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what is the law of attraction about

What is the Law Of Attraction About? Well lets just say, that everything that has come into your life, including the bad, you have attracted to you through your thoughts. Life is all on a mental level in various forms. Just know that there are no causes in life other than your consciousness.

What Is The Law Of Attraction About?

The Law Of Attraction is a universal law that works around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are aware of it or not, and whether you believe in it or not, does not matter one bit.

It influences everyone’s life, but some people do not trust it, or don’t know how to make it work for them. For such people, the rest of this article will enlighten your mind and give you a great understanding of it, and its powerful force in your life.

The Law Of Attraction is simply this: What you are thinking, and feeling at the same time (continuously), is what you are attracting to you in your life on a daily basis.

Do you really think the acorn tree, is in that little nut? Not even close, the vibration that the acorn is in, is dictating what particles of energy are being attracted to it from the air and the soil. The acorn tree is in the universe. What makes us so interesting is that we can change our state of vibration at any time we choose. The acorn can’t.

Have you ever noticed that on certain days you feel annoyed and frustrated, that the day just keeps going like that and gets worse. That’s because of your current state of vibration/feeling that you’re in, is causing more of those feelings to be manifest in your life.

The same holds true when you are thinking thoughts of great riches, wealth, and prosperity. Have you noticed that when you’re doing that, unexpected things that align with those thoughts keep happening in your life?

That means the Law Of Attraction is still working for you, just now in your favor. The trick is to get it to work for you all the time to your advantage, and that’s what we are going to talk about now.


1) Know What You Want To Attract:

No matter what you want in your life, it is completely possible to have, and you must believe in this fact. But first you need to know exactly what you want. You may say, “I want a new car”, but it would help if you be more specific, like “I want a new red Audi A5.

I see myself enjoying an incredible ride along the highway in my new Audi, with my best friend. The leather interior smells so good. It is important to be specific in your desires and put emotions into the images you visualize. Your emotional feelings will actually make the Law of Attraction work for you that much better.

2) Believe That It Will Manifest:

To manifest your desires, you need to believe in them. If you do not believe, it will not work. Now, you might say, how can you have faith in something you do not have, trust in, or cannot see? Well, for that, you must start small, but at the same time excites you to think about. Make it your intention to attract $100 of unexpected income.

Get in the feeling place, that this cash is already yours, and that it was so easy to make, or receive from an unexpected source. Most people have a belief that money is hard to earn. So by the power of The Law Of Attraction, it must be brought into your existence, and money will be hard to get.

Avoid that at all costs. Just believe that what you want or the picture in your mind will come to you and at the right time. It must manifest at some point. Always remember spirit or energy is always moving into form according to the thought.

what is the law of attraction about

3) Visualize Every Day:

If you visualize something in precise details, then it certainly can work wonders for you. You first need to follow the two steps given above and then use guided meditation or visualization to manifest your desires.

Your desires will certainly get close to you much faster. Guided meditation is among the best ways to fill your mind with images; that helps take you on a journey within your mind, which makes your dreams come true.

As mentioned in step 2, be in the feeling place that your wish has already manifested in your reality. Give yourself ten minutes every day to be in that space.

Have fun with this, because when you’re done visualizing, you’re naturally going to be in the vibration you need to be in. The rest of the day and week, you will then attract what you need, to manifest that thought.

Always remember that you must have something in your mind first before it will ever manifest in your material world. If you don’t like the results you have now, it’s simply because of your continual use of visualizing in the wrong way. Get in the habit of doing this for 21 days straight. Don’t skip a day, and watch what happens over the course of 90 days.

4) Inner Dialogue:

Whatever you think every day affects your emotions and actions for that day. When you fill your mind with the thoughts of what you want in life, it will have an effect on the way you act, and thus will also affect your emotions.

Moreover, when your mind is filled with the thoughts of your desires, your unconscious mind starts working automatically and helps you search opportunities that will make your wishes come true.

So, it is important to be aware of what you think deep within your mind, and begin changing the way you converse with yourself. Try using positive affirmations as that will help instill your mind with new positive thoughts. Even one positive thought can attract significant experiences to you. Be glad to be who you are.

Talk to others like you are already successful. Be as a child, and full of great faith. Look in the mirror every day before going to work, and say I am a confident person. I am rich. I can do anything that I see on the screen of my mind.

Say whatever you want out loud until you begin to feel it inside. Then you know that your inner dialog is changing, and your state of feeling is attracting great things to you right in that moment.

what is the law of attraction about

5) Use Affirmations Daily:

The best way to help you get into the feeling place of being successful, or whatever it is that you wish, is using affirmations every single day. Write down 10 affirmations in the present tense of your goal, or dream as already accomplished.

For example, “I am so grateful now that I make $150,000 every year doing what I love” Do you see how you feel when you read that? That’s what you want to pay attention too. Be creative as you do this, and have fun with it. The more that you can come up with the better you are going to feel.

Once this is complete, then say them out loud before you go to bed at night a few times. Do this every night and every morning. Have it become a part of your daily routine.

Doing this will help your subconscious mind reprogram itself so that you are always feeling like you’re successful with no effort on your part mentally. Remember like we talked about above, the state of feeling that you are in, is determining what you are pulling to you.

6) Let Go And Let God/Energy:

After you have put your desires in motion, and you know it will come, you must let go of it. This means you should not be holding on too tight in your mind. Your desires are just like a butterfly, if you keep holding on too tightly, you will kill it. Just hold it lightly in your mind. Don’t come from a place of need or desperation.

Just know that your wish will come to you, it’s already yours, think about it often in this way. Whatever must happen for you to meet your dream, will happen at the right time. That is guaranteed as long as you don’t keep changing your state of vibration, and images in your mind constantly.

7) Feel Grateful Now:

Be grateful for all you have in life. If you practice being grateful every day, you actually infuse your feelings and thoughts with a positive energy, which will further help manifest your strongest desires in life. But remember, you need to do this with a pure heart and not only because you need to do it.

Practice gratitude with positivity, love, passion, and feeling. Doing this will help you to not feel dissatisfied with what you have. Gratitude to the supreme or whatever you wish to call this great power is the biggest and most important quality you can do. When going to work, say 10 things you are grateful for in your mind, and feel it. Your day will go 100% better than if you don’t.

what is the law of attraction about

8) Don’t Be Envious Of Others:

When you see others experiencing what you want. Do not be impatient or jealous, but be joyful for them. Understand that your wish is possible, others are enjoying the experience you want, so you can and will enjoy it too.

Any negative emotions coming in your mind should be changed to an affirmative one, as the law of attraction does not relate to negative or positives, and it only gives you what you focus upon.

The law of attraction if a great way to get what you wish, and this does work, and all you need to do is follow the steps given above. Even if your desires do not get fulfilled immediately, do not be disheartened, as the Universe works in its own timing. Even if it takes long, things will definitely work in your favor, just have faith in the Law Of Attraction, and your life will change.


Now that you have an understanding of this great and powerful law start using it to your advantage every day. Play with it; it’s a lot of fun. Always remember that nothing is too big for the universe to bring to you in your life.

That is simply our problem because of our conditioning on a subconscious level. Be wise, be kind, stay grateful, and most importantly, believe that this law is always working 24/7. Let me know what you think, and what strategies have helped you.






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  1. Demi on April 18, 2015

    Very nice explanation. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Alex on April 19, 2015

      anytime, I will keep putting up new information to help you and everyone get to where they want to be in life 🙂

  2. Vicky on April 18, 2015

    I enjoyed this article! This has fascinated me since “the secret” book and movie.
    All I can say is – it works 🙂
    Great article thanks

    • Alex on April 19, 2015

      I’m glad you liked it. The knowledge of it really is exciting to know and share with the world. Have a great one 🙂

  3. c-slice on April 28, 2015

    Cool site young man. You have a real knack for articulation. Keep up the good work.

    • Alex Smith on April 28, 2015

      Thanks so much C-Slice, look forward to helping you out more where I can and when you need it. God Bless 🙂


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