

If you want the Law Of Attraction to work you need to take action towards your dreams. You can’t just sit there and expect the Universe or God to deliver what you want to your door. Thats insanity. As you take action then the Law Of Attraction kicks in big time.

This is really why most people never see the results they want from there visualizing and affirmations. They are not doing anything to make it happen. Faith without works is dead. I would read that again a couple of times. 

is the law of attraction real

I think what needs to be taught by most self-help gurus is this simple saying. “The Law Of Attraction works EFFECTIVELY when you are taking action towards your dreams while in the feeling place that it’s already accomplished” The trick is as you are taking action be emotionally involved in your goal. Feel that you are successful and that feeling you’re in and the actions your taking will all begin to work for your good and make you successful through the great law. That guys is the missing piece of the pie.

Why do you think Rhonda Burn is worth $60 Million? Because she is a great marketer and is feeling good as she is taking daily action on her business. The feelings she’s in and the actions she’s taking causes the law to work in a perfect way. All that in one makes this law work like magic. (Feelings + Actions = Results And Causes Things To Be Attracted To You )

2) Understand The Acorn Analogy:

When an Acorn is placed in the ground it begins to attract particles from the ground to it to help it get roots. When it becomes big enough it then bursts through the soil and into our world were we can see it. From there it begins to attract particles from the air to help it grow. 

Funny thing is, is the acorn tree is not in the nut, its in the Universe. Why am I telling you this? Because as you are in a feeling place of success you begin to attract to you all that is in harmony with your feelings as your body is moving towards it. If its just sitting there on the couch nothing is happening. 

The acorn once it was placed in the soil it was in an environment that was good to its health. You are in a way an acorn, If you want more money you need to provide service and find people who want that service in a specific environment (not a couch potato). If you’re imagining yourself providing that service and then taking the action to help others, you will from the Universe attract everything you need to be a success.

is the law of attraction real

That’s just how it works. (you can get money by winning prizes as well, but focus on being service oriented and helping others) Always remember to keep the Law Of Attraction simple. If you do your life will be better. Stick to only a few gurus on this subject. Most of them are all saying the same thing in different ways. I highly recommend Bob Proctor.

He knows so much on this great Law that it would make your head spin. Read his book You Were Born Rich. It will help you to even get a better understanding of the Law Of Attraction.  Type in Bob Proctor PDF You Were Born Rich in Google, and you can get it for free 🙂


If you want the Law of attraction to work better for you make sure you are taking action towards your definite chief aim in life. As you are taking action be in the feeling place that you are already very successful and that your dream is already accomplished. Doing those 2 things will cause things to be attracted to you through the great power of the Universe.

If you don’t take action then it really will have no effect on your life. You can ask any guru out there and he will either tell you that or some how make a long explanation and get past the action part and just skim over that.  

Hope this helps you out greatly. Go out there and make some success for yourself. You deserve it 100%. Leave your comments and questions below and I will get back with you within 24 hours.

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