Is Too Much Money a Bad Thing

Is Too Much Money A Bad Thing: 10 Reasons Why It’s Not

Is Too Much Money a Bad Thing

Do you want to have money and become rich? Who wouldn’t like to be wealthy indeed?

Every day you work hard to seek money. Money is wealth and financial freedom. You might plan to achieve your goal before retirement by sending your children to a college or purchasing a house. But ultimately, what you genuinely want is money.

Money is something emotional. It brings joy and happiness in your life. Sometimes you let your emotions guide your decisions, and it causes poor choices. However, you use the money to buy things that will appease your feelings.

I am giving you ten reasons why money is essential in our lives and not a bad thing to have it. When you have a lot of money, you will not sacrifice your exact wants, dreams, and goals. You will live a rewarding and satisfying life. So, let’s keep things rolling.

While having money is a great thing to you, there are some factors that you need to consider:

-Avoid distractions to your goals
-Control the habit of spending on unnecessary things
-Learn how to save 40% of your monthly income, meaning you will need a high income to do this. A sales career is a great place to start.

10 Reasons Why A lot Of Much Money Is Good:

1). Financial Freedom:

First of all, having money guarantees you to be able to buy anything that money can buy. You will not worry about money matters or the way to control your expenses.

Moreover, you will not have that fear of missing your living standards because you are not losing any job or fear of raising a child. With money, you have the freedom to study where you want.

2). Life With Opportunities:

When you have money that you can control, you will find that the world is bigger than you think. You will get opportunities that are around you waiting for you to pick them.

Not all occasions will be right for you, but you have an advantage of grabbing the ones that do. It is a huge mindset shift that brings various positive changes in your life.

3). Having More Money Will Improve Your Health:

It sounds crazy, but you can use the money to stay healthy. If you are happy, then happiness will never cure your ailments miraculously. With money, you take care of yourself better.

When you have money, the ability to handle stress is much higher. So, you won’t fall on temptations such as overeating. Money makes you access the world’s best health care, preventive medicines, and better treatments.

Is Too Much Money a Bad Thing

4). You, Will, Live a Guilt-Free Life:

The people that fear to have too much money, often carry inside them guilt and fear. They look at others and think they are making them spend a lot or a little.

5). Feeling Happy For Others To Succeed:

Most of us don’t like to admit they feel envy and jealousy while others are succeeding. When you have money, you don’t wonder why them and not you. When you have a lot of money, you don’t compete with anyone although society has a condition for competition.

These emotions will prevent an individual from achieving. When you are rich, you lack that time to compare yourself with others.

6). Having A Strong And Supportive Relationship:

It may sound crazy, but money needs the citation as the critical factor behind most divorces. When you lack money and have similar goals, that is a big problem in many relationships.

Fortunately, when you have money, it is the solution for finding happiness in a relationship.

7). A Higher Contentment In Life:

Sometimes you might have bad days and problems but generally stay happy. The money makes you have a busy life spending both money and time with things that matter to you. The funds will fulfill your life.

There are things that you aim to achieve, and when you have a lot of money, it makes you confident and able to create your own ideal life.

8). When You Have Setbacks, You Bounce Back Faster:

Everyone has strong coping skills especially if things go wrong. Having money is not a guarantee to have sunshine and roses all your days. However, money will help you go through setbacks easier.

You will not get stuck and unable to move forward. When people fail, they are not able to move past it. With money, you step back to assess your situation and get a lesson to move on.

Is Too Much Money a Bad Thing

9). Increase The Number Of Friends:

These days, everyone wants to make friends with rich people. I am also sure you have some friends you have known for years, and they don’t care about how much money they have.

The moment you have money and become rich, you gain more friends than the ones you are losing. It is not about people befriending you only because you have money but on how the money will open the world for you.

With resources, you travel meeting most people you want where you get into an inner circle of various successful and exciting people in this world. Money gives you an opportunity to make new friends than anything else worldwide.

10). The Takeaway:

It is true; money will not buy happiness for you. But when you have a lot, it makes you comfortable to make great things in life even better. Money may save your life or a life of someone you love.

You have to decide and make money your big priority while still alive. It might not be everything, but you will find it ranking next to oxygen. The people who say “Money Is Not Important” should go work at McDonalds and see if it’s still true.


To have money, it doesn’t come overnight. But when you have money, no matter the challenges you face in life, cash turns them into great learning.

It is time that you stop thinking negatively of having a lot of money and focus on making yourself rich. When you have the dedication of making money in your life, then the sky is the limit for what you will achieve.

Be consistency on what you are doing, thinking every day will be better. Former US president profoundly stated, “Yes We Can.” persistence in getting money will be your key to success.


  • Evan Cruz

    Hello there Alex, fine post here and very true. I’d like to add on and say that for those who say that money isn’t everything, that phrase is true, but they believe that phrase is true for the wrong reasons. It’s only because money is THE thing, and hence, everything does not exist without it. Speaking of which, I want to ask you a question. By any chance, have you ever heard of an entrepreneur by the name of Dan Lok and specifically, his concept called “The Wealth Triangle?” Apparently, he says that starting an online business, like one on WA, is the wrong decision to start out with and that the first thing that one must do to acquire wealth is to develop a “high income skill that can generate you at minimum $10,000 per month.” I’ve been looking into it extensively and the problem is that there is no documentation of people aside from testimonials that proves that there is a job market for these “high income skills” like copywriting, digital marketing, and local lead generation and proof of earnings from people utilizing these high income skills. I was curious if you or anyone that you know has any experience with this concept and can give me an idea as to its validity and useful programs, aside from WA, that can allow me to develop a high income skill along with proof of a job market and associated earnings. I’d greatly appreciate a reply with this information and just a fabulous article that the current generation needs to hear.

    • A.J.

      Hi Evan

      Thanks for the reply. I have heard of Dan Lok. Me personally I do know a few people with a high skill. I have a few friends that make over $100,000 in a sales job. They do really well at that with no college education. But other than that I don’t know. I myself am currently working on being a Master Salesman myself. I have invested into some massive sales training by Jordan Belfort (Wolf Of Wolf Street) and Grant Cardone Sales Training University. I have been doing really well in sales. I am #1 in my company because of this training.

      This is a high paying skill. Then what you do is take that money and invest it into a business. Sales is a MUST in life. It just is. If you’re series about a high paying skill start with that and check out the people I mentioned. It will change your life 🙂


  • Jacob

    Very true, money has the potential to make your life easier, more pleasant, and provide you with greater capability to do things. I believe your point about “Financial Freedom” being so wonderful is very true. Not having to work for someone else’s dream has been the primary dive my me to achieve my goals and build a business.
    Thanks for the inspirational post!

    Jacob H.

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